Addiction: The disease that lies

Addiction: The disease that lies
(CNN) -- Anytime I hear about a death that may be linked to addiction, I am reminded that this is a misunderstood and deadly disease. Deaths caused by addiction have risen astronomically in the past decade. Drug overdose is now the No.1 cause of ...

Party girl, 23, told she'll lose her bladder after bingeing on drugs every day
The Sun
Danielle - who is now clean - told her story to Closer magazine in a bid to save other youngsters from falling into the trap of drug addiction. A new report reveals deaths caused by party drugs have quadrupled over the last five years. She said: "I'm ...

Lawyer says woman's drug addiction to blame for crimes
Attleboro Sun Chronicle
ATTLEBORO — The lawyer for a woman accused of stealing from a Good Samaritan after going on a spending spree at the Emerald Square mall with stolen credit cards is blaming a prescription drug addiction for the woman's alleged crimes. Attleboro lawyer ...

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Evidence of Heroin Addiction on the Rise

Evidence of Heroin Addiction on the Rise (blog)
Medical detoxification is only the first stage of addiction treatment and by itself does little to change long-term drug use. Medical detoxification manages the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal. For some individuals it is a precursor to effective ...

Op-Ed: Peters - Drug addiction and mental health
Fayetteville Observer
One class of mental illness is addiction. What is that? It is the body's response to certain classes of drugs. It includes: A compulsion to keep taking the drug above all other needs, even breaking the law. A loss of control in the amount of drug taken ...

The death of Cory Monteith shows that rehab alone will not fix addiction
Addiction to heroin causes permanent changes to the chemistry of the brain. An addict can still crave the drug months and years after last using it, causing heroin addiction to be very dangerous. It is possible for a recovering addict to relapse many ...

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How Faith Can Help You Recover

Can belief in God predict how someone responds to mental health treatment? A recent study suggests it might.--

How Faith Can Affect Therapy - "“Your belief that you’re going to get better, your attitude, does influence how you feel,” Dr. McCabe continued. “And really, in cognitive behavior therapy, that is really what we’re trying to change: people’s beliefs, how they’re seeing their world, their perspective.” Dr. Rosmarin offered further explanation for why religious faith might aid psychiatric treatment. “There’s a vulnerability associated with physicality,” he said. “I think people, psychiatric patients in particular, might recognize that vulnerability and recognize that things can’t be counted on. “Sometimes medications don’t work, and sometimes psychotherapy doesn’t work,” he continued. “But if someone believes in something that is metaphysical, if someone believes in something spiritual, which would ostensibly be eternal, permanent, unwavering, omnipotent, then that could be an important resource to them, particularly in times of emotional distress.”"

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Crack Babies: A Tale From the Drug Wars

Crack Babies: A Tale From the Drug Wars: "Retro Report: In the 1980s, many government officials, scientists and journalists warned that the country would be plagued by a generation of “crack babies.” They were wrong."

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Prescription Drugs, Hidden Addiction

Prescription Drugs: The Hidden Addiction
Meridian Magazine
Prescription Drugs: The Hidden Addiction. By Darla Isackson · Notify me when this author publishes Comment on Article. Email Author · Author Archive · Send To a Friend. Print Article Bookmark and Share. “I was heavy into denial, but down deep in my ...

Drug Abuse is Major Threat to Street Kids
Voice of America
The journal Addiction has published a systematic review of 50 studies on street kids conducted in 22 countries. It describes a “hidden epidemic” of drug use that “poses serious health threats.” Dr. Paula Braitstein, who's based in Kenya, is the senior ...

Prescription for addiction
The Logan Banner
The costs of addiction are high, including severe depression, painful withdrawal symptoms, and fatal overdoses. Every year, more than 1 million Americans land in emergency rooms because of prescription drug abuse; the problem has grown steadily since ...

Drugs a serious threat to street kids
It's difficult to reduce drug use among street children without a good understanding of the problem, and up to now the research has been confined mainly to local studies with inconsistent results. Today, Addiction published a systematic review of 50 ...

Pastor Strawberry says true calling ahead, not baseball
He'll talk two hours about his drug and alcohol addiction. He'll tell chilling details about prison life and crack houses. He'll tear up telling the pain and shame he caused his family, six children and two ex-wives before marrying Tracy, also an ...

Inquest: Gemma Morgan, 30, died after addiction to heroin caused devastating ...
This is Gloucestershire
DEVASTATED family members paid tribute to the NHS after hearing more than a decade of drug addiction claimed the life of their loved one. Gemma Morgan's life was cut short by her dependency on heroin, despite efforts to shake off her habit. An inquest ...

EXCLUSIVE: Warrenton doctor reprimanded for improperly prescribing drugs
The Daily Progress
The Virginia Board of Medicine recently reprimanded a Warrenton-based physician in June for violating the practice of medicine by improperly prescribing powerful painkillers for three years to a patient known for her drug addiction. Dr. Michael T. Lin ...

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Drug Abuse Threat to Street Kids

Drug Abuse Is Major Threat to Street Kids
A new study says their struggle to survive is made even harder by high levels of drug use. The journal Addiction has published a systematic review of 50 studies on street kids conducted in 22 countries. It describes a "hidden epidemic" of drug use that ...

New group addresses addiction in pregnancy
"Our mission is to partner with others working on the problem of drug addiction to maximize our efforts." Many babies born to mothers who are substance abusers have neonatal abstinence syndrome, which can be life threatening or lead to developmental ...

Central Valley meth treatment lags despite widespread use
Merced Sun-Star
Across the state, data show a steady reduction in meth addiction treatment. According to the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, 78,000 people were admitted to methaddiction programs in the fiscal year starting July 1, 2006. Five years ...

Prescription painkiller abuse is achieving gender equity
Herald-Dispatch Prescription painkiller abuse is achieving gender equity. For many years, men accounted for more cases of drug addiction and most of the overdoses. But that is changing rapidly, and health officials maintain the public ...

Salvation Army offers space, support for area's growing number of drug addicts
Middletown Journal
As drug abuse rises and waiting lists at local treatment centers grow longer, The Salvation Army in Norwood is taking those struggling with addiction from across southwest Ohio and giving them a place to stay and, hopefully, to recover. The Salvation ...

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A Book That Will Make You Never Want to Drink Again

Charles Jackson's 'The Lost Weekend': The Book That Will Make You Never Want to Drink Again : The New Yorker: "Though Charles Jackson denied it for several years, nearly every part of the novel was based on his own life. Years of alcoholism had given him the subject of what would be his only great novel, but he was long sober by the time he wrote it. As was true for Don Birnam, the drinking years were not writing years; his prose wasn’t fuelled by nightly whiskey binges but instead required physical stamina and a clear mind. “The Lost Weekend” made Jackson famous for a time. Billy Wilder directed a fine movie out of it. The novel became a kind of horrifying textbook for alcoholics, evidence of the final depths of self-hatred and madness in that place near rock bottom, and Jackson himself seemed to many a paragon of recovery, someone who had made it through the fire to the other side. Yet in the years following the success of “The Lost Weekend,” Jackson resumed drinking, as well as taking pills, and required frequent hospitalizations. In 1953, he got clean again, joining Alcoholics Anonymous . . . ."  (read more at the link above)

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More women falling prey to drug abuse

Editorial: More women falling prey to drug abuse
Huntington Herald Dispatch
For many years, men accounted for more cases of drug addiction and most of the overdoses. But that is changing rapidly, and health officials maintain the public and the medical community need to adjust mindsets and practices quickly. The signs ...

Enforcement dispute jeopardizes future of county drug court
Kennebec Journal
PORTLAND - For more than a dozen years, the Cumberland County Drug Court program has provided an alternative to incarceration, helping convicted felons overcome drug addiction and re-establish themselves as productive members of society.

Ketum leaves may be classified as dangerous drug: Zahid
The Sun Daily
PUTRAJAYA (July 7, 2013): Ketum leaves and its sub-species may be classified under the Dangerous Drugs Act if they are proven to cause hardcore addiction, Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today. He said the ministry was studying a ...

NDF holds awareness camp on Drug Addiction
Kashmir Times
RAJOURI, July 6: National Development Foundation, NDF organized an awareness camp on Drug addiction under targeted intervention programme for Intravenous Drug users in collaboration with J&K State AIDS Prevention and Control Society at Sports ...

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Fighting Drug-Based Births

Fighting Drug-Based Births
Wall Street Journal
Andrew Spear for The Wall Street Journal. Teresa Starks, who is also battling prescription-drug addiction, is shown pregnant, spending time with her three-year-old daughter, Brooklynn, at her family's home in Huntington, W. Va., in April. Andrew Spear ...

Judith Munaker: Website offers parents insight into drug addiction, treatment ...
Housed on the Safe Communities of Madison-Dane County website, the new Parent AddictionNetwork is for parents, families and friends who have loved ones affected by drug addiction. This site can help people find answers to the many questions that ...

Perry admits alcoholism, narcissism
Herald Sun
... his 'Friends' period was actually very lonely because he was suffering from alcoholism. Picture: CBS. Matthew Perry has opened up about the depths of his alcohol and drug addiction while in the "white-hot flame of fame" during his 10-year stint on ...

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Video Games, Drug Abuse, Drug Addiction

GTA 5 Drug Abuse and Addiction
Society and Religion
Unless Rockstar Games thinks they have to create artificial controversy in order to sell GTA 5, we think they will keep drugs low-key and not be an obvious part of the protagonist's or Michael's family's lifestyle or game element. Rockstar has subtly ...

'25% drug addicts who consumed drugs through injections, caught HIV'
Hindustan Times
On the eve of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, experts say it is necessary to create awareness regarding the bad consequences of drug addiction to prevent youth in taking the wrong path. Dr SS Dhir, in-charge of Opioid ...

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Drug Addiction, Substance Abuse, Exercise

Drug addiction helped by running, other exercise, study shows
Denver Post
Todd Crandell, left, 46, founder and counselor of Racing for Recovery, chats with Matt Boston, 40, both from Sylvania, Ohio. Racing for Recovery is a fitness-promotion program designed to battle substance abuse. (Madalyn Ruggiero, Chicago Tribune/MCT).

World Recognises Malaysia's Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Approach - Najib
He said the world bodies like the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), United Nations Programmme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as non-governmental organisations involved in anti-drug efforts ...

NRC rolls out campaign against drug addiction
Khaleej Times
The week-long awareness campaign, he said, is part of the NRC's mission to provide outstanding prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services relating to drug and alcohol addiction and implement prevention and health education programs to ensure the ...

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Uzbeks, Latvians discuss fighting drug addiction

Uzbeks, Latvians discuss fighting drug addiction
Central Asia Online
The Uzbek delegation described its country's efforts to fight drug trafficking and prevent drug addiction, noting that Uzbekistan devoted all of June to an annual anti-drug-addiction campaign as part of a 2011-2015 drug-fighting strategy. The June 13 ...

Mukherjee calls for generating awareness of deleterious effects of drug abuse
Business Standard
Their preoccupation with a family member who has fallen prey to alcoholism or drug addiction is a curse; their misery weakens the very fibre of their society," said President Mukherjee. "For a nation like India, given our demographic profile ...

Outcast: Egypt's growing addiction problem
Ahram Online
Ahmed*, 30, from the Nile Delta city of Mahalla, describes his painful addiction to Tramadol, a pharmaceutical painkiller which has, in recent years, become one of the most popular drugs among Egyptian addicts. The head of the rehabilitation centre ...

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Eminem says Prescription Drug Addiction Almost Killed Him

Eminem Details Drug Addiction and Overdose in New Documentary
"I don't know at what point exactly it started to be a problem. I just remember liking it more and more," Eminem says of his addiction to prescription medications in a clip from the documentary How to Make Money Selling Drugs. Having brushed aside ...

Eminem Admits Prescription Drug Addiction Almost Killed Him: 'My Bottom Was ...
Huffington Post
This isn't the first time that Eminem has spoken candidly about his drug addiction. In 2009, he told Vibe magazine that "it's no secret I had a drug problem." That same year, he told XXL Magazine that it took him so long to recover because he "didn't ...

Arnold Man Recounts Overcoming Molly Drug Addiction
Arnold resident Caleb Veal said he began using popular drug Molly when he was 16 years old. Now 22 years old, he told KSDK he has been clean for 9-months. Molly is a code name for drugconsidered part of the ecstasy family. It is the pure powder or ...

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Women and Alcohol Abuse

Why She Drinks: Women and Alcohol Abuse - " . . . Today, wine is certainly in American kitchens. It's there for enjoyment, of course, but also as a respectable antidote to modern stress—especially for women. Some social scientists link the rise in female alcohol consumption to the changing role of women in society. Rick Grucza, an epidemiologist at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis who studies alcohol-use disorders, correlates women's drinking to the rise in female college attendance. Others suggest that many women continue unhealthy postcollege drinking patterns in male-dominated industries such as finance and technology. Still others find a link among women who step away from their careers to be at home. "The baby's crying, they're not getting paid, they're bored and anxious—and feel guilty that they're bored and anxious," says Mary Ellen Barnes, a psychologist in Rolling Hills Estates, Calif., who treats many female heavy drinkers. Drinking several tall glasses of wine can make those feelings recede—at least for a few hours. . . ." (read more at link above)

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