The Hungry Heart, Film looks at prescription opiate addiction

Film looks at prescription opiate addiction - Stowe Reporter | The hometown newspaper for Stowe,Vermont.: News: "Director Bess O’Brien didn’t know much about prescription drug addiction when she started work on “The Hungry Heart.” That changed over the eight months she spent interviewing young Vermonters addicted to prescription opiates, as well as the doctors and mental-health professionals working to help them become sober. The Kingdom County Productions film will be shown Saturday at Peoples Academy in Morrisville and Sunday at Stowe High School. It follows young adults in the St. Albans area as they struggle with their addictions, work to overcome them and, in some cases, relapse. . . ."

Norwich service for lives lost to addiction
Network Norwich
Lives lost through drugs or alcohol addiction will be remembered at a service at Norwich Cathedral on September 26, supported by the Matthew Project....

Network Norwich

Prescription drugs: abuse can be deadly
Drug overdoses — specifically abuse of potentially dangerous prescription ... But they are narcotics, and improper use can lead to addiction, overdose and all ...

Suboxone, an addiction treatment drug, seeps into Ohio prisons as ...
CLEVELAND, Ohio — A simple greeting card mailed to an inmate contained more than words from a well-wisher: it had 20 strips of Suboxone, a drug used to ...

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Why ending the war on drugs will cut crime

Why ending the war on drugs will cut crime
The Guardian
As a police officer for nearly 34 years, I have witnessed the worsening problems of drug addiction – whether it's to controlled substances or legaldrugs, such as ...(read more at link above)

The Guardian

Lily's Place offers love, treatment for drug-addicted newborns
Charleston Gazette
On Saturday, Brown hosted community members at Lily's Place, a pediatric drug-addiction recovery center that she created in Huntington. The center hopes to ...

Addiction services could be overwhelmed by health-care law
Walla Walla Union-Bulletin
CHICAGO — Only 1 cent of every health-care dollar in the United States goes toward addiction, and few alcoholics and drug addicts receive treatment.. . . .

8-kg hashish, 5000 drug pills seized
Arab Times Kuwait English Daily
KUWAIT CITY, Sept 28: In its continuous efforts to combat the menace of drug addiction and peddling across the country, operatives attached to the Drug Control ...

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Afghanistan, Drugs, War, Addiction

According to the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), no other country in the world produces as much heroin, opium, and hashish as Afghanistan, a sad distinction for a country already ravaged by war. This may explain why control efforts so far have been concentrated on poppy eradication and interdiction to stem exports, with less attention paid to the rising domestic addiction problem, particularly in children. (source infra)

A tragic legacy of Afghanistan’s war - Daily News Egypt: " . . . Both American and Afghan counter narcotic officials have said that such widespread domestic drug addiction is a relatively new problem. Among the factors leading to increased levels of drug use among adults is the high unemployment rate throughout the country, the social upheaval provoked by this war and those that preceded it, and the return of refugees from Iran and Pakistan who became addicts while abroad. Those who are injecting drugs face the additional risk of an HIV infection through the sharing of contaminated syringes. “Drug addiction and HIV/AIDS are, together, Afghanistan’s silent tsunami,” said Tariq Suliman, director of the Nejat’s rehabilitation centre to the U.N. Office for Humanitarian Affairs. There are about 40 treatment centres for addicts dispersed throughout the country but most are small, poorly staffed, and under-resourced. . . ." (read more at link above)

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Addiction, Choice, Reasons to Quit

In short, every addict has reasons to begin using, reasons to continue, and reasons to quit. To act on a reason is to choose. To make good choices requires the presence of meaningful alternatives. And making a series of good choices leads to achievements—jobs, relationships, reputations. These give a person something meaningful to lose, another reason in itself to steer away from bad choices. (source infra)

The Science of Choice in Addiction - Sally Satel - The Atlantic: " . . . A typical trajectory goes something like this. In the early phase of addiction, using drugs and alcohol can simply be fun; or it can be a form of self-medication that quells persistent self-loathing, anxiety, alienation, and loneliness. Meanwhile once-rewarding activities, such as relationships, work, or family, decline in value. The attraction of the drug starts to fade as the troubles accrue—but the drug retains its allure because it blunts mental pain, suppresses withdrawal symptoms, and douses craving. Eventually, addicts find themselves torn between reasons to use and reasons not to. Sometimes a spasm of self-reproach (“this is not who I am;” “I’m hurting my family,” “my reputation is at risk”) tips the balance toward quitting. Novelist and junkie William S. Burroughs calls this the “naked lunch” experience, “a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork.”. . ." (read more at link above)

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Prescriptions, Medicaid, Addicts, Addiction

Data produced from the Center for Disease Control from July 2013 reported that residents of rural areas rank highest among those who are at risk. It stated that Medicaid patients are also at a great risk because they are "being prescribed painkillers at twice the rate of non-Medicaid patients." . . . Most people limit drug abuse to illegal substances like cocaine and heroin, but access to prescription drugs is much greater. I have witnessed the legal ramifications of drug abuse. People are not receiving the needed treatment through periods of incarceration . . . (source infra)

Attorney Michael Gopin Comments on DEA Official's Declaration of a ...
 . . . DEA official Robert Hill contends that law enforcement currently takes the wrong approach. Hill contends that officers attempt to solve the problem by making rampant arrests until it disappears. The sell-and-trade and abuse of prescription medication cannot be solved through arrests, because this does not strike at the heart of the problem: addiction . . .

A tragic legacy of Afghanistan's war
Not only does drug production hold back Afghanistan's development and threaten its security. Drug addiction is harming Afghanistan's health and welfare."...
Dr McLellan spoke on the future of drug and alcohol treatment under the new health care ... The medical community's understanding of addiction has changed ...

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Increased Substance Abuse Insurance

New Jersey Increases Substance Abuse Insurance For Public Workers
The State of New Jersey announced that over 200,000 public workers will receive improved insurance that will cover alcoholism and drug addiction....
Drug addiction is increasing in the county and has seeped into community corridors. Hospitals see the effects of drug abuse daily in local hospitals....
CNN International
(CNN) -- "The war on drugs has failed" is a mantra often heard in policy and media circles these days. But not only is the phrase outdated (the 1980s called ...

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Prescription drugs, Addiction problem

Prescription drugs now the No. 2 addiction problem handled by ...
ABA Journal
Prescription drugs follow alcohol as the most commonly abused substances by lawyers seeking help through state support programs, according to a survey by ...

ABA Journal

The Military's Prescription Drug Addiction
The American Conservative
In an increasing number of cases, however, he may have simply gone to sleep and never woken up following a fatal reaction to one of the drugs or cocktails of ...

The American Conservative

London drug and alcohol charities merge
Civil Society Media
An estimated 1.6 million people in England have some level of dependence on alcohol and 1.2 million are affected by drug addiction in their families, according ...
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Drug Addiction, 15 years sobriety, Relapse, 30 month prison sentence

Farmingdale convenience-store robber sentenced to 30 months
Morning Sentinel
AUGUSTA — Before robbing a Farmingdale convenience store in January, Cynthia Chepke relapsed into drug addiction after 15 years of sobriety, she said ...

Morning Sentinel

Nygren proposes bills to combat heroin use, addiction in Wisconsin
Green Bay Press Gazette
John Nygren, R-Marinette, who has seen the devastation of heroinaddiction in his daughter's battle with the drug on Friday laid out legislation he says will help ...

San Francisco Chronicle

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Hazelden, Betty Ford treatment center, merger

CENTER CITY, Minn.: Hazelden, Betty Ford treatment centers to merge - Business Breaking News - "Two of the country's leading addiction treatment centers have agreed to merge. The agreement between Minnesota-based Hazelden and California's Betty Ford Center was announced Tuesday. Terms were not disclosed."

Police should join a fearless and rational drugs debate
The Guardian
But by Barton's own admission, easily available alcohol has created an epidemic against which drug addiction "pales in comparison". That is not a glowing ...

The Guardian

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Crystal meth, addiction

Crystal meth probe as addiction grows
The Age
However, use of the drug, which is also known as crystal methamphetamine, is also ... The number of people being treated for amphetamine addiction has also ...

The Age

Focusing on Addiction as a Brain Disorder: New Hope for Effective ...
Sunset Malibu Drug Rehab is a top-notch addiction and depression treatment center in a private setting with a multitude of treatment options focusing on helping ...

Drug problems large, help programs growing
(WSAU) - The problems with drugs continue to grow, and so do the numbers of people seeking help to break the addiction. Earlier this year, the Push Back ...

Community support needed to stem tide of drug abuse
Cecil Whig
Those who cannot escape their addiction often die tragically. The negative impact of drug addiction on our county and its families cannot be emphasized enough ...

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Science of Drug Addiction (video)

 Science of Drug Addiction
Carl Hart, an associate professor at Columbia University, is the author of the book “High Price,” a mix of memoir and scientific research about drug addiction. (September 16, 2013) By Jeffery DelViscio, Pedro Rafael Rosado, David Corcoran, Kriston Lewis, Robin Lindsay, Amy Rio and Abe Sater

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Addiction, Treatment Alternatives

Journal Times
All agreed that the time has come to reform the way we treat people suffering from mental illness and drug addiction when they come into contact with the ...

Punjab signs MoU on drug control with UN body
Economic Times
Punjab, which is grappling with the problem of drug addiction, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.
Plain Dealer
Suboxone is an addiction treatment medication that satisfies the brain's hunger for opiates and limits the harsh withdrawal crash that addicts ...

Intensive Substance-Abuse Treatment Fails to Deliver Better Results ...
Treating drug and alcohol addiction with a concentrated approach called chronic care management may be no more effective than a single medical appointment ...

"Bath salts drugs can cause heart problems, high blood pressure, seizures, addiction, suicidal thoughts, psychosis and, in some cases, death – especially when ...

One of the reasons America's idiotic war on drugs has existed as a punitive ... lost to theiraddiction and were incapable of making the choice to not smoke crack.

Arab News
Mona Sawwaf, a UN international expert on addiction, has said that 90 percent of people who have experimented with drugs and alcohol fall in the 12-20 age ...

The Guardian Charlottetown
Prince Edward Island has addiction problem, committee told ... Addiction to prescription drugs is an epidemic in Prince Edward Island and action must be taken ...

The Guardian Charlottetown

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Codeine, Painkillers, Addiction

Codeine abuse spurs calls for painkiller industry overhaul
The Australian
"Addiction is not just about illicit drugs, people develop addiction to alcohol or gambling and given the right circumstances, whether it's chronic pain or a ...

Drug trafficker says she's ready to face addiction
Marietta Times
A Marietta woman sentenced Wednesday to 90 days in jail on drug trafficking and theft charges was eleased from the Washington County Jail the same day ...

Drugs: 37 arrests just one aspect, addiction another
St. Albans Messenger
ST. ALBANS — As a morning-long drug sweep wound down Tuesday, the Vermont State Police barracks was filled with the activity of about 80 law enforcement ...

Alleged murder victim struggled with addiction
Daily Comet
Alleged murder victim struggled with addiction ... John Foshee handed his mother a flower when he told her he'd quit drug rehabilitation last month. “He brought ...

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