Sobriety is changing your lifestyle

As I've said before, sobriety is a way of life --

10 financial resolutions you can actually keep - The Washington Post: "Resolutions are usually a terrible way to effect change. Changing habits involves changing your lifestyle, and that requires a deep commitment that most of us lack."

For alcoholics, that is why we use the 12 steps and our Higher Power.

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Sustaining the Change, Mindset, Behaviors

Dry is not taking a drink. Sobriety is a way of life. For alcoholics that is sustaining the change.

This Online Class Wants to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions - Julia Ryan - The Atlantic: "I think that when people can’t change, or can’t sustain the change, it’s because they are using an improper approach. They kind of set themselves up from the start to not succeed. I love this Mark Twain quote: “I don’t know why people say it’s so hard to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times myself!” This idea that, actually you can change, but it’s sustaining the change that matters ... it is not fundamentally a behavior problem: It is a mindset problem. The mindset is the thing that has to change in order to alter the behavior. And that is really the biggest insight that we’ve come to in this work...When people do not succeed in making change it’s because they’ve got something that is going on inside of them. They have another goal that they are trying to accomplish at the same time they are trying to accomplish the more apparent goal... "

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Survival, Recovery, Sobriety

If you make it, you'll know this is true --

Survival Lessons | Books |
"The truth is, some of your closest friends may disappear during your most difficult times. These people have their own history and traumas; they may not be able to deal with yours. They may belong to the before … If people aren’t there for you now, when you really need them, they never will be, and it’s time to move on." - Survival Lessons by Alice Hoffman
Sometimes it's best to just let go, and move on.

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Drug Addiction, Suboxone, Harm Reduction

The New York Times is dead wrong about drug addiction - " . . . . Harm reduction is all about erasing the idea that addiction is a moral failure — that people addicted to a drug are “dirty,” while other people are “clean” — and taking a public health perspective that focuses on what can actually save lives and lessen damage to families. The first step is encouraging and supporting people who are getting any kind of help, not making them feel worse for it. As my client who takes Suboxone recently said to me: “Why can’t it be a good thing to tell people I’m in recovery? Instead, I have to hide it.” I really hope she doesn’t read The New York Times." (read more at the link above)

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