Drug addiction takes toll in Iran

Drug addiction takes toll in Iran
One of the socioeconomic challenges facing Iran today is extensive drug addiction, especially among the youth. Having Afghanistan — the world's largest ...

Drug Court another facet in county's response to addiction
Shore News Today
CAPE MAY COUNTY – Three county residents will graduate from the local Drug Court program this week, and another five will enter the final phase of the ...

Henry Radel, tell other Republicans that all addicts deserve help
The Guardian
I struggle with the disease of alcoholism, and this led to an extremely irresponsible choice. ... American society considers alcoholics people with a disease, deserving of our help. ... Addiction is a disease, whether the drug is legal or illegal.

Washington Post (blog)

Heroin Summit: addiction doctor says managing addiction is 'indefinite'
Plain Dealer
Heroin Summit: Cleveland Clinic doctor on addiction treatment Jason Jerry, a physician in the Cleveland Clinic's Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center, discusses ...

Medina County Gazette

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Mapping America, drug and alcohol use

Daily Mail
But America's 'red' states are not without blemish in the addiction department - they just ... for its fine Bourbon, has the second lowest percentage of alcoholics.

Daily Mail

Is it really an addiction?
Princeton Daily Clarion
Another point that needs to be addressed in this discussion is the number of drug court graduates who actually suffer from addiction. Many offenders who turn to ...

Drug dealer loses appeal bid to reduce sentence
Bundaberg News Mail
But he also had a longstanding drug addiction which began during his teens and continued during his offending. He had 39 clients during the eight months ...

Fighting Heroin Addiction in Montgomery County
NBC4 Washington
He was arrested in 2010 and entered Drug Court. ... Heroin addiction is a growing problem, and Montgomery County is seeing a recent spike overdose deaths.

NBC4 Washington

Internet addiction changes brain similar to cocaine: Study
CBS News
Internet addiction disorder changes brain's white matter areas related to emotions, ... cause the same brain changes that are seen in alcoholics and drug addicts.

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Addiction Specialists Warn of New Painkiller Zohydro

Addiction experts protested loudly when the Food and Drug Administration approved a powerful new opioid painkiller last month, saying that it would set off a wave of abuse much as OxyContin did when it first appeared. (source below)

Addiction Specialists Wary of New Painkiller
New York Times
The experts are concerned that Zohydro is not formulated to halt abuse and is manufactured by a company that makes a treatment for people dependent on painkillers or alcohol.... (read more at link above)


A NATIONWIDE campaign to combat violence and drug addiction in ...
Gulf Daily News
'Together Against Violence and Addiction' was initially targeted at children aged between six and 18 and aims to tackle issues such as bullying, drugsand ...

Gulf Daily News

Phillipsburg man who assaulted officers finally getting help for ...
The Express Times - LehighValleyLive.com
Brian Mulrooney, 23, of the 500 block of Roseberry Street, had a drug addiction unlike any other Assistant District Attorney Kelly Lewis-Fallenstein has ...

Demi Lovato details bulimia, drug and alcohol addictions in memoir
Lovato, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, said she wants other young girls who are suffering from eating disorders, drug addiction or poor self-esteem to ...


Suburban Scourge: Addiction and the Gateway Pill
And at a time of easy access to an array of designer drugs and prescription narcotics, the epidemic of opiate addiction is spreading through suburbia at alarming ...

Calcium a treatment for alcoholics
The Age
One of the most common drugs to treat alcoholism could be replaced by taking a ... The drug has been used to treat alcohol addiction for 20 years and it was ...

Addicts rise up to promote awareness of region's heroin problem
The Oshkosh Northwestern
Parties, drugs and an addiction to narcotics that cost him $1,000 per day — they were all part of a lifestyle Darby enjoyed and an unmistakable sign of a lifestyle ...


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Drugs, Addictions, Overdose Deaths

Robbie Williams opens up about past drug addiction
New Zealand Herald
Robbie Williams was heading towards a "Heath Ledger kind of scenario" because of his past drug addiction. The 39-year-old singer was "days away from dying" ...

Times of India

In heroin's grip: Overdose deaths expose Torrington's struggle with ...
New Haven Register
In heroin's grip: Overdose deaths expose Torrington's struggle with addiction ... a town small enough that most people know of the drug addiction he's dealt with, .... he was already suffering from alcoholism and using prescription pills to help ...

Gamblers 'blamed for addiction'
Sydney Morning Herald
“While society has some sympathy for people with drug or alcohol problems because they have an addiction, people with gambling problems are more likely to ...

Mandela's Granddaughter's Battle Of Survival
Sky News
Nelson Mandela's granddaughter has spoken about her battle with drug and sex addiction - and how her famous grandparents inspired her to cope with breast ...

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Suboxone, Buprenorphine, Addiction Treatment Success and Failure

High hopes for buprenorphine, an effective treatment for opioid addiction, have been tempered by a messy reality: health complications and deaths, unscrupulous doctors and a reputation as a street drug. (source infra)

Addiction Treatment With a Dark Side - NYTimes.com: "....Suboxone is the blockbuster drug most people have never heard of. Surpassing well-known medications like Viagra and Adderall, it generated $1.55 billion in United States sales last year, its success fueled by an exploding opioid abuse epidemic and the embrace of federal officials who helped finance its development and promoted it as a safer, less stigmatized alternative to methadone. But more than a decade after Suboxone went on the market, and with the Affordable Care Act poised to bring many more addicts into treatment, the high hopes have been tempered by a messy reality. Buprenorphine has become both medication and dope: a treatment with considerable successes and also failures, as well as a street and prison drug bedeviling local authorities. It has attracted unscrupulous doctors and caused more health complications and deaths than its advocates acknowledge...." (read more at link above)

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Prescription drug overdose deaths skyrocket

Special Report: Prescription drug overdose deaths quadrupled ...
One of the big issues is that only a small number of people abusing these drugs actually get help. Those facing addiction have a long road to recovery, starting ...

93.1 WIBC Indianapolis

Our View: In Tennessee, drug addiction starts early
The Tennessean
Yes, we've known for a long time that Tennessee has a drug-dependency problem far larger than that of most other states. But do we have to pass along our ...


Former AZ pharmacist describes his drug addiction
KPHO Phoenix
Health professionals addicted to drugs and alcohol may make for interesting primetime television but it's a national problem with cases in the Valley. CBS 5 ...
Knoxville News Sentinel
A new scorecard of how states are adopting tactics to reduce prescriptiondrug addiction and overdose deaths concludes that many have not fully embraced ...

News & Observer

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Fatal Addictions, Alcohol, Drug Addiction

Fatal addiction: Britain's 6200 state-sponsored drug addicts hooked ...
Daily Mail
Thousands of drug addicts have spent more than a decade hooked on a heroin substitute prescribed by the NHS at a cost of £200 million, The Mail on Sunday ...

Daily Mail

Drug Addiction And Baby Boomers -- An Escalating Problem
Huffington Post
In 2010, she became a fellow at the American Society of AddictionMedicine. ... The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence can also help you to ...

University at Buffalo Reporter

Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services Board to meet Oct ...
New Philadelphia Times Reporter
The Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services Board of Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties will meet at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 16. The AOD, Planning and Budget ...
THURSDAY, Oct. 10 (HealthDay News) -- When doctors abuse painkillers or other prescription drugs, they're usually not doing it to get high. Instead, they're ...

Nick Clegg: Britain is losing the war on drugs
"You've got very senior police officers now coming out saying that the war on drugs is failing, that we should treat drug addiction as much as a health issue as a ...


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Feeding addictions, drug addiction treatment

Addiction expert questions science behind drug policies
VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The federal government's drug policies are facing ... loopholes that allow for the feeding of addiction under the guise of treatment.. . . .(read more at link above)


More states focusing on prescription drug problem
Detroit Free Press
The Buffalo 20-year-old had become despondent about his addiction to the... public awareness campaign about the dangers of prescription drugabuse...

WFMY News 2

Prescription drug abuse a growing problem
AMANDA McCOY/SUN HERALDMichelle Cotton battled with addiction to prescription drugs, but found the help she needed at Home of Grace rehabilitation ...

TestCountry.com (blog)
. . . . In fact, a recent study released via the Journal of Addiction Medicine this month revealed that doctors use prescription drugs such as pain ...

TestCountry.com (blog)

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Demons of drug addiction and alcoholism

Life on Skid Row: Where homeless fight their demons of drug ...
Daily Mail
Its most recent inhabitants have been those who find they have nowhere else to turn as drug addicts and alcoholics come to its streets to try to fight their demons.

Young and on drugs: Three recovering addicts share their stories of ...
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
Ben Wilkey of Columbus has battled a prescription drug addiction after his mother died when he was 15...

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

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Battle Against Addiction

Holland mother turns addiction into activism
April Schalow added, “It's helping to bring awareness to the issue at hand, which is this epidemic of prescription drug abuse.” After April kicked her own addiction ...

Our battle against addiction
Boston Globe
Not too long ago, alcoholics were viewed as morally weak and unreliable, and ... It's a positive testament to our society that people who are drugaddicted are not ...

Boston Herald

Saving lives: Drug court graduates celebrate transformation in ...
Hunterdon County Democrat - NJ.com
After nearly five years in the program, Washington was among the 21 drug ... At the time, Byrnes was living on his parents' couch and battling an addiction to ...

Yourwellness Magazine Explores Effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
However, since seeking outpatient treatment for his addiction the second time, Efron has been drug-free ever since. The Daily Mail quoted an anonymous ...

PR Web

Prescription drugs can be gripping
Springfield News Sun
Wendy Doolittle, chief executive officer at McKinley Hall Inc. in Springfield, has seen a dramatic shift in drug addiction in the nearly two decades she has worked ...

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Food Addiction, Krokodil, Suboxone, Heroin Addictions

Food Addiction: Could it explain why 70 percent of America is ...
Lee's Summit Journal
"The 'just say no' approach to drug addiction hasn't worked and it won't work for our ... Why do less than 20 percent of alcoholics successfully quit drinking?

Lee's Summit Journal

The Holistic Sanctuary Seeks to Eliminate Heroin Addiction Amidst ...
(4) This rise in distribution of OPR is concomitant with increasing rates of drug ... (5) Complicating this addiction is the high risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis C ...

Is Suboxone a Wonder Drug that Helps Heroin Addicts Get Clean ...
Village Voice
Suboxone is "not being used in the context we've seen it to kick a habit or even to replace a narcotic dependence. It's just a way to control your habit a little bit ...

Krokodil use reportedly spreading: What makes dangerous drug so ...
CBS News
A woman from Joliet, Ill. chronicled her krokodil addiction to Joliet Patch.... abusing the drug in Russia, according to the New York State Office of Alcoholism and ...

International Business Times

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FDA backs tighter controls on highly addictive painkiller hydrocodone

FDA backs tighter controls on painkiller hydrocodone in wake of ...
Washington Post
WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration is recommending new restrictions on prescription medicines containing hydrocodone, the highly addictive ...(read more at link above)

Washington Post

Fallen NBA star warns North Pocono students about dangers of drugs
Scranton Times-Tribune
Snorting his first line of cocaine at Boston College opened a door that fallen NBA star Chris Herren could not close for 14 years - long after his drug addiction ...

Scranton Times-Tribune

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Crash and Burn, Addiction

EXCERPT: Artie Lange's 'Crash and Burn'
New York Daily News
He's grotesquely honest about his addiction to heroin and prescription drugs, too. Now happily engaged to his longtime girlfriend Adrienne and hosting “The ...

New York Daily News

Celebrity endorsements enable addiction
And this cavalier attitude toward pills has clearly contributed to America's massive prescription drug addiction problem: 40 people die each day of prescription ...


Naomi Campbell Cries To Jonathan Ross About Anger Issues And ...
Naomi Campbell broke down and cried in an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show this Saturday after he probed her about her notorious anger problems.


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