Drug addiction, 5 things we can learn

Drug addiction: 5 things we can learn from Cory ... - KevinMD.com
Monteith's death is a moment for us all to look around and better understand how this public health crisis can be confronted....

Turkish state to cover alcohol, drug addiction treatment expenseswww.worldbulletin.net
The SGK, which used to cover only a limited part of alcohol and drug Addiction treatment expenditures, will start covering the entire treatment expenses of ...

Opioid receptor could guide drug R&D on addiction - FierceBiotech
John Carroll
Investigators from the Florida campus of the Scripps Research Institute have found that a compound that favors a certain biological pathway could provide ...
FierceBiotech News

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Pit of loneliness, cocaine, drug addiction

'Pit of loneliness': How Arianna Huffington's daughter hid cocaine ...
Huffington said she is opening up about her ordeal to paint a realistic portrayal about drug addiction, and how it strikes people regardless of their economic and ...

Drug Abuse: Any Genetic Inclination?
Nigerian Observer
Investigations reveal most of the heavy smokers and alcoholics have parents ... He says that addiction does not just start immediately, adding: “It is a gradual ...

Drug Addiction Treatment « Detour. Creative Content.
Most people who are dealing with an alcohol or drug problem could turn around again through receiving help from a in California. By observing abstinence ...
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Heroin, opiate addiction, ongoing problem

Heroin, opiate addiction called ongoing problem in Vermont
Heroin, opiate addiction called ongoing problem in Vermont ... The damage can mean spending money on drugs instead of food for dinner, and using children to ...

NKY's first methadone clinic to open
Suboxone, a newer synthetic drug used to help relieve opioid addiction withdrawal symptoms, will also be prescribed, possibly by the end of the year, he said.

Report: Treatment for drug addiction scarce
A newly released report says treatment for addiction to heroin and other opioids is severely limited in both Canada and the U.S., although overdoses are a ...

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Addicts Find Benefit In Drug Treatment, But Stigma Lingers

Addicts Find Benefit In Drug Treatment, But Stigma Lingers
Martha's Vineyard Gazette
... can offer a new lease on life for those who have struggled with drug addiction. ... He struggled with alcoholism and then was in a car accident, which led to an ...

National Geographic Channel's DRUG,INC. Teams With Drugfree.org
Broadway World
Drug addiction affects people of all races, ages and classes. Illegal narcotics do not discriminate, plaguing residents from small towns to big cities and raising the ...

Fugitive Nanny Emeline Essertel Blames Drugs
Key 103 Manchester
A French au pair on the run from British police has apologised for her actions and said her "mistakes" were caused by drug addiction. Emeline Essertel is wanted ...

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Addiction, Disease, Drug Use, Risky Behavior

Huffington Post
Addiction is a disease. Addiction is not recreational drug use or risky behaviors (like adolescent binge drinking or buying drugs on the street). It is characterized ...

Court program gives HOPE to addict
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Thomas Carney is a graduate of the Hope Court, an alternative sentencing program aimed at people with arrests related to homelessness and drug addiction.

Head of National Institute on Drug Abuse is nominated for civil ...
Washington Post
For 10 years, Nora Volkow has been the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, overseeing a budget of nearly $1 billion and much of the world's ...

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Heroin Problem (video)

Group uses Boone County 4-H and Utopia Fair to bring attention to Northern Kentucky's heroin problem ...
They said there was a popular athlete at the University of Kentucky, popular with women and was “happy-go-lucky” so if he could suffer from drug addiction, ...

CEOs More Likely to Become Drug Addicts, Study Says
PR Web (press release)
“Drug addicts need to receive treatment as soon as possible or suffer the harmful ... Why The Brains Of High-Powered People May Be More Prone To Addiction, ...

PR Web (press release)

Schools to focus on responsible drinking
Cyprus Mail
The programme is based on the national drug strategy and action plan established by the European monitoring centre for drugs and drug addiction. The plan ...

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Murder, Drug Addiction, South Boston

Amy Lord murder, drug deaths pierce an image of rejuvenation in ...
Amy Lord murder, drug deaths pierce an image of rejuvenation in South Boston ... the rise: a stubborn seedy underside including an epidemic of drug addiction....

New facility to help babies born exposed to drugs
West Virginia Public Broadcasting
“I think it will be a large eye opener to everybody as to how big of a dealdrug addiction is in our area, but people like to be ostriches and put their head in the ...

California Society of Addiction Medicine Applauds Rehab Fraud ...DigitalJournal.com (press release)
The California Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM) supports the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) investigation into alleged fraud in the Drug ...

Sanjay Gupta changes mind on weed but debate continues
Some drug addiction experts say the CNN doctor's comments about marijuana's dangers being overstated will make their job more difficult. post. A man displays ...

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How Americans Said No To Cocaine After Years-Long Addiction

How Americans Said No To Cocaine After Years-Long Addiction - capradio.org: " The drug war was in full swing in the '80s, and cocaine was practically everywhere. But use of the drug has fallen by almost half since 2006, and production is also down significantly. How did the U.S. kick the habit? Experts say cocaine has lost its luster — oh and policy may have made a difference, too." (listen to audio program (NPR) and read more at  link above)

Michael Jackson Lawsuit: Brother Randy Jackson Says At ...
Music Times
Arguments from Katherine Jackson that her son, pop star Michael Jackson, didn't have a drug addiction seem to be falling apart as the defense continues its stay ...

Kids as young as 11 getting introduced to alcohol: Rajeshwari Luther
Daily News & Analysis
Alcoholism and drug addiction are assuming epidemic proportions and we are not doing enough, said Rajeshwari Luther, director of Hyderabad-based Hope ...

The book 'Clean' offers 12 new steps for people dealing with addiction
David Sheff. 2 Understand that drugs don't cause addiction, life does. ... Don't blame the patient when Alcoholics Anonymous (or any other treatment) fails. close ...

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Alcohol, Drug Addiction, Recovery

Future of alcohol and drug addiction service One North East, in ...This is Local London
The abstinence-based service, which helps around 100 alcoholics and drug... Addiction has a high impact on a person's loved ones, so it's very important they ...

This is Local London

For addicts, new Recovery Court in Morgan County offers second ...
Knoxville News Sentinel
Drug addiction is a burgeoning problem statewide, officials said, and there are now more people seeking help for narcotics addiction than alcoholism.

Panic! At The Disco star reveals four year drug and alcohol addiction ...
In a very personal message to fans on the band's website, Panic! At The Disco drummer, Spencer Smith, has revealed his four year battle with a drugand ...

Helping families cope with addiction
WWLP 22News
Helping individuals and their families overcome the disease of addiction, "AdCare" stands for Alcohol and Drug Care. For 35 years, AdCare has committed itself ...See all stories on this topic »

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Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Dual Diagnosis

Drug Addiction, Alcoholism and Dual Diagnosis in the Gay and ...
10,000 Couples
Alcoholism and drug addiction is a fatal chronic illness affecting the lives of 20 to ... For those gay addicts or gay alcoholics seeking drug rehab or alcohol rehab, ...

Dealing with his drug addiction
Q. I'm engaged to a man I love deeply. We bring out good things in one another and he is easily the person that I could spend my life with, which is why we're ...

Warning over drug addiction 'miracle cure'
3News NZ
Drug experts are warning addicts against trying a so-called 'miracle cure', saying the side effects could be dangerous or even fatal. Ibogaine, a ...

Glee tribute to Cory Monteith will address his drug addiction issues ...
The Province
Fox says Cory Monteithís addiction-related death will be addressed in the ìGleeî episode bidding farewell to his character, Finn Hudson. Fox Entertainment ...

The Province

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Deadly Dance with Heroin

A Deadly Dance: "In Maine, a surge in heroin use is contributing to a rash of fatal overdoses."

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Painkiller addicts hit Medicaid limits

Painkiller addicts hit Medicaid limits
A report commissioned by the American Society of Addiction Medicine found that Medicaid agencies in just 28 states cover all three of medications that the Food and Drug Administration has approved for opioid addiction treatment: methadone ...

Prescription drug addiction among women on the rise
KXLF Butte News
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes). BILLINGS - A report by the Centers for Disease Control shows prescriptiondrug addiction among women is at an all time high. The CDC found an average of 18 women in the U.S. die every day from overdose on prescription pain killers.

Drug addiction driving many to chain snatching
Times of India
The police say that many of the chain-snatchers are addicted to drugs. "We have been making efforts to profile the suspects in chain-snatching. It seems that most of them are addicted to some or other form of drugs. Such drug addicts are always in need ...

Drug addiction cost me everything
I moved to Christchurch to live as a young adolescent. I went on to complete a degree and I was a very successful young music student. It's not as if I came from the wrong side of the track, or didn't have a family that was decent. However, during the ...

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Russia to spend billions to beat drug addiction

Russia to spend billions to beat drug addiction
Oleg Zykov, President of the No to Alcoholism and Drug Addiction foundation and a member of the Civic Chamber, doubted that the funds would be used effectively. "There are grounds for believing that, at the local level, the money could flow into ...

Drug addiction resources
NBCNews.com (blog)
The American Society of Addiction Medicine represents thousands of doctors who are dedicated to improving the quality of addiction treatment. Founded by a former member of AlcoholicsAnonymous, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug ...

Life after suicide: Frank Page's new mission
Washington Post (blog)
In 2009, Melissa Page Strange committed suicide after enduring myriad challenges, from cancer to prescription drug addiction. Now, as the White House unveils a new initiative to combat mental illness, her father has a new calling to help others cope ...

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