Drugs And The War in Chicago

"The War in Chicago": A 48 Hours investigation into the violence that has gripped America's third-largest city - Crimesider - CBS News: "As correspondent Maureen Maher and I discovered, the war is a drug war played out on the streets of America's third largest city. It involves the Holy Trinity of Trouble -- guns, gangs and drugs -- tied to Mexico's ruthless Sinaloa cartel battling over Chicago's booming heroin trade. That is not an easy sentence to write. But it's all too true, according to a man who would know. That man is Jack Riley, a 28-year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration and head of the DEA's Chicago office and five surrounding states. He's a man devoted - obsessed - with taking back certain drug-riddled sections of his hometown.  Riley is straight out of central casting. A modern-day Elliott Ness, he's fighting a modern-day Al Capone in the form of Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman, the head of the Sinaloa cartel."

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Mika Brzezinski on Food Addiction and Obesity

Mika Brzezinski on Food Addiction and Obesity - Video - TIME.com: Author and Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski talks about her food addiction, obesity in America, and how writing her book "Obsessed" transformed her life and that of her collaborator, journalist Diane Smith.

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Clean: Overcoming Addiction

'Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America's Greatest Tragedy'
New York Times
I provide scientific evidence that will change the way we think about drugs and addiction. Finally, and most important, I present the hopeful news that we can now effectively prevent drug use and treat addiction. When we do, we do more than help those ...

A mother's addiction: Checking in with young mother in Journal's 2006 drug ...
The Providence Journal
In 2006, The Providence Journal published a seven-part series, "A Mother's Addiction," that chronicled Tania Cabral's progression from cheerleader to crack addict to drug court participant. At the time, Journal Staff Writer Edward Fitzpatrick was ...

Tom Sizemore discusses drug abuse in autobiographical book
UPI.com (blog)
According to Salon, "By Some Meriacle" details Sizemore's rise to fame -- in which he got to work with celebrities like Steven Spielberg and Robert De Niro-- and his inevitable fall, as a product of his drug addiction, which at one point landed him in ...

Italy to help rehabilitate drug addicts - The Peninsula
Peninsula On-line
“The visit comes with a project of a mutual cooperation to provide and ensure the best medical services for the victims of drug addiction and to benefit from the unique experience of the San Patrignano Community,” Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani ...

Minico's Wrigley Talks About Drug Addiction, Recovery - Times-News
Twin Falls Times-News
By early sophomore year, Wrigley had several run-ins with the law. He was put on probation and went through drug court, but nothing deterred his addiction. He used daily. He smoked marijuana, did cocaine a few times. But Wrigley's drug of choice was ...

Drug addict held on extortion charges
Times of India
Zakir, 28, got into the crime to fund his drug addiction. The other accused, Sikandar, is on the run. "The duo moved on Pulsar motor cycle and stopped trucks, cars and other vehicles on desolate roads to extort money. The booty was invested for buying ...

Drug use contributes to rise in thefts citywide
Zanesville Times Recorder
People are motivated to engage in criminal activity because they are desperate for cash to support adrug habit or addiction, said Lt. Bill Shaw with the ZPD. “I don't think you can actually say someone here is stealing for their survival anymore ...

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Addiction Is Not A Moral Failing

U.S. Drug Czar: 'I Was Wrong. Addiction Is Not A Moral Failing'
Kerlikowski's statement accompanies a White House “National Drug Control Strategy,” dubbed a “science-driven plan” that treats “our Nation's drug problem as a public health issue, not just a criminal justice issue.” On the subject of tackling addiction ...


'Oxyana' Movie: Director Sean Dunne Discusses Documentary On West Virginia ...
Director Sean Dunne makes his feature directorial debut with Oxyana, a documentary chronicling the demise of a West Virginia mining town in the words of its own residents. Beset by a failing industry and an epidemic of prescription drug addiction ...


Fatal drug overdoses hit new high
Columbus Dispatch
The increase in accidental opioid drug overdoses in Ohio in 2011 was half of what it was the previous year, the Ohio Departments of Health and Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services said today in releasing new death statistics. While the percentage ...

'Rx for disaster' to educate local parents about dangers of teenage drug ...
Riverhead LOCAL
If so, Dr. Alexis Hugelmeyer, also known as "Dr. Mom" in her weekly column for RiverheadLOCAL, hopes you will attend Monday evening's "Rx for disaster," a presentation designed to inform parents of the difficulties of teenage drug addiction and the ...

Deadly accidental drug overdoses set record in 2011 - WCPO.com
COLUMBUS - The rate in unintentional opoid drug overdoses slowed by half in 2011 compared to 2010, according to the Ohio Departments of Health and Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services. The percent of increase in deaths tied to opioid drug overdoses in...


The Next Step in Drug Treatment
New York Times
The country is beginning to realize that it cannot enforce or imprison its way out of the addiction problem. But to create broadly accessible and effective treatment strategies for the millions of people who need them, it must abandon the “drug war ...

Divisions along a new road to addiction recovery - The Age
The Age
The visible presence of recovering alcoholics, gamblers and drug users coming together in a major city centre also challenges stigma and discrimination, he said. ''It makes it apparent that yeah,addiction is a terrible blight but people do overcome it ...

Jamie Lee Curtis draws crowd at Houston charity event
Houston Business Journal
The charismatic star told her story of addiction and recovery to 1,100 attendees at Thursday's event. "My recovery from drug addiction is the single greatest accomplishment of my life," Curtis said, "because it broke the cycle of addiction in my family ...

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Are you an alcoholic?

Are you an alcoholic?
Times Herald-Record
Nearly seven decades ago, Marty Mann, one of the earliest members of Alcoholics Anonymous (her sponsor was AA cofounder Bill Wilson), decided she wanted to spread the message of recovery and educate the public about the disease of alcoholism. That work ...

Nation's drug czar to outline drug policy reform emphasizing public health
Washington Post
ANNAPOLIS, Md. — President Barack Obama's new strategy for fighting the nation's drug problem will include a greater emphasis on using public health tools to battle addiction and diverting non-violent drug offenders into treatment instead of prisons ...

Health law could overwhelm addiction services
Millions of Americans will gain insurance coverage for drug addiction andalcoholism treatment when the national health overhaul takes effect next year, and some experts predict the change will help thousands of people get clean and sober. (AP Photo/M ...


Treatment over jail for drug use
Denver Post
Changing Colorado's drug sentencing laws to encourage treatment over incarceration for low-level users is an enlightened way to take on the destructive force of addiction. We hope the Colorado legislature passes a bill that would broadly revise the ...

Obama Drug Czar Wants Treatment and Arrests at the Same Time
ABC News
Drug addiction is a health problem, not a weakness of character. That's the message that the Obama administration put forth today with its new drug strategy. But if you're expecting an end to the drug war, these policy changes aren't it. The plan ...

ABC News

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Fighting drug addiction

Watch: Author of 'Clean' on fighting drug addiction
With addiction killing approximately 350 Americans every day and millions of Americans continuing to struggle with drug addiction, Sheff argues in his book that fighting the war on drugs as a criminal problem does not prevent or end addiction ...

Mooneyham: Database for drug addiction
Greenville Daily Reflector
The federal government eventually began cracking down on what was then described as an epidemic of morphine and opiate-based medicine addiction, restricting how the drugs were distributed and prescribed. Nearly a century later, the epidemic has ...

Michael Jackson 'killed himself with drugs': Landmark trial into King of Pop's ...
Daily Mail
Michael Jackson's addiction to prescription drugs made him responsible for his own death, lawyers will argue in a wrongful death trial getting under way today in Los Angeles. The late King of Pop's three children and his mother are seeking a staggering...
Daily Mail

Leaders: Merciful move may not help snare masterminds | Patience will pay off ...
DRUG addiction is a persistent scourge of modern Scotland, so the public quite rightly demands that those guilty of trafficking, manufacturing, and dealing drugs get long prison sentences. But is it always right that people found cultivating cannabis ...

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Prescription drug abuse

Prescription drug abuse can be curbed with Canada-wide strategy: addiction ...
National Post
OTTAWA — Canada now has a national strategy to tackle the escalating prescriptiondrug abuse crisis that has crippled so many families, communities and First Nations. The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, together with a large group of experts and...
National Post

Powerful drug addiction play performed in Wokingham
Get Bracknell
A 'powerful' hard-hitting play looking at drug addiction and the road to recovery was performed in Wokingham. 'Mum, can you lend me twenty quid? – What drugs did to my family' was performed by members of Citadel Arts Centre Theatre Company last Friday ...

Drug Addiction, it can happen to anyone
Allen Publishing (blog)
WTF is a local organization that Flower Mound couple Ben and Kathy O'Keefe started to provide education, support, and resources for youth and families that suffer from the disease of addiction. Ben and Kathy's son, Brett, had a bad experience with drug ...

Allen Publishing (blog)

Film to explore detox from drug addiction
John O'Groat Journal
He is a former drug addict who took ibogaine to overcome his own addictionproblems. What he experienced was the focus of Detox or Die. “I have been working on the sequel for almost three years and am hoping it will be ready by this summer but I still ...

John O'Groat Journal

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Jamie Lee Curtis on Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, and Sobriety

"My recovery from drug addiction is the single greatest accomplishment of my life because it broke the cycle of addiction in my family."

Jamie Lee Curtis talks Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, and Sobriety
"My recovery from drug addiction is the single greatest accomplishment of my life because it broke the cycle of addiction in my family." Jamie Lee Curtis also called getting sober the bravest thing she's done, even though it was over 13 years ago. She...


Nurse forged presciptions to feed her drug addiction
South Wales Argus
A TRAINEE dental nurse pleaded guilty to forging prescriptions and stealing from pharmacies across Gwent to feed her own drug addiction. Stacy Cartwright, 29, of The Hafod, Pant in Merthyr Tydfil, pleaded guilty to three charges of fraud by false ...

Changing social fabric reason for rise in addiction
Times of India
CHENNAI: Jacqueline David is regularly invited by industrial houses to conduct awareness programmes on alcohol and drug addiction for their employees. With social drinking becoming part of work culture, companies are keen that people are aware of the ...

Drugs, depression doesn't stop mum of the year
Central Midlands & Coastal Advocate
Drugs, depression doesn't stop mum of the year. A Mandurah mum who stood by her son's side through a serious drug addiction has been named Western Australia's mother of the year. . .

Widening the road to recovery from addiction
Jersey Isle News
Silkworth Lodge has introduced greater flexibility and accessibility to its Treatment Programme for Islanders who suffer with alcohol and drug addiction. As the only residential rehabilitation treatment centre in the Channel Islands, Silkworth provides ...

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Jackson family tried drug interventions

Jackson family tried drug interventions
Channel News Asia
LOS ANGELES: Michael Jackson's family tried several times to carry out "interventions" on the singer to help him fight drug addiction, but he denied having a problem, a trial heard Thursday. The late King of Pop's mother Katherine Jackson told police a ...

Magistrate comments on drug problem
Steubenville Herald Star
Brooke County Magistrate Robin Snyder said Brooke County has joined other areas around the nation suffering from a rise in drug addiction, particularly heroin. She said though many don't realize the severity of the problem, there have been about 150 ...

Steubenville Herald Star

Fearless Radio Show Helps Combat Addiction
Thursday was a very important step in the battle against drug and alcohol addiction in our community. A new radio show debuted this morning called Fearless. It's hosted by Debbie McCarthy and Pat Cashell. Pat is a recovering drug addict, particularly meth.

OxyContin addiction leads teen to robbery
The Sudbury Star
"He was addicted to OxyContin at the time. All that material got sold for drugs. Since November, he has shown to the court he has taken some remedial measures to deal with his drug addiction." Klempt pleaded guilty to six charges: possession of ...

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Personal stories encouraging sobriety and recovery

Pennsville students share personal stories encouraging sobriety and recovery
The Bridgeton News - NJ.com
For Pennsville Memorial High School sophomore Angela Lakatos, the harsh truth about drug addiction drove her to speak out to her fellow students after watching her sister battle a heroinaddiction. “It has affected me so much and I hate to see other ...

Admitted Drug User Says He Can't Break Addiction, Where to Get Help - WSAZ
"There are some genetic markers that would predispose someone to have an addiction disorder, and scientists are still in the process of studying that," Miller explained. Beyond that, she says once someone has done drugs, the chemical make-up of the ...

Isabel Allende's tale of a family dealing with addiction is close to home
Ottawa Citizen
Isabel Allende put a lot of herself into her novel of a family dealing with drug addiction. Photograph by: Wayne Cuddington , Ottawa Citizen. Maya's Notebook. Isabel Allende (HarperCollins, $27.99). Cracking Maya's Notebook by Isabel Allende is like ...

Ottawa Citizen

Affordable outpatient treatment for addiction
Palm Beach Post
An intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) provides the structure that many people need in the first stage of recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction. It may also serve as continuing-care treatment for those who are coming out of a residential ...

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Sizemore Book Details Battle With Drugs

Sizemore Book Details Actor's Battle With Drugs - ABC News: " . . . The 51-year-old actor stands looking up at the camera, instantly recognizable because of his work portraying tough-guy characters in such memorable 1990s films as "Saving Private Ryan," ''Heat" and "Natural Born Killers." His face, though, looks worn, and his eyes are those of a man who's been to hell and back. And that's exactly what his book details — Sizemore's ascent to the height of cinema, working for the Steven Spielbergs and with the Robert De Niros of the world —and his drug-fueled descent that left him imprisoned and out of options. . . ."

Michael Jackson 'refused help from family over drug addiction'
The Independent
Police detective Orlando Martinez said that Jackson's mother Katherine had told him that the family tried drug interventions for the singer. The testimony came under questioning by lawyers for concert promoter AEG Live, which is being sued by Katherine ...

The Independent

Prescription drug abuse a 'silent epidemic' in Montana - Missoulian
The Missoulian
Thursday: One family's story of prescription drug abuse, and its fatal consequences. Friday: Pharmacists are often the first line of defense against prescription drug abuse. Saturday: What are the options for addiction treatment in Missoula? Where are ...

Daniella Westbrook: 'Finding God has helped me fight my drug addiction'
She said: “Back in England everyone was like “oh my God, she's gone from a drug addict to a crazy Christian”, and you know what, if you want to label me, label me, that's cool, but walk a mile in my shoes and then you know, and then judge. "I used to ...

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'Clean,' by David Sheff
New York Times
After 40 years and an “unconscionable” expense that he estimates at a trillion dollars, there are 20 million addicts in America (including alcoholics), and “more drugs, more kinds of drugs, and more toxic drugs used at younger ages.” Sheff says that ...

Crisis of suicide, drug addiction deepens among northern Ontario First Nations
Yahoo! News Canada (blog)
Another isolated, drug-ridden First Nation is trying to cope with a deadly crisis of despair. Leaders in Neskantaga, a community of between 300 and 4000 on James Bay about 480 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay, Ont., have declared a state of ...

Law could overwhelm addiction services
Beloit Daily News
Only 1 cent of every health care dollar in the United States goes toward addiction, and few alcoholics and drug addicts receive treatment. One huge barrier, according to many experts, has been a lack of health insurance. But that barrier crumbles in ...

Drug issues a growing problem in Avon Lake
The Morning Journal
Zilka contacted Catherine Gabe of Communities that Care of Lorain County in regards to SOLACE Lorain County. SOLACE Lorain County is a support, awareness, and advocacy group established for those dealing with drug addiction or those who know ...

FDA Bans Generic OxyContin to Curb Drug Addiction
Headlines & Global News
OxyContin was first approved in 1995. The drug gained popularity among prescription drug abusers who crushed the pill in order to snort it, or melt the pill to inject it. OxyContin tablets have a time-release formula that delivers the drug over a 12 ...

Headlines & Global News

Understanding Addiction: Why Do Some People Become Addicted?
Wall Street Journal
CHICAGO, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Addiction can destroy careers and ruin lives. It can be devastating to watch a loved one descend into addiction, and family members often can't understand why an addict continues to use drugs or alcohol despite ...

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