Swiss recipe for dealing with drug addiction proves a success

Swiss recipe for dealing with drug addiction proves a success
Sydney Morning Herald
Life throws up many contradictions and conundrums but human society always works best when it tries to manage rather than obliterate them. Swiss drug policy provides a good case study. At the Harm Reduction International Conference in Vilinus ...

Candle light vigil held against drug abuse
This event is to raise awareness about the menace of drug abuse in the state and to sensitize people so that a movement will start against it”, he said.He said the vigil is being held under the slogan “From Darkness of Drug Addiction towards the Candle ...

Drug harm-reduction strategy cuts number of injection users
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver's progressive approach to drug addiction over the past 15 years is working, says a major report obtained exclusively by The Sun and based on comprehensive health and safety data. Produced by scientists from the Urban Health Research ...

Recovery is still possible
Latrobe Valley Express
A MESSAGE of hope underpinned a Latrobe Valley focus on recovery from drug addiction last week. At the same time a leading expert in the field welcomed looming statewide drug and alcohol reforms. A Recovery Walk was staged through the streets of ...

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Israeli researcher helps alcoholics stay on the wagon

Israeli researcher helps alcoholics stay on the wagon
The Times of Israel
If you know someone who's suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, a little amnesia might be just the thing to get them back on the wagon, researchers at Tel Aviv University have shown. “One of the main causes of relapse in alcoholics are memories ...

A growing addiction: Heroin overdoses on the rise in Maine
Bangor Daily News
Three sleeping children didn't know about daddy's drug habit. Another was 32 and found dead, at home, in the bathroom last month. A third was 62, also found dead in bed by family. Lewiston and Auburn police are investigating the three possible fatal ...

Robbie Williams: I'd take drugs with daughter
Belfast Telegraph
Robbie famously battled drug addiction and alcoholism in the past, but has since become sober. The star insists he'd dabble again if his daughter ever wanted to experiment. “I doubt she'll be like me. Touch wood, and follow that with a lot of love and ...

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Kids on speed, a physician-induced addiction epidemic

Pieter Cohen and Nicolas Rasmussen: A Nation of Kids on Speed - " . . . Stimulants can certainly benefit some young children with truly disabling ADHD. However, history has already taught us that overprescribing stimulants to millions of Americans leads to dependence, addiction and overdose. By medicating children for wiggling in their chairs, losing their homework and shouting out answers, we are not teaching them vital coping skills to manage their behavior. Instead, we are teaching them to take a pill. One day, we'll look back and wonder: Why did we do this? . . . ." (read more at link above)

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Unemployment Drives Graduates In Gaza to Drug Addiction

Unemployment Drives Graduates In Gaza to Drug Addiction
Hassan recounts how he fell into the swamp of addiction to Tramadol, a habit-forming drug prohibited in the Gaza Strip. He ascribes it to the absence of job opportunities after he completed his university education nearly two years ago.

Walsh keynotes Big Sky conference on drug abuse, addiction
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
John Walsh said even those numbers might be low. “We understand we have a problem out there,” Walsh said, addressing the crowd at the annual conference being held here for the Montana Association for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors.

Top Azerbaijani official: Arms purchased with funds from sale of drugs grown ...
According to Hasanov, who chairs the State Commission on the Fight against Drug Addiction and Illicit Drug Trafficking, major terror groups are trained in the occupied territories and those groups are used in numerous countries. "Major terrorist ...

Nuncio: Anti-drug policies need new, comprehensive approach
National Catholic Reporter
Chullikatt emphasized the relationship between drug users, their families and the community, explaining that those who abuse drugs often need ample family support to overcome their addictions. Family support also can help individuals avoid drug ...

Justin Bieber Party: Singer's Pal Speaks From Rehab On Drugs And Booze
Headlines & Global News
Kevi told Radar Online that his heavy partying and drug addiction began to hinder his life and he realized he needed to make a change. The friend-to-the-stars also credited Lil Wayne's health complications suspected to be in connection with drinking ...

Twitter explodes with tweets about first drug experience
KPHO Phoenix
He has been treating drug addiction among young adults for 21 years and personally struggled with addiction in his adolescent years. He said he's shocked people are posting their experiences withdrugs for the world to see. "What does that mean to your ...

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Anti-drug policies need new, comprehensive approach, says nuncio

Anti-drug policies need new, comprehensive approach, says nuncio
U.S. Catholic magazine
Current policies surrounding drug abuse, addiction and related crimes must be transformed to hold perpetrators responsible and encourage individuals and communities to make better decisions, he said. "The global illicit drug problem has become a ...

Tom Sizemore faces his drugs demons
Irish Independent
Tom Sizemore has opened up about his drug addiction. 14 June 2013. Tom Sizemore has revealed he was prompted to seek help for his drug addiction problems when he looked in the mirror and was terrified by what he saw. Also in this section. Itzin on 24: ...

Discovery Could Speed Creation of Less-Addictive Painkillers
Everyday Health
The receptors are important because the opioids that bind to them can help reduce pain, and they play a big role in drug addiction. The receptors are exceptionally hard to study because not every cell contains a painkiller receptor. They have been ...

Police offer free rehabilitation to drug users
Jakarta Post
Rikwanto said on Thursday that the police in cooperation with the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) had started a program to help drug users cure their addiction. “We have launched the program in observance of the National Police's anniversary that falls ...

Local center helps female drug addicts
Thousands of people struggle with drug addiction throughout the Panhandle. But, the Downtown Women's Center in Amarillo is doing all it can to help out local women. The program is designed to help keep recovering women off the street. The ABBA House ...

A day in the life of the drug team
Warrington Guardian
“We believe in a full recovery, not just from addiction, but from unemployment, homelessness, domestic violence. “Drug use may be one small part of the problem that is going on. “It's a massive challenge but we are trying to treat the whole person ...

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Silent addiction, Babies at risk

Silent addiction: Babies at risk
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
The use of narcotics has gone up dramatically in Indiana, with the number of prescriptions for somedrugs up more than 700 percent in a decade, and prescriptions for methadone up 2,061 percent – nearly double the national increase for methadone in the ...

Why the war on drugs has been made redundant
The Guardian
But what makes this a revolution, rather than simply a market innovation, is the scale and speed ofdrug development. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction reported 73 new substances last year, meaning new highs were hitting the market ...

Another good reason for Medicaid expansion
... expansion through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Here's a really important one: Medicaid expansion would provide coverage for almost 8,000 New Hampshire citizens who have substance use disorders like alcoholism and drug addiction.

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Drug epidemic leaves Punjab in dazed stupor

Drug epidemic leaves Punjab in dazed stupor
The New Indian Express
For Kulwant Kaur, who lost her husband to drug addiction about 20 years ago, life dealt a double whammy. After his death, she struggled to bring up her only son by washing people's clothes and utensils, little knowing that another tragedy waited round ...
Near drug haven, a de-addiction centre awaits patients
Indian Express
Not more than 10 km from Daulewala village, the infamous drug haven in Moga, a drug de-addictioncentre run by the Red Cross and district administration wears a deserted look. The 15-bed centre — offering a one month course on de-addiction — despite ...

Ipswich theatre company helps drug users to break the cycle of addiction in ...
The Independent
One of the most extraordinary stories associated with the community theatre is that of Rachel Clarke, a close friend of three of the victims and who had been in the grip of drug addiction at the time of the murders in 2006. Ms Clarke's life was turned ...

Theatre helps drug users to break the cycle of addiction
The Independent
Rachel Clarke, a close friend of three of Wright's victims, who was herself in the grip of addiction at the time of the murders in 2006, has seen her life turned around. She is now a full-time employee of the company and is working on a new play ...

Jeff Hardy On How Bad His Drug Addiction Got, Craziest Bump He's Taken, His ...
Wrestling Inc.
Jeff Hardy recently sat down with the Regular Guys podcast. Here are some highlights from the interview. What does he think is the craziest thing he has done in the ring: "There's been a lot, but one always stands out is when Edge speared me. I was ...

Author tells story of founders of Georgia's first drug and alcohol treatment ...
Savannah Morning News
The Statesboro business community so admired the work the Mooneys were doing, they raised enough money to help them form Willingway, the first hospital in the country dedicated solely to the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. “I've always ...

Ministries help recent inmates, recovering drug addicts
Odessa American
Pastor Jami Butts remembers struggling with alcohol and drug addiction on-and-off for nearly 23 years. “My second time in prison I was called to the ministry,” Butts said. “I wanted to help men going through what I was going through.” Butts said the ...

Growing drug problem tackled at conference
Foster's Daily Democrat
The Granite State's prescription drug addiction is tenth highest in the country. One Voice for Southeastern New Hampshire, an organization responsible for substance abuse prevention for 20 communities in Strafford County and adjacent towns, held its ...

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Lawyers at high risk of alcoholism, drug use, depression and suicide

Rash of Kentucky lawyer suicides concerns colleagues | The Courier-Journal | " . . . “They learn that justice is not always done. Innocent people are abused and some go to prison. People guilty of terrible wrongs go free,” Cunningham wrote. “They worry that all the lost hours and missed holidays with family and friends ... do not matter. ... They become like a weak-kneed boxer in the 15th round. They keep flailing away. But they lose purpose. They lose hope.” Lanny Berman, director of the Washington-based American Association of Suicidology, said the competitiveness and perfectionism that make good lawyers — and the lack of fulfillment many lawyers feel in practicing law — put them at high risk of alcoholism, drug use, depression and suicide."

Drug addiction devastates society, stresses anti-narcotics exhibition
Gulf Today
Colonel Khalid Al Kawari, deputy director of the General Directorate of Anti-Narcotics, Dubai Police, said, “The Awareness and Prevention department of Dubai Police seeks not only to inform people about the destructive effects of drugs but also educate ...

Fargo native gets noticed for drug addiction research
Dickinson Press
FARGO — A North Dakota native is at the forefront of research that could someday lead to a breakthrough in the treatment of cocaine addiction. Ryan Bastle is a graduate of Fargo South High and the University of Minnesota Duluth working toward a ...

Highway to drug addiction
Deccan Herald
Not only is the City's underbelly mired in couriering and peddling drugs, the well-to-do are also at the crossroads of the malaise. Wearing different hats and being a hotbed of transformation, Bangalore is tired. Tired of bearing people's thoughts ...

Medicaid expansion could help fight drug, alcohol addiction
Citizens Voice
HARRISBURG - Getting Pennsylvania to participate in the federal expansion of Medicaid coverage will provide new funding to tackle the problems of drug and alcohol addiction which are a root cause of crime, a Lackawanna County judge told a House ...

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Lower Legal Alcohol Limit for Drivers?

Safety Board Endorses Lower Legal Alcohol Limit for Drivers
New York Times
WASHINGTON — Thousands of people are killed or injured every year by drivers who have not reached the legal standard for being drunk but who have a reduced ability to see, make decisions or operate a vehicle, the National Transportation Safety Board ...

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Addicted to the Bottle, Homeless in Miami

Homelessness: Miami’s shadow city - 05/28/2013 | "Like many of South Florida’s chronically homeless people, Ronald Poppo spent years living in the shadows, addicted to the bottle and unwilling to seek shelter or reach out to family. A gruesome and bloody scene last Memorial Day weekend (2012) thrust Poppo out of his quiet anonymity. He fell victim to an unfathomable assault on the MacArthur Causeway that left him blind, with most of his face gnawed off. The world turned its attention to Miami’s “zombie” attack and — for a brief moment — its ongoing struggle with homelessness, an issue for which the city has long served as a model for cities across the country. But in a move that advocates say could dent the city’s progressive image, Miami commissioners last month voted to ask a federal court to alter the terms of a landmark settlement that bolstered the rights of the city’s homeless. The 1998 settlement of Pottinger v. Miami bars Miami police from arresting homeless people for “involuntary, harmless” acts without first offering them a bed in a shelter. . . ." (read more at link above)

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How to do Compassion

From Leo Babauta some good advice (excerpt follows--for full article, go to the following link)--

A Guide to Practical Compassion : zenhabits:

 " . . . . how to do compassion:
  1. Be aware of your own suffering. Be willing to face, and accept, the suffering you do on a daily basis. This includes stress, doubt, fear, anger, frustration, disappointment. Watch it happen, and be OK with the sensation. Don’t run from it.
  2. Ease your own suffering. Learn the cause of your suffering. The cause is the ideal you’re holding onto in your mind — how other people should act, how your life should be, how you should be better, how things will turn out, how people will think of you, etc. Let go of this ideal, and you’ll suffer less.
  3. See the suffering of others. Pay attention to the other people in your life, strangers you pass. Notice the signs of their pain, empathize with this pain, understand them because you’ve experienced it too.
  4. Reach out to them, and connect. Ease your own suffering (that comes from seeing their suffering) by reaching out and making a connection. Smile, be open to who they are, let go of your expectations of that person, and just connect.
  5. Share your suffering, and your method. Share ways that you’ve suffered that the other person might relate to, and this in itself will be helpful, because then you share suffering. Then share how you solved it, and that method can then be useful to the other person, if they decide to try it (it’s their choice). Don’t be preachy, just share what worked.
  6. Learn from the methods of others. Just as you share with others your method of easing your suffering, there’s much to be learned from others. If others have solved a problem that’s causing you some suffering, learn how they did it. By sharing with and learning from each other, we can all get better at our methods of compassion.
This is a simple method that I share with you, but it works wonderfully for me. I hope it helps."-- Leo Babauta

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Neuroscience research focuses on cocaine addiction

Neuroscience research focuses on cocaine addiction
Marquette Tribune
“This is most relevant to the field of drug addiction, as substance abusers often report that (despite their best efforts) they fail to stay away from drugs of abuse because of stress or aversive life events.” According to the National Institute on ...

Drug tests aimed at welfare recipients should help, not hurt
Jeff King, R-Independence, included language that those people on public assistance who test positive for drugs would be required to complete drug addiction treatment and job skills training before receiving additional payments. The program reportedly ...

Government to Place More Interest in Drug Treatment - Houston Forward Times
Forward Times
Although President Obama has yet to declare an end to the 40-year-old war on drugs, he has placed the weight of his office on viewing drug addiction as more than just a criminal justice issue. Last Wednesday, Obama released his 2012 National Drug ...

Counseling is key to healing
Worcester Telegram
Too many people are still unaware that drug addiction and alcoholism are conditions that can be treated, just like we treat other health disorders such as diabetes and hypertension. I urge anyone who has the passion and commitment to help those with ...

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Online Pornography - How to beat the addiction

Online Pornography's Effects, and a New Way to Fight Them - " . . . . Fully 94% of therapists in another survey reported seeing an increase in people addicted to porn. . . . Countless studies connect porn with a new and negative attitude to intimate relationships, and neurological imaging confirms it. Susan Fiske, professor of psychology at Princeton University, used MRI scans in 2010 to analyze men watching porn. Afterward, brain activity revealed, they looked at women more as objects than as people. The new DSM-5 will add the diagnosis "Hypersexual Disorder," which includes compulsive pornography use. Repetitive viewing of pornography resets neural pathways, creating the need for a type and level of stimulation not satiable in real life. The user is thrilled, then doomed. But the evolutionary plasticity of our mind makes this damage reversible. In "The Brain That Changes Itself," psychiatrist Norman Doidge writes about patients who overused porn and were able to quit, cold turkey, and change their brains back. They just had to stop watching it. Completely. None of the men were addictive types, or kooks, Dr. Doidge points out. But "because plasticity is competitive, the brain maps for new, exciting images increased at the expense of what had previously attracted them"—including girlfriends and wives. When the doctor explained what was happening to them, they "stopped using their computers for a period to weaken their problematic neuronal networks, and their appetite for porn withered away. . . ." (read more at the link above)

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