'Clean,' by David Sheff
New York Times
After 40 years and an “unconscionable” expense that he estimates at a trillion dollars, there are 20 million addicts in America (including alcoholics), and “more drugs, more kinds of drugs, and more toxic drugs used at younger ages.” Sheff says that ...

Crisis of suicide, drug addiction deepens among northern Ontario First Nations
Yahoo! News Canada (blog)
Another isolated, drug-ridden First Nation is trying to cope with a deadly crisis of despair. Leaders in Neskantaga, a community of between 300 and 4000 on James Bay about 480 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay, Ont., have declared a state of ...

Law could overwhelm addiction services
Beloit Daily News
Only 1 cent of every health care dollar in the United States goes toward addiction, and few alcoholics and drug addicts receive treatment. One huge barrier, according to many experts, has been a lack of health insurance. But that barrier crumbles in ...

Drug issues a growing problem in Avon Lake
The Morning Journal
Zilka contacted Catherine Gabe of Communities that Care of Lorain County in regards to SOLACE Lorain County. SOLACE Lorain County is a support, awareness, and advocacy group established for those dealing with drug addiction or those who know ...

FDA Bans Generic OxyContin to Curb Drug Addiction
Headlines & Global News
OxyContin was first approved in 1995. The drug gained popularity among prescription drug abusers who crushed the pill in order to snort it, or melt the pill to inject it. OxyContin tablets have a time-release formula that delivers the drug over a 12 ...

Headlines & Global News

Understanding Addiction: Why Do Some People Become Addicted?
Wall Street Journal
CHICAGO, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Addiction can destroy careers and ruin lives. It can be devastating to watch a loved one descend into addiction, and family members often can't understand why an addict continues to use drugs or alcohol despite ...

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