Drug treatment, Decriminalizing addiction

How decriminalizing addiction and prostitution could save a Tel Aviv neighborhood
This approach is based on the idea that there are activities that cannot be eliminated, such as drug addiction and prostitution. Toys and Bonny-Noach ...


The Mosque's Role In Treating Drug Addicts
This is the first of a three-part series on the treatment for drug addiction run by the University Malaya Centre for Addiction Sciences (UMCAS) using the ...

Create jobs, hope to fight addiction
Lexington Herald Leader
"That is a profound risk condition for drug abuse." This is the same finding researchers elsewhere report. "Addiction always has a social element, and this is ...

Meet Carl Hart, the Scientist Debunking America's Myths About Drugs
Dispelling the myths surrounding drug abuse and addiction is precisely the goal ... "I thought that I was going to solve the problem of drug addiction," he told the ...

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