George Michael sober, 'I decided to change my life'

'I decided to change my life. So I gave up smoking cannabis': George Michael on being drug-free, surviving prison and how close he came to dying--

George Michael on surviving prison, how close he came to dying and the lunacy of the 80s | Mail Online: "The man who once smoked up to 25 spliffs a day, and famously lit up during a South Bank Show documentary, declaring: ‘This stuff keeps me sane and happy.’ ‘Well, what can I say?’ says Michael, cheerfully. ‘I decided to change my life and I haven’t touched it for well over a year and a half now.’ The difference it’s made is clearly visible. Looking at Michael now – laid-back, calm and fighting fit – it’s easy to forget how turbulent the past few years have been for him....In 2010 he was sentenced to eight weeks in jail following that car crash in north London (the court found that he was driving while under the influence of cannabis, his second conviction for drug-driving)....And then in 2013 he was involved in perhaps his most bizarre and troubling episode: falling out of his chauffeur-driven Range Rover while it was travelling at 70mph on the M1. Read more:

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