Heroin and Prescription-Pill Epidemic, Staten Island

How Staten Island Is Fighting a Raging Heroin and Prescription-Pill Epidemic: "....“So we did heroin, and I overdosed, and the guy with the naloxone injected me with it, and all I remember is waking up and feeling so horrible that I thought the people I was with were being mean to me. I didn’t thank anybody for saving me—I was only angry and upset that they had made me feel like this. The withdrawal came on immediately and it was very, very painful, like twenty times worse than the worst flu I ever had. But without the naloxone I don’t know what would have happened. The thought of being left passed out where I was still scares me. We were homeless junkies. Nobody who saw me would have bothered with me. No way anybody would’ve called 911.” She talked about her recovery and what it still involves. I asked her what she imagined would be the best possible result of the work she’s doing, and she said, “I love that question!” Her voice brightened completely. “We’re going to stop this opioid pandemic!” she said, and began to explain how." (read more at link above)

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