Alcohol and Addiction News Digest, December 27, 2014


Violent Crime Decreases After San Francisco Stopped Prosecuting DrugUsers
Reason (blog)
Suhr is no fan of drug legalization. He views drug addiction as a serious public health problem, a debatable assertion with its own set of dubious ...

News Item

Drug dealer gets 10 to 20 years
News Item
The state Attorney General's Office said he was dealing drugs with a ... who claimed Picarella preyed on their drug addiction by trading heroin for sex.

Burlington Times News

Targeted treatment
Burlington Times News
Drug addiction is one of the root causes of crime and one of the greatest predictors a person will commit more crimes. Studies show as many as 80 ...

Woman Steals Guitar to Buy Food and Drugs
ABC News
Woman Steals Guitar to Buy Food and Drugs. More. Part 3: Smiley says she stole a guitar because of her drug addiction and recent life struggles.

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