America's prescription drug addiction suggests a sick nation

America's prescription drug addiction suggests a sick nation
The Guardian
They don't just relieve pain and worry, they produce psychic euphoria, a sense that the rest of the world has slipped away, especially when abused – perpetuating the potential for addiction. It would only make sense, then, to ask why so many Americans ...

The Guardian 

Tightening the Lid on Pain Prescriptions
New York Times
Experts say that doctors often simply keep patients on the drugs for years and that patients can develop a powerful psychological dependence on them that mirrorsaddiction. But changing old habits can be difficult — for doctors and patients alike.

New York Times

Actress Kathryn Erbe to raise the curtain in NIDA's Addiction Performance Project
Pharmaceutical Processing
By National Institutes of Health Kathryn Erbe leads an impressive cast in the Addiction Performance Project, an innovative continuing medical education (CME) program for doctors and other health providers, on April 16 in the Chicago, Ill. area.

Seconal Is the New Bugles! Mad Men Introduces Sally Draper's Nascent Pill ...
Vanity Fair
Side effects of Secanol may include nervousness; anxiety; plotlines that involve Sally's descent into drug dependency; wildly hypocritical lectures from Don Draper about the dangers of substance abuse; physical violence from Betty Francis, ...

Vanity Fair

Brand back with BBC for addiction documentary
The Age
Comedian Russell Brand is set to return to the BBC to film a documentary aboutaddiction. It comes four years after he left the British network following the notorious phone prank on TV star Andrew Sachs. The controversial comedian quit his BBC radio ...

The Age

Former NBA Player Herren Visits ITHS to Discuss Drug Addiction
By Justin Izzo Former NBA player Chris Herren visited Island Trees High School on Wednesday to share his story of drug addiction with students. The former Denver Nuggets and Boston Celtics player shared with students how his promising college and ...

“Curing Addiction” Nominated for 2012 Voice Award (press release)
One of the nominees for the 2012 Voice Awards is the groundbreaking documentary film “CuringAddiction“, which includes interviews with treatment professionals and former substance abusers who seek to help others permanently end the cycle of addiction.

Are you a food addict like me? There is help.
Las Cruces Sun-News
Overeating is a tough addiction to have because many people do not consider it an addiction. You're just seen as lazy or a slob or a glutton — or all three. While that might be true for some, for many others it is not. It is misery.

Tajikistan: On Afghanistan's Heroin Highway, Corruption Fuels Addiction and HIV
A heroin addict in his 20s relaxes in 2007 in a Dushanbe "drop-in center" run by a local NGO to give users a clean, safe place to rest and exchange needles. According to the UNODC, up to 30 percent of the opiates produced in Afghanistan transit Central ...

The Voice star Tyler James reveals alcohol addiction
Tyler James, the best friend of Amy Winehouse and latest star of hit BBC reality show The Voice, has revealed he battled alcoholism and has spent time in rehab. Amy and Tyler were best friends and shared a musical passion. However, as Tyler admits, ...


Praise for new addiction service
Weston & Somerset Mercury
The Addiction Recovery Agency launched its new alcohol misuse service which has seen more than £300000 invested in it by NHS North Somerset. Mike Collins, a 56-year-old recovering alcoholic from Portishead, said: “Without this service I would have ...

Weston & Somerset Mercury

Addiction services under fire for cold, calculated' approach
Wairarapa Times-Age
Wairarapa's new mental health and addiction service has been criticised for its corporate image and for failing to engage with community and families. Pathways and CareNZ have been contracted by Wairarapa DHB to deliver the services to around 400 ...

Brand set to return to the BBC
A BBC spokesman says, "We are working with Russell on a programme about addiction in the UK but it's currently only in its early stages." Brand is all too familiar with addiction issues - the former hellraiser previously suffered from alcohol, ...

Addiction services relaunched in Lincolnshire
Bourne Local
The Drug and Alcohol Recovery Team, part of Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust, has been running for more than 30 years. The new service offers easy access to personalised help and support. Please sign in to be able to comment on this story.

Drug court program rates high
Monroe News Star
Rather than being sentenced to jail time, qualified defendants are placed in substance abusetreatment programs. The defendants are then brought into court once a month and report once a week to a probation officer and take drug screens.

Expert warns comfort eating can become a form of addiction
By Audrey Edwards and Lim Wey Wen PETALING JAYA, Malaysia - Comfort eating may be a way to "de-stress" for some Malaysians, but an expert has warned that the habit is similar to getting addicted to drugs or computer games. "You want to make yourself ...


Russell Brand courts attention by setting fire to a dollar bill
Daily Mail
According to The Sun, Russell is in talks to present the BBC3 show on drugaddiction, despite having fallen foul of the corporation four years prior during 'Sachsgate' with Jonathan Ross. A spokesperson for BBC said: 'We are working with Russell on a ...

Daily Mail

Scholarships Available for Illinois Teen Institute on Substance Abuse (blog)
The annual Illinois Teen Institute on Substance Abuse is scheduled for July 22 to 26, 2012, at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL, and qualified teen leaders are encouraged to apply for the 60 scholarships available statewide.

Fighting prescription painkiller abuse
WSOC Charlotte
Substance abuse emerged as the top priority health issue for consideration in Cleveland County's 2011 Community Assessment. The United States is in the grip of an epidemic of prescription drug abuse fueled in part by legitimate prescriptions written by ...

Is Your Drinking Making You an Almost Alcoholic ... - OpEdNews
... suffer from your drinking. Often change is easier in the Almost Alcoholic phase, so consider a change now. ... I think persons who are Almost Alcoholic will find parts of the Big Book ofAlcoholics Anonymous helpful even if they do not attend AA meetings. Adult Children of ...Rosenberg: In alcoholism circles there is a saying that you can't turn a pickle back into a cucumber which means that if someone is really an alcoholic, they will never drink normally again. Yet you have stories of ...

Former Football Star Struggles with Prescription Drug Addiction ...
By CRC Health Group
Unfortunately for Mr. Leaf, his recent media appearances haven't focused on his football skills, but rather his ongoing struggle with substance abuse, addiction, and illegal activities. Almost a decade and a half after he was selected by the San ...
CRC Health Group Blog

4 Free CLE: Substance Abuse & the Legal Profession: On-Demand ...
By rewinn
This program highlights the dangers of addiction in the legal profession, addressing topics such as the substantial prevalence of addiction in the legal profession, the science behind addiction, the different effect addiction can have between ...
4 Free CLE

The Brian Lehrer Show: Not Quite Alcoholic - WNYC
Robert Doyle, MD, clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and co-author with Joseph Novinski of Almost Alcoholic: Is My (or My Loved One's) Drinking a Problem? (The Almost Effect), talks about those people who fall ...
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