Drug Addiction, Personhood and War on Women

Drug Addiction, 'Personhood' and the War on Women
The law could scare pregnant drug users away from getting treatment for theiraddiction and perhaps push them to have abortions, rather than receive severe legal punishment for their use. Although the chemical-endangerment law seems unique to Alabama, ...


Russell Brand testifies at UK parliament about drug addiction, mentions Tupac ...
Russell Brand quoted slain rapper Tupac Shakur as he testified about his pastsubstance abuse at a recent UK parliamentary committee session for a drugs policy inquiry and urged lawmakers to treat addiction as a disease and for those who suffer from it ...


Russell Brand - A Story of Addiction
Daily Gossip
Russell Brand has appeared in front of an UK MP committee to talk about his own story of addiction and ask authorities will look at drug addiction as a health issue instead of crime. It's a known fact: most celebrities have or have had some addiction...

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Russell Brand and Addiction: Actor Tells British Parliament About His Experience
Christian Post
Brand himself is a recovering addict who struggled with heroin use and alcoholism. He has been sober for 10 years now, but before that was arrested 12 times. Brand now regularly attends Alcoholic and Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

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Gautam Vora's 'alcoholic' allegation hurts Viveka Babajee's family!
Viveka Babajee's family is extremely hurt about an article in a prominent daily which states, "(Gautam) Vora has claimed he didn't want to marry Babajee as she was older than him and an alcoholic..." "It's almost been two years since Viveka's demise.


Russell Brand Talks to MPs Committee on Addiction and Rehabilitation
TestCountry.com (blog)
Stand-up comedian and actor Russell Brand talked about drug addiction, and how it should be treated as a health issue, as opposed to a criminal or judicial concern. Brand, a former heroinaddict, spoke before the Commons home affairs select committee.

Russell Brand: Drug Addiction is a Disease, Not a Crime
The actor is a former heroin addict, and he hopes that his experiences with drugs will help legislators understand that addiction should be treated as a health disorder, not a crime. Instead he “nicking” people for possessing drugs and tossing them in ...

Private equity's rehab roll-up
By Duff McDonald, contributor @FortuneMagazine April 27, 2012: 6:06 AM ET Is the treatment of addiction scalable? CRC Health Group - and owner Bain Capital - sure hopes so. FORTUNE -- In the handbook of private equity investing techniques, ...

'Anti-alcoholism' drug cleared for use in France
Mother Nature Network
By Agence France-PresseWed, Apr 25 2012 at 1:48 PM EST PARIS — French health authorities have approved the use of a drug, originally designed to treat nervous spasms, for the treatment of alcoholism on a "case by case" basis.

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Russell Brand to UK Parliament: Drug addiction is a disease, not a crime
13abc Action News
Russell Brand urged UK politicians to treat drug addiction as a disease. Russell Brand testified before the UK Parliament, urging politicians to treat drug addiction as a disease and a health issue rather than a criminal matter.
Alcoholic help group funds run dry
The Age
''For some people, residential rehab might be really important, but for others, this program works really well because some people can't take three to six months out of their life to recover from an addiction,'' he said. An external evaluation found 63 ...

Funding approved for substance abuse treatment center for women
The Lane Report
Independence House is a long-term residential treatment facility that provides recovery services for pregnant and postpartum women facing substance abuse and addiction. The grant will go toward helping Independence House provide necessary treatment and ...

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Long-term studies like the Dunedin project are critical for sussing out the roots of addiction. A key question that has long plagued addiction researchers is: Do factors like problem drug-taking or gambling lead to impulsive behavior — and depression ...


Outpatient addiction clinic opening soon in Esquimalt
Goldstream News Gazette
By Erin McCracken - Victoria News An addiction treatment centre will open its doors in Esquimalt on May 1, said to be the only private outpatient facility of its kind in the Capital Region. Spearheaded by Edgewood, an 80-bed private residential ...

'My Mom Is Obsessed': Girl Fears Obese Mom's Food Addiction Will Kill Her (VIDEO)
Huffington Post
Kiana was distraught about her mom's unhealthy lifestyle choices and feared that her addiction to food would kill her. However, Rosa seemed unconcerned, even choosing to join Kiana and her aunt on a walk from the comfort of her car.

Homeless alcoholic claims gypsy family accused of keeping slaves RESCUED him ...
Daily Mail
He said: 'The man said Jim and Josie had improved his life because he was a bad alcoholic. They saved his life.' PC Harrison said he and a colleague were driving their patrol car in Grasmere Way, Linslade, Leighton Buzzard at 5pm on July 18 when they...

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Heroin addict stole chicken
This is Plymouth
A HEROIN addict stole chicken joints because he was depressed and wanted money for drugs, a court heard. Gary Lomax, aged 29, was partly feeling low because of the heavy rain on Wednesday, Plymouth magistrates were told. Lomax, of Wingfield Road, ...
Hyperalgesia Similar With Drug Therapies for Heroin Addiction - MPR
Addicted Teens Benefit From 12-Step Meetings Attendance. April 18, 2012. For adolescents with substance use disorder, attendance at 12-step programs is low, although more frequent attendance correlates with greater abstinence.
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Alcoholism Treatment | JakeluPaketti.net
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Alcoholism refers to the chronic consumption of alcohol no matter negative consequences. The person can't stop drinking thanks to their mental obsession and physical cravings, each associated with their alcoholism. The alcoholic is totally ...

'Almost Alcoholic'? New Ways of Defining Alcohol Addiction | CRC ...
By CRC Health Group
According to most addiction experts and the majority of the literature on the subject, alcoholism is an absolute, “either you are or you're not” condition. Thus, to most of us, saying that someone “almostalcoholic” sounds as strange as noting that ...
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Wyoming Meth and Substance Abuse Conference Held in Casper
By Kevin Koile
This week was the ninth annual Meth and Substance Abuse Conference, designed on informing law enforcement, recovery experts and the public about the latest trends. The conference was originally designed to help in battle against ...
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Life with an alcoholic - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction ...
By Katla
I just found this forum. I'm a little nervous about posting. I plan on attending my first Al-Anon meeting this Sunday. My live-in boyfriend of three-and-a-half years is an alcoholic. He's gone to rehab twice since we have been ...

CAADAC: Welcome
CAADAC, California Assosiation of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors · Login or Sign up · Home · About · Board · History · Goals · Affiliates · Regional Map ...

Russell Brand Tells MPs Drug Addiction Should Be Treated As ...
The 36-year-old who said he had beaten a heroin addiction which saw him arrested a dozen ...

Blending conference translates substance abuse ... - EurekAlert!
Experts will share the latest clinical research with addiction treatment professionals, healthcare providers, policy makers, and others during the April 19th ...

addiction - alphaDictionary * Free English On-line Dictionary
Someone who is subject to an addiction is an addict, and a substance or activity that easily becomes an addiction is addictive. All these words arose from the ...

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