September is Recovery Month

Recovery Month 2012 - Home: "September is Recovery Month --Recovery Month promotes the societal benefits of prevention, treatment, and recovery for mental and substance use disorders, celebrates people in recovery, lauds the contributions of treatment and service providers, and promotes the message that recovery in all its forms is possible. Recovery Month spreads the positive message that behavioral health is essential to overall health, that prevention works, treatment is effective and people can and do recover."

Play brings to light hidden drug addiction Premier open to publ
Chagrin Valley Publishing
The title and subject of the production centers on the alarming growth of drug addiction. It's not drugs found on the street sold by dealers, but prescription drugs easily accessed in most any home. These are not your grandfather's blood pressure ...

Drug abuse among adolescent a serious concern, says Punjab Agricultural ...
Times of India
The PAU home scientist of Human Development Department, Tejpreet Kaur Kang explained that the term drug abuse describes habits such as smoking, alcoholism and consuming of harddrugs like ganja, marijuana, etc. There are two forms of drug abuse ...

Should food addiction be classified in similar terms as drug or alcohol addiction?
Medical Xpress
"This could mean that, in the future, overeating could be recognised as the consequence of foodaddiction in a small sub group of individuals, and the treatment they are offered may have convergence with that which is offered to drug/alcohol abusers.

Is ALKS 5461 the miracle mood-enhancing, anxiety-lowering but non-abusable ...
New York Daily News
Relapse rates for addiction run from 40-60% and can be compared to those suffering from other chronic illnesses such as Type I diabetes (30 - 50%) and Hypertension (50-70%). It's long past time for a medication that will help addicts/alcoholics to feel ...

Former drug addict shares story for Recovery Awareness Month
-This event provides a forum for discussions with the Executive Directors of local agencies regarding the treatment needs and options for Georgia's citizens, during National Alcohol andDrug Addiction Recovery Month (recognized by SAMHSA). -Be My Guest ...

New Jersey Ban on Synthetic Marijuana Produces Results
Everyday Health
7, 2012 — Since New Jersey's February ban on the sale and use of synthetic marijuana and the synthetic stimulants "bath salts," the number of reported incidents involving the two drugs has dropped significantly, New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey ...

Prescription for Addiction Part 4: Fighting Back
News Talk 980 CJME
Police know prescription drug abuse is a major problem in Saskatchewan, but actually charging people for trafficking legal drugs is tricky, especially when they are getting their supply from doctors. So, police are teaming up with doctors and ...

In "Keep the Lights On", love is the drug - and so is crack
Chicago Tribune
What makes "Keep the Lights On" more interesting than your average addiction story is the subtle suggestion, as the relationship continues, that Erik's dependence on Paul and his messes is just as debilitating as Paul's taste for drugs. In one ...

Recovery: It is worth it
Ledger Independent
September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. The Addiction Services Department of Comprehend Inc. is once again taking part in this year's annual observance by holding our third candlelight vigil on Sept. 29, 2012, at Limestone ...

Two Men Honored During Drug Court Graduation
What your alcoholism or your addiction is, disguised though it may be, is your enemy, plain and simple. Its plans are not the plans you have shared with me, the Judge and the Drug Court Team. Its plans are not what you have envisioned in your Drug ...

Dredd Blog: New Drug Dealer - Same Addiction
By Dredd
The only sane way to look at this issue is of course to grasp the reality of the damage which the addiction does, and to stop using the drug no matter who is selling it, because not using the oildrug anymore is the only solution: In this series ...
Dredd Blog

Treating Inmates for Drug Addiction | Additciton Treatment
A big debate over inmates, is if just letting them do their time is enough. But treating inmates for drug addiction helps fight the overall problem.

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