12-Step Programs Help Teens Battle Addiction

12-Step Programs Help Teens Battle Addiction
New research finds that 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, known as a successful intervention for adult alcoholics, can also be an effective treatment strategy for young adults. Specialists from the Center ... Study findings are published...


Addiction-Treating Drug To Be Tested In Town
Evaluator for Drug Court Jesse Gerardo Hernandez, says,"we have a high rate of alcoholism and people using cocaine and they use them together. This is a perfect opportunity to work with a population that has never really been studied." The drug court ...

Drug and Burglary Ring Suspect Sentenced
A young man from New Middletown is on his way to prison, and is just the latest in an alarming number of people whose lives have been taken over by drug addiction and then turn to crime to feed that habit. Prosecutors say John Woods is the textbook ...

Are Parents Powerless when Teens Abuse Rx Drugs?
Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)
During October and November, the Healthy Kids blog will look at this issue through the stories of former teen prescription-drug users now in recovery, their parents and localaddiction-recovery experts working to treat addicted teens and help parents ...

Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)

Addiction: Punishment is not the cure
Riverhead LOCAL (blog)
We've read in recent times about similar crimes in other communities, the most sensational and senseless being of a pharmacy robbery in Medford, and the three murders committed during this act — all for the need of a drugs, in that case, opiates. I ...

Prescription Addiction: A growing epidemic
But he couldn't stay away from the drugs. Tony dropped out and moved back to South Bend where his parents forced him to get his own apartment and a job. “I was actually stealing money out of the register at Wal-Mart to help pay for my addiction and I ...

Drug Court sees first graduate
Freeport Journal-Standard
Their offense does not have to be specifically for drugs, but drug addiction has to be a factor in their crime, Fuller said. For example, someone arrested for forgery or theft could take part if their crimes were motivated by a desire to feed their ...

Is Managed Care Pushing America's Deadly Opiate Addiction?
Huffington Post (blog)
America's new addiction, which I wrote about in June in The Huffington Post, is the epidemic of opiate painkillers, which -- aptly named -- in recent years resulted in nearly 16,000 overdose deaths annually. This is not the stereotyped drug problem ...

Two journeys back from heroin addiction
St. Louis Beacon
When their sources of prescription drugs run dry, experts say some people feed the addiction by turning to heroin because it's relatively cheap and plentiful. Officials say heroin has claimed approximately 500 lives in the St. Louis region in the past ...

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