Hazelden Introduces Antiaddiction Medications into Recovery

Hazelden Introduces Antiaddiction Medications into Recovery for First Time
Treating drug addiction is as much about addressing why people become hooked on substances like alcohol, painkillers or illegal drugs as it is about weaning them off of their habit— at least that's the core of the Hazelden recovery approach. From its ...


The stigma of drug addiction: “I felt inadequate, inferior, ashamed”
The Independent (blog)
After Sue's youngest son tried to kill himself, he spent three days on a hospital drip. “In all the time I spent at the hospital,” she says, “not one member of staff came to speak to me.” “My son told the GP he was suicidal, and the first thing the GP ...

The Independent (blog)

Teen prescription drug abuse: 8 tips for parents
Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)
Teen prescription drug abuse: 8 tips for parents. If your teen picks up a mind-altering chemical, she or he is a candidate for addiction, says one man who has been there and back. Here are eight tips for parents who may be ... Teen prescription drug ...

Alcoholism: Is it a disease, or bad choices?
Arizona Daily Sun
Alcoholism: Is it a disease, or bad choices? Print Email. 2012-11-05T05:00:00Z ... On the other hand, Gene Heyman, a psychologist who teaches at Harvard and Boston College, asserts in his latest book, "Addiction: A Disorder of Choice," that addiction ...

Five Potential Addictions We Sometimes Overlook
PsychCentral.com (blog)
Though addiction has traditionally been viewed purely in terms of substances, the American Society of Addiction Medicine now embraces a much broader definition that encompasses not only drug and alcohol abuse, but process (behavioral) addictions.

PsychCentral.com (blog)

New Vaccine Against Methamphetamine Drug Addiction Shows Promising Results
Doctor Tipster
According to the research team, if further tests reveal that the vaccine has the same effect on human subjects, it could lead to novel treatment for methamphetamineaddiction. Methamphetamine addiction is estimated to affect approximately 25 million ...

Doctor Tipster

March shows Galion cares enough to fight drug woes
Mansfield News Journal
The event was started last year by the Together We Hurt, Together We Heal group and Crawford 20/20 Vision as a way to bring the community together in the battle against a growing drug addiction problem in Crawford County. Ten-year-old Jasmine Burris, ...

Study: Painkillers Not as Addictive as Feared
Newsmax Health
... to treat chronic pain become addicted to the drugs, according to a new analysis of past research. The finding suggests that concerns about the risk of becoming addicted to prescription painkillers might be "overblown," said addiction specialist Dr ...

Reformed offender's support for Norwich beat the burglar campaign
Norwich Evening News
Crime reporter PETER WALSH speaks to a former offender who is trying to beat hisdrug addiction in order to put his life of crime behind him. Email; Print; Got a story? To send a link to this page to a friend, simply enter their email address below ...

Norwich Evening News

Chris Rene on Past Drug Addiction, The X FACTOR Performance ...
Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Chris Rene for an exclusive interview. He ...

Albany Herald | After beating drug addiction, Maryland pro wins ...
Greg Merson, 24, outlasts a huge field to win $8.5 million and the coveted World Series Main Event bracelet less than a year after he got out of rehab.

''Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans on her drug addiction
Nov. 2 'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans gave an exclusive interview to Wet Paint about her struggle with drug addiction. As fans already know, Jenelle went to rehab for her pot addiction at the end of last season, however, it was an unsuccessful attempt ...

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