Self-harm on rise for young drug users

Self-harm on rise for young drug users
Irish Examiner
Addiction experts have seen an increase in self-harm rates and mental health problems among adolescents seeking help for multi-drug addiction in Cork. They have also found an increase in the level and intensity of bullying, cyber bullying and a rise in ...

We Need a Conceptual Breakthrough in the War on Drugs
Huffington Post
(Willenbring has no experience with drugs.) People spontaneously recover from heroin addiction,[1] as well as from cocaine and crack addiction, in the same way that they do from alcoholism. It's very hard to get our heads around this idea. Consider ...

Octomom in rehab for stress, exhaustion and drug addiction, rep confirms
Suleman, who has been under nonstop stress since giving birth to octuplets in January 2009, said she's hoping to "find her voice" and be able to deal with her chaotic life without drugs. "I chose to seek treatment after consulting with my manager ...

Jenelle Evans On Her Drug Addiction: 'I Was Spiraling Out Of Control'
Hollywood Life
Her excessive partying and drug use over the past couple of years led to her not only losing custody of her son Jace, but also under watchful eyes of authorities after being put on probation. “I needed to be controlled and put to a stop for me to see ...

Could a vaccine treat meth addiction?
Record-Searchlight (blog)
Researchers and health officials are actively looking for ways to reduce dependency and keep thedrugs out of people's hands. One idea that has been pursued for years is to design a vaccine that could attack the drug as it gets into the body and keep ...

St Jude Retreats Interviews Addiction Researcher About Prescription Drug Use
Drug rehabs rely on this income, which is why society needs to believe that addiction is so dangerous, but it's truly not. Furthermore, prescription drugs are easily accessed, almost anyone can obtain prescription pills legally by simply visiting their ...

Efforts under way to fight drug use in Punjab
Khabar South Asia
Alarmed by the rapidly deteriorating situation, the state government has launched a major awareness campaign, along with a drug de-addiction curriculum. As part of the 14-point programme, teachers in all government-run schools conduct drugde-addiction ...

Khabar South Asia

Former Colebrook woman gets second chance in drug case
Waterbury Republican American
LITCHFIELD -- A former Colebrook woman who said she relapsed while undergoing treatment fordrug addiction was given a chance to return to probation Monday following an appearance in Bantam Superior Court. Alyssa Bascetta, 22, an unemployed ...

Drug-Sniffing Dogs in Schools Spark New Zealand Debate
Ensuring drug sniffer dogs continue to detect illegal drugs in schools is essential in dealing with young people's addiction and keeping them in education, a leading Northland youth counsellor says. Jenny Rooney-Gibbs of Rubicon, a youth alcohol and ...

Ask Dr. K: Anthony L. Komaroff: There are degrees of drug abuse
Monterey County Herald
are unable to stop using the drug, having repeated, failed attempts to stop or cut down. · spend a lot of time obtaining, thinking about or using the drug. Just in from the right end are those with substance abuse. This is milder than addiction; it ...

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