How Americans Said No To Cocaine After Years-Long Addiction

How Americans Said No To Cocaine After Years-Long Addiction - " The drug war was in full swing in the '80s, and cocaine was practically everywhere. But use of the drug has fallen by almost half since 2006, and production is also down significantly. How did the U.S. kick the habit? Experts say cocaine has lost its luster — oh and policy may have made a difference, too." (listen to audio program (NPR) and read more at  link above)

Michael Jackson Lawsuit: Brother Randy Jackson Says At ...
Music Times
Arguments from Katherine Jackson that her son, pop star Michael Jackson, didn't have a drug addiction seem to be falling apart as the defense continues its stay ...

Kids as young as 11 getting introduced to alcohol: Rajeshwari Luther
Daily News & Analysis
Alcoholism and drug addiction are assuming epidemic proportions and we are not doing enough, said Rajeshwari Luther, director of Hyderabad-based Hope ...

The book 'Clean' offers 12 new steps for people dealing with addiction
David Sheff. 2 Understand that drugs don't cause addiction, life does. ... Don't blame the patient when Alcoholics Anonymous (or any other treatment) fails. close ...

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