Russia to spend billions to beat drug addiction

Russia to spend billions to beat drug addiction
Oleg Zykov, President of the No to Alcoholism and Drug Addiction foundation and a member of the Civic Chamber, doubted that the funds would be used effectively. "There are grounds for believing that, at the local level, the money could flow into ...

Drug addiction resources (blog)
The American Society of Addiction Medicine represents thousands of doctors who are dedicated to improving the quality of addiction treatment. Founded by a former member of AlcoholicsAnonymous, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug ...

Life after suicide: Frank Page's new mission
Washington Post (blog)
In 2009, Melissa Page Strange committed suicide after enduring myriad challenges, from cancer to prescription drug addiction. Now, as the White House unveils a new initiative to combat mental illness, her father has a new calling to help others cope ...

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