Painkiller addicts hit Medicaid limits

Painkiller addicts hit Medicaid limits
A report commissioned by the American Society of Addiction Medicine found that Medicaid agencies in just 28 states cover all three of medications that the Food and Drug Administration has approved for opioid addiction treatment: methadone ...

Prescription drug addiction among women on the rise
KXLF Butte News
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes). BILLINGS - A report by the Centers for Disease Control shows prescriptiondrug addiction among women is at an all time high. The CDC found an average of 18 women in the U.S. die every day from overdose on prescription pain killers.

Drug addiction driving many to chain snatching
Times of India
The police say that many of the chain-snatchers are addicted to drugs. "We have been making efforts to profile the suspects in chain-snatching. It seems that most of them are addicted to some or other form of drugs. Such drug addicts are always in need ...

Drug addiction cost me everything
I moved to Christchurch to live as a young adolescent. I went on to complete a degree and I was a very successful young music student. It's not as if I came from the wrong side of the track, or didn't have a family that was decent. However, during the ...

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