Mapping America, drug and alcohol use

Daily Mail
But America's 'red' states are not without blemish in the addiction department - they just ... for its fine Bourbon, has the second lowest percentage of alcoholics.

Daily Mail

Is it really an addiction?
Princeton Daily Clarion
Another point that needs to be addressed in this discussion is the number of drug court graduates who actually suffer from addiction. Many offenders who turn to ...

Drug dealer loses appeal bid to reduce sentence
Bundaberg News Mail
But he also had a longstanding drug addiction which began during his teens and continued during his offending. He had 39 clients during the eight months ...

Fighting Heroin Addiction in Montgomery County
NBC4 Washington
He was arrested in 2010 and entered Drug Court. ... Heroin addiction is a growing problem, and Montgomery County is seeing a recent spike overdose deaths.

NBC4 Washington

Internet addiction changes brain similar to cocaine: Study
CBS News
Internet addiction disorder changes brain's white matter areas related to emotions, ... cause the same brain changes that are seen in alcoholics and drug addicts.

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