Amy Winehouse's Last Song Set to Help Fight Drug Addiction

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
You don’t HAVE to drink anymore.
"Dry" is not taking a drink. "Sobriety" is a way of life.
Sobriety=peace and serenity. A day at a time.
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Amy Winehouse's Last Song Set to Help Fight Drug Addiction
E! Online
Amy's father said in a statement that he "couldn't be happier" about his daughter's work with Bennett and the proceeds going toward helping others with drug and-addiction issues. "Amy was so excited to be working with Tony Bennett and really looking ...
Addiction information used against employee
Edmonton Journal
By Ryan Cormier, Edmonton Journal August 4, 2011 The province's Information and Privacy Commissioner says Alberta Health Services breached the rights of one of its employees by purposely using information from his addiction counselling against him. ...
Lawsuit Accuses Doctor of Fueling MJ's Addiction
Dr. Arnold Klein provided serious drugs to Michael Jackson, which left the singer so out of it ... he couldn't even stand up straight ... this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ. In the lawsuit, filed by Klein's former assistant and confidant ...
Divine intervention: Recovering drug addict considers writing a book
Star News
Since sharing his story, people everywhere have been urging him to write a book about his experiences to help others struggling with addiction, but he's never written before and didn't have the money to hire a ghost writer. That changed a few weeks ago ...
For Smokers, Vitamins Don't Cancel Out Harmful Habit
Fox News
2) in the journal Addiction. Researchers performed two separate experiments on a total of 154 daily smokers. In the first experiment, 74 smokers were given a placebo. Half were told that it was a sugar pill, while the other half were told they were ...
Denise Richards: The Worst Day Is Yet To Come
Huffington Post
... finalized her divorce from Sheen in 2006, after four years of marriage, has so far been able to protect her daughters from their father's highly publicized substance abuse while not completely letting her children live in ignorance of addiction...
Alcoholic man framed by wife of daughter’s rape set free
MSN India
New Delhi, Aug 4 (PTI) A city resident accused of raping his 12-year-old daughter has been set free by a Delhi court after she and her mother admitted during his trial that they had framed the man to rid him of his heavy alcoholism...
Saving the youths from drug abuse
Nigeria Daily Independent
Miss Winehouse, whose star dimmed at the youthful age of 27, is suspected to have died of complications from drug addiction and alcoholism. It is rather unfortunate that Winehouse's death occurred barely a month after the commemoration of this year's ...
Center to treat addiction
The Augusta Chronicle
"We work with our patients to help them recognize the triggers that led to their addiction," Pate said. "For many of our patients, drugs are a coping mechanism, a stress reliever. Whereas you or I might go to the gym for stress relief, they turn to a ...
Depression, alcoholism take toll on lonely evacuees in disaster areas
Asahi Shimbun
Cases of depression and alcoholism are rising in number among evacuees of the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear accident. A team of mental care specialists from Kyoto Prefecture treated 262 people at seven evacuation centers ...
Addiction Update: No, No, No!
For those who could benefit from the lessons of the notorious, it is unfortunate that the antics of addiction and messy relapses make better headlines than successful recovery. Amy Winehouse is a recent initiate. She was 54 days shy of being excluded ...
Gaming addiction: know the facts
By Helenka Bednar Clocking up a few hours on games consoles is how plenty of men unwind, but when does it become an addiction? With people spending an increasing amount of time plugged into a digital world, gaming can become an obsession that's capable ...
Betty Ford Institute :: Treatment :: Addiction Training for US ...
By Betty Ford Institute
According to a recent article, accredited residency programs in addiction are only available for psychiatrists specializing in addiction psychiatry (ADP). Of the 40 accredited ADP residency programs in the United States, ...
BFI Treatment Articles
Amy Winehouse, wild women and un-glamorizing addiction
By Amy Littlefield
In recent years, the singer's alcoholism and drug abuse became as iconic as her talent. And the media — a reliable mirror for a society that is both sexist and also ruthless and confused when it comes to addiction — played an enabling ...
Gender Across Borders
Morphology of Alcoholic Liver Disease | Medchrome
Hepatic steatosis (fatty change); Alcoholic hepatitis; Alcoholic cirrhosis. Interrelationships among stages of Alcoholic Liver Disease:

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