Why the New Definition of Addiction, as "Brain Disease," Falls Short

Why the New Definition of Addiction, as "Brain Disease," Falls Short
In a 2005 study involving 4442 people with alcoholism who were not in treatment, researchers found that one year after their initial interview, a full 75% had improved to the point where they were no longer considered to be actively alcoholic.
Genes Play Role in How Alcohol Affects Men and Women
In contrast, ALDH2 does not seem to affect age of onset of alcoholism among men. "There are male/female differences in alcohol use rates and addiction rates, but this was thought to be due to differences in size, but this paper suggests that it has to ...
Cell Phone Pictures May Aid Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction
Newswise (press release)
(August 16, 2011) – Sending cell phone pictures of medications before taking them may provide a simple but effective way to monitor compliance with prescribed treatment for methamphetamineaddiction, reports a study in the September Journal of ...
Treatment for addiction is bringing drug use down, not pushing it up
The Guardian
While correct that 206000 people in England received an intervention for drug addiction at the last count, it was wrong that "around 62600 completed some form of treatment". Not all who left the system in 2009-10 completed a course of treatment – many ...
Addiction is a 'brain disorder not just a behavioural problem,' say experts
Daily Mail
By Daily Mail Reporter Addiction is a chronic brain disease and not just a collection of symptoms such as cravings and mood swings, according to a team of more than 80 experts. The American Society of Addiction medicine (ASAM) released the new ...
EEOC sues, argues man on treatment should be hired
The suit contends the firm violated federal disability discrimination law by refusing to hire 30-year-old Craig Barnes after he disclosed he was taking methadone as part of an addiction treatment program. The suit says the company offered to hire Burns ...
Benedictine receives second EUDL grant to combat underage drinking
By Phil Brozynski Friday at 2:58 pm An extensive three-year investigation by the Task Force on College Drinking, commissioned by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, reported that alcohol consumption is linked to at least 1400 ...
Is rehab the best solution to addiction?
Irish Times
Rehab is clearly an incredibly intensive and challenging process, designed to isolate people with dependency problems from the sources of their addiction and to modify the thinking patterns that led them to become an addict in the first place. ...
'Tanorexia': Study Shows UV Light Activates Addictive Parts of Brain
ABC News
She's convinced that she has "tanorexia," or an addiction to tanning. And a new study suggests that she might be right. Researchers have believed for several years that tanners exhibit similar behavior to alcoholics and drug addicts. ...
Pastor Zachery Tims Battled Drug Addiction Before Ministry
Christian Post
Tims' testimony as a former drug addict who got himself involved in criminal activities in the past is recounted in his memoir It's Never Too Late. "At the age of 14 I shot a man and tried to kill him. I was locked up till I was 16. I was a drug addict ...
Online addiction turning youth as lonely as elderly
Hindustan Times
Youngsters are turning 'skin hungry' as networking online leaves them feeling as lonely as the elderly, a study has found. Having an average of 243 Facebook friends, teenagers are spending so much time on the internet that they have little time to move ...
Donohue: Addict responsible for his choices
Alexandria Town Talk
The addict is still in charge of his life. No one has a gun to his head, demanding he continue to live as he does. Addiction doesn't remove personal responsibility for one's choices. No pill cures an addiction. Medicines can help control anxieties that ...
Alcohol hurts restorative sleep
The heart findings suggested alcohol interferes with the restorative functions of sleep, the researchers reported in the upcoming November issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research. "It is generally believed that having a nightcap may aid .
A wee dram before bedtime 'can spoil your sleep'
An international team, led by Akita University in Japan, has carried out the study and found that downing alcoholic drinks before bedtime can cause insomnia and spoil a person's nightcap, the 'Daily Express' reported. Researchers have based their .
Drug addict's crime spree ends behind bars
Shields Gazette
The judge said: “This is in large part driven by your addiction to drugs. “Until you can rid yourself of this addiction, the rather depressing picture is you are going to keep on committing this sort of offence.” Jane Foley, defending, said Cram was ...
Health Highlights: Aug.16, 2011
U.S. News & World Report
Addiction is a chronic brain disease and not just a matter of willpower, says a new policy statement published on the Web site of the American Society for Addiction Medicine. The new definition is meant to help families and primary care doctors better ...
Shepherd's Bush drug addict guilty of Bloemfontein Road murder
Fulham Chronicle
By Greg Burns A SHEPHERD'S Bush drug addict has been found guilty of stabbing his friend to death and trying to cover up his crime by torching the flat. Charles Lansiquot, 42, of Bathurst House, White City, was convicted at the Old Bailey today for the ...
COMMENT: Reducing the burden of drug addiction —Jamil Nasir
Pakistan Daily Times
Perhaps, it would be difficult for many of us to imagine the pain and grief of the near and dear ones of a drug addict. Social costs also include other intangibles like social exclusion and the violation of human rights and dignity. ...
Former heroin-addicted parents get probation in child endangerment case
Allentown Morning Call
Christopher Cespuglio, 31, and Shelton Lynn Marsillett, 25, were deep into their heroin addictionwhen police came to their Coopersburg home to find one of the worst scenes they've ever seen, Lehigh County Deputy District Attorney Michael Edwards said. ...
NE Heights mother fights for heroin rehab program amidst tragedy
After a long and terrible battle against her son's heroin addiction, a La Cueva High School mother is now mourning her son's death. She has been a long time advocate about heroin awareness. On Monday Jennifer Weiss went before the city council chambers ...
Chance for addict to reform
Cambridge News
Judge Hawkesworth said: “You have got a chance to rid yourself of your Class A addiction which you have said has been the root of your offending. If you follow the conditions, this court will not impose an immediate prison sentence. ...
Is Addiction Simply a Brain Disease? It Is Now | World of Psychology
By John M. Grohol, PsyD
Among addiction experts and researchers, there's been a long-running debate as to whether drug or alcohol addiction, and even behavioral addictions such as. ... We don't know — yet, anyway — exactly how these brain interactions are going wrong in people who become addicted (since not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic). Is it a virus? A malformed gene? The medical biases here are throughout the document, emphasizing the biology over the other messy stuff — like ...
World of Psychology
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