Who succumbs to addiction?

Who Succumbs to Addiction, and Who Is Left Unscathed? - NYTimes.com
Still, it's unclear whether addiction predisposes someone to mental illness, or vice versa. ... can become an addict under the right circumstances. ...

New Xulon Title Is a Christ-Centered Guide to Recovery from Addiction
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
This new Xulon Press title is the result of many years of personal and communal experiences; it is an inspiring Christ-centered 12-step guide to recovery that will help those suffering from addiction gain hope and direction in their lives. ...

Denise Richards educates daughters on addiction
NZ City
Denise Richards has been teaching her daughters about addiction because it was getting “too confusing” trying to cover up the erratic behaviour of their father Charlie Sheen. Denise Richards has been teaching her daughters about addiction. ...

Prescription for addiction: What to do about pill problems?
Baraboo News Republic
That's different for someone who is struggling with addiction. The person will often show up here alone - no family or friends." Hannaford said she doesn't blame doctors for prescribing pain medication to recovering addicts, especially when addicts ...

What Do Alcoholism And Having A Sweet Tooth Have In Common? | A ...
By Don Glass
Having a sweet tooth may put you at risk for getting cavities. But you may be surprised to learn that alcoholism and sweets cravings are related. ... What Do Alcoholism And Having A Sweet Tooth Have In Common? ...
A Moment of Science

Amy Winehouse and the mysteries of addiction - CNN.com
Addiction appears to result from a voluntary act. One drink, one pill, one line. And yet no matter the wreckage, no matter the addict's brilliance, ...

Michael Rosenberg: New Lions DL back in NFL after bouts with addiction, depression
Detroit Free Press
It was never really about the video games for Pitcock, just as alcoholism is not just about drinking and gambling addiction is not just about poker. Pitcock, who turns 28 next month, realizes now that he had "depression back, even to high school. ...

Be concerned about fatal addiction
Red and Black
It was addiction. And addiction is no laughing matter. The irony is we see people all the time who are alcoholics, coke heads, pill poppers and other addicts. In a city the size of Athens, of course we're going to come across them. ...

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