Dr. Robert Cantu on the Link Between Brain Trauma and Addiction

Dr. Robert Cantu on the Link Between Brain Trauma and Addiction
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Dr. Cantu continues expands on the link between brain trauma and addiction: The medial temporal lobe, as I said, is associated with addictive behaviours and alcohol and drug abuse are addictions. So it is very consistent. And we find that addictions ...
Addiction Medicine on the Road to Subspecialty Status
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Dr. Daniel P. Alford stumbled into addiction medicine after he finished his residency in internal medicine more than a decade ago. He hesitantly took a part-time position as the medical director for a city-run methadone maintenance program and ended up ...
Oscar De La Hoya on Coming Clean About Alcoholism: “I'm glad I did it because ...
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I came out with the truth, all the secrets and lies I was living with all these years with my alcohol addiction and recently with my drug addiction. And I wasn't afraid to say it; I kind of had to say it. Therefore I feel much better, I feel relieved, ...
Scottish News: Sex addict beautician sentenced to 60 hours community service ...
Scottish Daily Record
It was not related to her sex addiction. Mr Stewart said his client was now back living with her mum. He added: "Ms Flynn has remained away from the police and has not acted violently since the incident." Flynn left court without comment after she was ...
Narconon Calls For Increased Alcoholism Awareness Campaigns
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Eighty percent of these family members say that their ability to work is impaired due to living with their alcoholic family member. Alcoholism is negatively impacting the work place from alcoholics themselves and also via their family members. ...
Russia counts the cost of drinking
Financial Times (blog)
If that is correct, it means that one in every 13 Russian citizens may be an alcoholic, most of them of working age. Alcoholism costs Russia between Rbs311.7bn ($11bn) and Rbs871.6bn a year in lost revenues, according to a recent study prepared by the ...
UCR Researchers Find Connection Between Single-Serve Alcoholic Beverages ...
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Violent crime could be reduced significantly if policymakers at the local level limit the number of neighborhood liquor stores and ban the sale of single-serve containers of alcoholic beverages, according to separate studies led by University of ...
Slots Addict Jailed For Stealing $45k From Mother-In-Law
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An Australian man hooked on slot machines was sentenced to two and half years in jail after admitting stealing $44570 from his elderly mother-in-law in order to fund his gambling addiction. In 2005, Mrs Powe, 67, became a resident of a north Brisbane ...
Fantasy football becoming an addiction for American's
UMD Statesman
It's safe to assume that fantasy football has become a full-on addiction for many people. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, there are more than 70 million leagues in the US and Canada, with the average player belonging to more than two ...
Is A Drug A Possible Solution For Cocaine Addiction?
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by Erica Catton A new treatment for cocaine addiction is in the late stages of testing and has revealed promising results. In this treatment, a drug, which is already used for high blood pressure, is administered to the addict. ...
Rising From Ashes! Black 9/11 Survivor Defeats Crack Addiction
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NEW YORK — A woman who had her two children taken away from her resulting in a battle with crack addiction and depression after the 9/11 attacks, has finally shaken off her demons. Marcy Borders, 38, had her life go in a downward spiral on the tragic ...
Marijuana Addiction: Study
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Jonathan Stea, a PhD Scholar at the University of Calgary, is studying the addiction to marijuana and steps that can reduce the addiction. The researcher, and his team, will be comparing around 100 participants who had smoked marijuana for a year and ...
How to Help My Addict Sister?
However, if this is the case, I would suggest that you look at the following link and the practical steps it gives: http://www.spiritualriver.com/how-can-i-help-an-alcoholic-or-drug-addict-specific-things-you-can-do-to-help/ - When you ask a question ...
What is Sex Addiction?
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Sexual Addiction is defined as an excessive preoccupation with the idea of, pursuit and acting-out of sexual behavior (with self or others), most often accompanied over time by related negative life, relationship, career and health consequences. ...
Teen's Death 'Highlights Cyber Addiction Risks'
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"It is unfortunate, but the incident is yet another reminder that cyber addiction is a problem facing young people today," he said. He was speaking at the launch of the Chinese Development Assistance Council's (CDAC) Cyber Wellness Programme, ...
Assam village burns the midnight oil to fight tobacco addiction
Bhaimon has finally been able to do away with an addiction that was not only a habit but is more of a social custom in Assam. Betel nut, commonly known as tamul, is grown and consumed widely across the state. “Betel nut is taken in all occasions and...
Tanning activates regions of brain tied to addiction
Chattanooga Times Free Press
It has been found that tanning activates regions of the brain tied to addiction. A new study shines light on why more than a million Americans a day ignore skin-scorching warnings to hit tanning beds. It's nothing shocking: Artificially bronzing your ...
Addict finds hope in recovery
Hastings Tribune
She wanted to feel better and curb her feelings of depression, but she only managed to feed her addiction. "Becoming an addict was not my intention," she said. "It was just to have fun, feel good and hang out with some friends. ...
Pokies addict jailed for fraud
Brisbane Times
A poker machine addict will spend 10 months behind bars after he bled his mother-in-law's bank account dry while she lived in a nursing home suffering from dementia. When she moved into a north Brisbane nursing home in 2005, 67-year-old Evelyn Powe ...
Davidson's drug court faces an uncertain future
The Tennessean
Samuel M. Simpkins / The Tennessean Davidson County Drug Court founder Seth Norman said his own experience with alcoholism gives him a better understanding of addiction. / Samuel M. Simpkins / The Tennessean Resident Dale Anderson prepares dinner at ...
Smart card scheme aims to curb rising addiction
The National
Addiction to medicines is becoming more widespread among youth in Dubai, police say. Maj Gen Abdel Jalil Mehdi, the director of the police anti-drugs department, said the Ministry of Health would launch a health card that records prescriptions of ...
More gamblers in Singapore seeking help for addiction
Straits Times
PHOTO: ST FILE By Janice Tai The number of gamblers seeking help for their addiction has risen over the past year. And according to the counselling centres, about seven in 10 of them say the casinos at the integrated resorts are the main reason for ...
Ten Very best Alcoholism Movies
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by asterix611 Promotional still: Jack Lemmon trashes his father-in-law's greenhouse in Days of Wine and Roses (1962) Alcoholism has been portrayed in Hollywood movies considering that the earliest days of the silent cinema. In 1914, the ... Fantastic line: “He won't accept our help. Not Don, he hates us. He desires to be alone with that bottle of his. It's all he provides a hang about. Why kid ourselves? He's a hopeless alcoholic.” – Phillip Terry as Wick Birnam on his “lost” brother ...
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Am I an excersise addict? - Exercise Addiction
By Caribbean Girl
I recently got out of inpatient treatment for bulimia. I am not full blown bulimic anymore but have picked up and practice a lot of habits that I unfortunately learned in rehab.
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Two alcoholic drinks per day may improve heart health
By Geeta
Patterns of alcohol consumption may be more important in determining alcohol's influence on heart health than the total amount consumed, according to a new.
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Sugar Addiction Symptoms
By deepak
If resisting desserts, sweets, or even raw sugar is impossible when placed in front of you, then you are a sugar addict. With this article, discover the various symptoms of sugar addiction.
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Take The Quiz: Do You Have An Unhealthy Food Addiction? | A ...
By Erika Nicole Kendall
A 9-question quiz to help you discern whether or not you suffer from a food addiction.
A Black Girl's Guide To Weight Loss
Introduction: Drugs and the Liver: Merck Manual Professional
Alcoholic Liver Disease · Fibrosis and Cirrhosis · Hepatitis · Vascular Disorders of the Liver · Liver Masses and Granulomas · Gallbladder and Bile Duct ...
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