Learn the Facts about Alcoholism: September is National Recovery Month

Learn the Facts about Alcoholism: September is National Recovery Month
By Rheyanne Weaver HERWriter September 14, 2011 - 10:06pm A majority of women (60 percent) have one alcoholic drink at minimum per year, according to a report from the National Institutes of Health. Of the women who drink alcohol, “13 percent have more ...
Addiction Update: 58 going on 14
This column reflects my personal views and does not represent the Butte County Methamphetamine Strike Force & Coalition for Drug Abuse. In support of another I returned to Narcotics Anonymous where 14 years ago I sought and found a new beginning. ...
Willie Thorne: Snooker star discusses suicide attempt in new autobiography
Daily Mail
Writing in the book, titled Taking A Punt On My Life, the player discusses the attempt nine years ago after he was crippled by a gambling addiction and mounting depression. Thorne, 57, was found by his 11-year-old step-son after he overdosed on ...
Former Homeless and Alcoholic Veteran Shares Story
State Journal
He now owns his own home and is a recovering alcoholic, thanks to the VA's programs. By Stacy Jacobson CLARKSBURG -- Army and Navy veteran Samuel Priester knows what it's like to not have a bed to come home to. "It means worrying about where am I going ...
Recovery Month: Pot problem for teens
Greenville Daily Reflector
While most individuals with marijuana abuse or dependence are treated on an outpatient basis, admission to both outpatient and inpatient treatment programs for marijuana addiction has increased over the years. It has increased to the point that the ...
CHELSEA DOHERTY: Celebrating recoveries from substance abuse
San Angelo Standard Times
Things impossible in the throes of addiction begin to become reality: Owning a car, holding down a job, earning the trust of neighbors, even just sitting across from the people they love at the dinner table begin to mark the return from addict to ...
Mary J. Blige Talks Addiction in Ebony Cover Story
The 40-year-old Blige has famously had issues with drug addiction, and while no illicit drugs were found in Winehouse's system at autopsy, she long struggled with her own demons. For more of the interview, Ebony is on newsstands now. Mary J . Blige.
Heroin addict used garden clippers to rob woman's handbag in Lincoln
This is Lincolnshire
A HEROIN addict who used a set of garden clippers to rob a Lincoln woman of her handbag has been jailed for seven years. Prolific street robber Delroy Angeloni, 36,targeted the lone hospital worker as she walked home from the gym along Lindum Terrace, ...
Even gifted folks face alcoholism
The Desert Sun
answer: It seems that the disease of alcoholism afflicts the gifted as well as us lesser beings. Nobel laureates, great writers, creative artists, brilliant achievers and extraordinary intellects are among those who suffer from alcoholism. ...
Hazelden Publishing Signs With Perseus for Print Distribution
Sacramento Bee
"Hazelden's work with addiction and Twelve Step recovery has been the standard bearer for decades," Sabrina McCarthy, vice president Client Services for Perseus Distribution added. "We're honored to be working with them to continue to share their ...
New law protects underage drinkers when reporting possible alcohol poisoning
Your Houston News
The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) is partnering with Aware, Awake, Alive and members of the alcoholic beverage industry to spread the word to young Texans: Don't be afraid to call for help. This message is so important that the Texas ...
Officials discuss alcohol addiction
Green River Star
A school in Casper recently opened which provides addiction treatment and high school education to 20 students who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. However, Johnson argues that the approach, while needed, doesn't touch the problem with alcohol abuse. ...
Grant expands program for parents fighting addiction
This program allows the judge and the rest of the team to learn sooner if reunification is realistic, Fair said. The team also can take immediate action to help the addict get back on track. The team knows that relapses are a reality of addiction. ...
Tehama County Recovery Happens Day to celebrate beating addiction
Red Bluff Daily News
The Corning City Council Tuesday declared September as National Drug and Alcohol AddictionRecovery Month and Sept. 17 as Tehama County Recovery Happens Day. Tehama County Drug and Alcohol Recovery Board members Steve Chamblin and Patrice Tamp were on ...
Addiction Treatment Options Plentiful, Not Used
He says the abuse of consumer products such as lysol or rubbing alcohol is nothing new, and there are plenty of treatment options available for those suffering from an addiction. But, he says the initiative must come from the patient. ...
Are you a compulsive eater?
Hindustan Times
This has led to a sort of food addiction, which is health threatening, simply because it is the least noticed and most common form of addiction. The best thing about addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, coffee etc is that people are aware of their harm. ...
Heroin - the evil scourge of the illegal drug world
For those who think they can “manage” heroin, they try it, like it and decide, so that they won't become an “addict,” that they will only use it once every two weeks for instance. About a week goes by and confident that they are not addicted they try ...
Inmate talks to KGW about 75 arrests
“It's a revolving door here.” After nearly 100 arrests, it's apparent that his jail sentences aren't very long, but Smithers doesn't think he's getting off easy. He said battling alcoholism is the worst sentence of all.
Are you Rationalizing Someone's Addiction? - The Celebrity Therapist
By sherrygaba
So, if the addiction is with alcohol the codependent person may actually make a purchase of alcohol for the addict or he or she may make excuses for the alcoholic with employers. The codependent person may also find that to keep peace and ...
The Celebrity Therapist
tired of hoping for happiness - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug ...
By justanotherfool
An addict will lie and manipulate in order to feed their addiction. Being on this ... It helped me to know that I had separated  my finances from an active alcoholic that was willing to take every last penny to feed his addiction. Do you have friends ...
SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug...
Seek professional help for freedom from drug addiction.
The organization provides complete support to the addict in order to ensure that the alcoholism recovery process is smooth without any form of hindrance. Drug addiction is a severe problem and needs to be addressed on immediate basis to ...
Four things you need to know about addiction | Addiction News Now!
By admin
Today we know that genetics, brain chemistry and upbringing all play a role in addiction, and it's commonly accepted as a disease of the brain among professionals.
Addiction News Now!
Addiction Inbox: What Do We Mean When We Talk About Craving?
By Dirk Hanson
Addiction Inbox. The Science of Substance Abuse. Dirk Hanson. Articles and health studies about drugs, addiction and alcoholism, including the most recent scientific and medical findings. .... This fact, and  no other, is behind the 12-Step notion of referring to oneself as a “recovering,” rather than recovered, addict—a semantic twist that infuriates some people, since it seems to imply that an addict is never well, never cured, for a lifetime. Relapse sometimes seems to happen even ...
Addiction Inbox
Scripps Florida Awarded Seed Grant to Create National Anti-Addiction
By admin
The Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute has received a multistage cooperative grant to create a national public-private network that will work to combat the nation's lingering addiction to tobacco. The new National Institutes of ...
Florida Biotechnology News
Enzyme might be target for treating smoking, alcoholism at same time
... be a promising target for a drug that simultaneously would treat nicotine addiction and ...Enzyme might be target for treating smoking, alcoholism at same time ...
Stages of Addiction Recovery
Addiction means an intense physical or psychological dependence on something . ... If its a mild form of addiction it can be neglected, but if its a life-consuming ...

Donations Provide Home for Women Battling Addiction
She lives with other women who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Hannah's House is designed to help them overcome those problems with its one-year, faith-based program. "They just need direction and guidance, and they need a safe place where ...
Meridian Breaks Ground for $2M Addition
Youngstown Business Journal
"It used to be that you could recognize who the opiate addict would be, but today they're my kids, they're your kids. your coworkers," he continued. "It's a very unusual problem that we're starting to see. It's not your typical, preconceived notion of ...
The Way Out

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