What can I do for food addiction?

What can I do for food addiction?
CNN International
Food addiction is being increasingly recognized as a real condition that has similarities to binge eating but also has unique features. Research in both humans and animals shows that excess food consumption and dependence on other types of substances, ...
Gay and ashamed! How America's shame culture is feeding LGBT addiction
San Diego Gay & Lesbian News
But according to Joseph Amico, president of the National Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Addiction Professionals and Their Allies, this culture of shame is much more than embarrassment, though. In fact, it is the leading cause of ...
Is Addiction In The Head?
NPR (blog)
In fact, from the standpoint of the new philosopher-neuroscientists, there is almost something ideologically pristine or kosher about the addict's world view. Most of us non-addicts, we slog and toil, trying to make careers, support families, ...
Rossendale drug addict who stole from his helpers spared jail
Lancashire Telegraph
Miss Robinson said sending the defendant to custody would not help his addiction. His life had now taken a turn for the better. He and his partner had had a baby in May and he was in settled accommodation. The solicitor said: “Custody holds no fear for ...
Willingway Applauds State Efforts for Addiction Treatment
MarketWatch (press release)
"The problem of addiction is that it is truly an equal opportunity illness," he said. Willingway Hospital is a privately owned, 40-bed hospital specializing in the treatment of alcoholism and drugaddiction. Founded in 1971 by the late John Mooney, ...
Oscar De La Hoya Admits Infidelity And Drug Addiction
Secaucus New Jersey News
Retired boxer Oscar De La Hoya claimed in an interview that he suffered from alcoholism, cocaine addiction and infidelity. Those problems, considered part of his Golden Boy image, got so worse he even considered suicide. “Rock bottom was recently,” the ...
Ex-WWE Star Dan Spivey Talks Battle W/ Drug Addiction
Wrestling Inc.
I went from one addiction to another." He branched into dealing marijuana and cocaine before joining the world of professional wrestling at the age of 32. Spivey's career came with a price as following his retirement in 1995, he had his hip and knee ...
Why alcoholic mom could drink freely
WFMZ Allentown
If you're taking good care of your children, sleeping with your husband, feeding everyone well and keeping your house clean, your friends and spouse will not consider you an alcoholic. As long as I was holding up my end at home, my friends were ...
Addiction recovery revisited
When it comes to recovery from alcohol and drug dependence, there is a fair bit of misinformation about, an addiction treatment conference in Auckland was told today. Visiting drug policy expert and one-time "Deputy Drug Czar" to the Obama ...
Whitener inhaling addiction on the rise among minors
Times of India
"We have found that addiction to whitener has spread among juvenile criminals and children from slums and streets. An addict pours whitener on a handkerchief and uses it as an inhaler, which gives him a high for four to 10 hours. ...
Addiction: a gambler's hand
UND The Dakota Student
As a society, it seems that we pay a greater attention to alcohol and drug abuse than to those that suffer from a gambling addiction. Compulsive gambling is a silent addiction that can be extremely hard to detect, especially with computers and online ...
Violence, criminality and addiction all related
Sean Manning of Moana House Therapeutic Community told the Cutting Edge Addiction Treatment Conference in Auckland today that people who have had dysfunctional upbringings are less socially attuned and often self-medicate with alcohol or drugs, ...
Renowned Physician Joins Promises Treatment Centers as Director of Impaired ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Doctors, lawyers and other professionals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction have yet another reason to begin their recovery at Promises Treatment Centers. On September 1, renowned physician and addiction specialist, Dr. Greg Skipper, ...
POLICE: Increased heroin addiction means rise in crime
Thomas Gibbons, the Madison County State's Attorney says heroine related crimes are up as much as 30-40 percent. “I think it's at nearly to an epidemic proportion,” said Gibbons. “Property crimes all the way to retail thefts and up to the most serious ...
Vigil sheds light on addiction's toll
Gloucester Daily Times
He'd never done it before in his life. He tried it once — and it took his life." Many of us think of overdose as an addict's end. We think of addicts as denizens. We think of addiction as a choice, a moral failure, a depravity of the soul. ...
Court jails foul mouth alcoholic
Driffield Today
AN alcoholic breached an ASBO when he shouted abused at a policewoman after she caught him drinking wine in Driffield. John Martindale, 67, broke his five-year Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) for the 18th time since it was first imposed by Beverley ...
Heroin addict jailed for 42 months for Perth break-in
Perthshire Advertiser
And in a bid to get cash to feed his one gramme a day addiction David Hay broke into a unit in Perth's North Muirton Industrial Estate. The 46-year-old, who was on benefits, made off with property valued at around £1000. But he had left his DNA on a ...
Drug addict refused Bendigo bail program
Bendigo Advertiser
DRUG users who break the law have not been able to access a specialised bail program, causing some to revert to old habits and reoffend, a court has heard. Bendigo lawyer Megan Aumair this week raised concerns about a lack of funding for the Court Drug ...
Alcohol addiction warning issued
Austrian Independent
The Linz department of the Social Democrats (SPĂ–) planned to increase taxes on alcoholic drinks sold in bars and restaurants in the city earlier this year. The party had to abandon the endeavour when all other factions represented in the city council ...
'Perfect Housewife' Talks About Her Alcoholism « CBS Minnesota
By Eric Henderson
In "Diary of an Alcoholic Housewife," Brenda Wilhelmson explains how she managed to hide heralcoholism behind the facade of a perfect domestic situation.
CBS Minnesota
Alcoholism Cause & Effect | Bethel Insurance Blog
By mgcalhoun
While there are many factors that drive one to become an alcoholic, they all converge at the brain’s reward system. With out proper care to stop alcoholism, one can greatly destroy their body. See what internal mechanisms make drinking ...
Bethel Insurance Blog
Alcoholism – How one can totally get addicted to it | pargod.org
By Author11
Alcoholism has evolved too. At one time it was only a bad habit, but today it is agreed upon by professionals in general that alcoholism is a full fledged disease and a mental condition. Little wonder they treat you like a nutcase in most alcohol ...

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