Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse - Body and Soul (video)

Amy Winehouse Knew She Wasn't Going to Live Long: Tony Bennett
International Business Times
By IBTimes Staff Reporter | October 1, 2011 3:27 AM EDT Popular jazz and pop recording artist Tony Bennett said Amy Winehouse knew that her alcohol addictionwas going to kill her, even though people didn't realize it early. 

Guide for Addiction Specialists Gets Boost from Burning Tree
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Burning Tree is pleased to announce they are serving as a Platinum Sponsor for the annual resource guide for Addiction Professional, the official publication of The Association for AddictionProfessionals (NAADAC). The Addiction Professional ...
Addiction workers see decision as a validation of their work
Ottawa Citizen
Dean Wilson, who has fought drug addiction for more than 40 years and who has used the Insite facility, said the decision was a fitting result after the long battle, first to get the facility in Vancouver's drug-ravaged Downtown Eastside, ...

The question isn't why some people become addicts, but why we all don't
Globe and Mail
One moment, he is remembering the details of his life as an addict; the next, he is reconstructing, based on newer scientific findings, what the drugs were doing to his brain. The result is not just a book about a brain on drugs, but a picture of ...

1 year jail for drug addict
Hindustan Times
PTI Sentencing a drug addict to a year in jail, a Delhi court has asked the city government to work for his de-addiction during his jail term so that he is not used as a peddler by the drug mafia. convicted for possessing a small amount of contraband ...
'Fiction Ruined my Family:' A Q&A with author Jeanne Darst
The Star-Ledger -
From the first time I drank, I knew I was an alcoholic — that it wasn't normal to black out. The whole idea of the book is that, in my mind, creativity can be as destructive as something like alcoholism. It's not an original idea, certainly, ...
Young addicts only need a helping to recover
Times of India
Young adults undergoing addiction treatment are willing to make the personal changes to recover, but need help and guidance during treatment to be able to achieve that, according to a new study. "This study suggests that strong motivation to change may ...
Shame greater than a drug addiction
The Border Mail
SOME problem gamblers are so ashamed of their behaviour they would rather admit a heroin habit than an addiction to the pokies, says problem gambling expert Professor Alun Jackson. Professor Jackson said only 10 per cent of those addicted to gambling ...
Back from addiction, climber aims for the top
Victoria Times Colonist
By Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist October 2, 2011 8:34 AM Margo Talbot ovrcame a rough childhood and addictions to alcohol and drugs to become a top-tier ice climber. It seems amazing to me Margo Talbot could even survive the sexual abuse, ...
'Addict' turns intruder in Model Town house
Times of India
LUDHIANA: A strange incident was reported from Model Town on Saturday afternoon where a man entered a house in A block of the locality but did not cause any harm and was driven out by the owner of the house. Looking at his strange but harmless ...
Nicotine: Break the addiction
Charleston Gazette
Such evidence should spur all smokers to break their nicotine addiction. Now a new alarm has been raised. A smallish study by researchers at Britain's Northumbria University found that nonsmokers have sharper memories. A report says: "On a practical ...
Former Nichols hostage speaks about addiction, redemption
Saturday morning, Robinson spoke at a fundraiser for Breakthru House, an 18-month treatment program for women struggling with drug addiction. At the time she was taken hostage, Robinson was dealing with her own nine-year drug addiction...
One day at a time: Former meth addict determined to stay clean, on his own
Kalamazoo Gazette -
“The addiction was so bad, it had such a hold on me.” “When I got out of the hospital, I was out for about two weeks, got to hanging out with the same crowd, which led me into getting high again,” Letts said. “And then, I started cooking again. ...
Medical professionals deal with patients' suffering, addiction
The Mountain Press
And over time, it's not that hard to start picking up on when an addict is trying to con a doctor our of more pills. “It's not that hard to tell someone who's gaining the syste.,” he said, because they continually come in with excuses why they need ...
Adult responsibility to teach children about dangers of drug
Associated Press of Pakistan
He said if just one member of a family is an addict, all suffer from the disease. “But the battle against substance abuse needs the help of family and friends” he said. Dr. Zainuddin a medical specialist said that more drug addict treatment and ...
Cash woes threaten 2 ECMC clinics
Buffalo News
Workers, patients and agencies that rely on the hospital's Downtown Alcoholism Clinic, at 1280 Main St., and Northern Erie Clinical Services, at 2282 Elmwood Ave. in Kenmore, have started a petition drive to rally support for the two outpatient clinics ...
Drug addict attacks kid with knife in Jahangirabad
Daily Bhaskar
Pappu, who lives in their neighbourhood, has been named as the accused in the crime. He is reported to be a drug addict and has had frequent arguments with the residents of the area. It is suspected that he injured the girl in retaliation against her ...
Achievements: Tree of Hope dedicated at recovery center
By Star-Ledger Staff BELLE MEAD — The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of Middlesex County dedicated a “Tree of Hope” at the Blake Recovery Center at Carrier Clinic in Belle Mead on Sept. 27. The annual award of a live tree ...
Over 98 percent of French gamers gamble responsibly
UK Casino Times
The study also reveals that gambling addiction is linked to other addictions and unhealthy habits, such as alcohol, smoking and drug abuse. For the small percentage for whom gambling is a problem, the average amount spent on gambling is € 1500 a year. ...
Can jail time slash crime by homeless?
The Tennessean
Potter says he struggles with addiction and seeks help at the Guest House. / JOHN PARTIPILO / THE TENNESSEAN Deputy Keith True escorts Richard Stewart back to his cell. Under the new police policy, Stewart and other homeless chronic offenders have ...
It's time to reopen these doors, Ted
Herald Sun
... he says, not if I assess someone as an alcoholic rather than an alcohol abuser. We want to destigmatise addiction in the same way that Jeff Kennett destigmatised mental health. He has a point. So stigmatised is alcoholism that the best-known body ...
For these addicts, food is their drug
The Union Leader
Fast-food restaurants and vending machines had become an addiction that had spiraled out of control for the Nashua resident, who says he couldn't even make it home from the grocery store without eating in his car. “I couldn't stop eating. ...
When to sell alcohol
Times of Malta
The most well known alcohol-related harms are probably those associated with alcoholism, the liver, and increased risk of accident (primarily motor accidents); however, alcohol consumption can put one on the risk list for many more serious medical ...
State reduces opioid prescriptions in workers comp cases
Business Insurance
The guideline recommends that doctors curb prescribing large doses of the opioid painkillers, which the federal government blames for a nationwide public health epidemic of addiction and deaths paralleling a rise in the number of prescriptions written ...
Lee County youth advocates in ready to give drug use the GATE
The News-Press
However, a much smaller number - 36 percent - reported they actually had consumed an alcoholicbeverage in the prior 30 days, according to a survey that's distributed in Lee schools each fall. The disparities in perception versus reality were similar ...
Encouraging Your Friend or Member of the family to Get into a Drug Rehab Program
Market Press Release (press release)
Any time you speak to your cherished one that is an addict, work with a supportive and caring tone. Do not ever evaluate their behavior. Market Press Release – October 1, 2011 11:10 am – Assisting someone who requires drug rehab can be be extremely ...
Mother's warning over the dangers of 'party drugs' after son's death
Cambridge News
Sarane O'Connor told an inquest she was “deeply concerned” that addiction services knew little about how to help people addicted to GBL. A half-empty litre bottle containing “liquid ecstasy” was found under her student son Seth Saunders' bed at her...
Prohibition: America's failed "noble experiment"
CBS News
"We shouldn't forget that alcoholism is a serious social problem. It was a social problem in the 19th century which prompted Prohibition, it is today" said filmmaker Ken Burns. Burns and producer Lynn Novick have collaborated on documentaries about ...
Lawmakers seek help for drug-addicted inmates
One of every 10 inmates in the Florida prison system is behind bars for using drugs, and only a fraction get help for their addiction. Lawmakers want to end the cycle of drug-related incarceration. By STEVE BOUSQUET TALLAHASSEE -- Ron Gavin had a ...
Guide for addiction specialists gets boost | Addiction News Now!
By admin
Burning Tree is pleased to announce they are serving as a Platinum Sponsor for the annual resource guide for Addiction Professional.
Addiction News Now!
Domestic Abuse | Addiction | video "from a child's eye"
By Drug Rehab Treatment Center News
A powerful documentary on domestic abuse and addiction. My father would self ... Drug Rehab Alcohol Treatment Center Addiction Intervention BC Canada ... My father has had alcoholic and rage tendencies my whole life. My brother and I ...
Drug Rehab Alcohol Treatment...
Covington, KY Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabs
By Kristin
Convington is the fifth largest city in the state of Kentucky with a total population of 40640 according to the 2010 United States Census. Covington is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Licking Rivers, within the Upland South.
Rehab Programs
PSYCHOLOGY - Addiction : Trafford Book Store
It's time that the profound system of recovery from alcoholism by applying spiritual ... delusion pushers, addicts, and enablers away from their delusion addiction...!038/Addiction.aspx
The Way Out

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