Boogaard - A Flood of Prescription Drugs

In Hockey Enforcer's Descent, a Flood of Prescription Drugs
New York Times
The scores of prescriptions came before and after Boogaard's entry into the league's substance-abuse program in September 2009 for an addiction to painkillers and sleeping pills. Among the findings: ¶ In a six-month stretch from October 2008 to April...

New York Times

Substance-abuse policy permits suspension of Blackmon
Blackmon is subject to discipline under the substance-abuse policy. (The fact that he has yet to sign a contract won't protect him; the moment he was drafted, Blackmon became subject to all league policies.) Under the policy, any disposition reflecting ...

Investigation chronicles Boogaard's prescription drug addiction
MINNEAPOLIS - More than a year after his death.. new details are being released about former Minnesota Wild player Derek Boogaard and his battles with pain and addiction. The New York Times reports that in his final three seasons playing in the ...

'Miami zombie' attack explanation? Former bath salts addict says drug 'felt so ...
Are bath salts to blame for the 'Miami zombie' attack? A Former bath salt addict says the drug 'felt so evil.' Copyright Associated Press The man is strapped onto a gurney and restrained, yet he is singing, making faces and twitching.


Drop-outs from tobacco de-addiction centres multiply
In what experts call 'been there, not done that', tobacco de-addiction centres are now grappling with a high drop-out rate coupled with a dismal quitting rate among tobacco users. Tobacco de-addiction centres in India have registered a steep rise in ...


Video: Ex-bath salts addict says 'zombie attack' drug is 'evil'
An ex-baths salts addict talked to CNN Sunday about the drug used in the "zombie attack," that police believe is behind the Miami cannibal incident. In the telling video, the former drug abuser compares his past high (caught on tape) with the recent ...

Former bath-salts addict: 'It felt so evil'
My Fox 8
MIAMI — The man is strapped onto a gurney and restrained, yet he is singing, making faces and twitching. “You know where you're at?” a paramedic asks him, but Freddy Sharp can't answer. He was, he explained later, off in his own world after overdosing ...

My Fox 8

Pregnant Heroin Addict Who Posed As Avon Lady To Con Pensioners Jailed
Sky Tyne and Wear
By James Marley Location: Newcastle A pregnant heroin addict who posed as an Avon lady to con pensioners out of their money has been jailed. Kirsty New, 20, burgled money out of pensioners as old as 92 to fund her £50 a day addiction, Newcastle Crown ...

Inmates at Vacaville's California State Prison, Solano, earn counseling ...
By Reporter Staff After hundreds of hours spent in the classroom and in supervised practice, nearly 30 California State Prison, Solano, inmates saw their hard work pay off Friday as they received certificates in substance abuse counseling.

Did NHL fail Derek Boogaard?
Denver Post
A trove of documents, compiled by Boogaard's father, offer a rare prescription-by-prescription history of the care given to a prominent, physically ailing athlete who struggled with addiction to some of the very drugs the team doctors were providing.

Solano Inmates Graduate In Substance Abuse Counseling Program....Will Help ...
Pine Tree
Twenty-seven inmates from California State Prison-Solano today received certifications that will eventually enable them to counsel other inmates in addiction treatment programs for alcohol and drug abuse. The graduation ceremony for the Offender Mentor ...

Arizona prisons struggle with drugs
3, 2012 11:10 PM Orion Wilkins was a drug addict, hooked on painkillers he'd begun taking to fight the pain of an old high-school football injury. In 2008, he used a wrapped block of Velveeta cheese, claiming it was a bomb, to rob several Valley ...

Derek Boogaard Received 'Thousands' Of Pills From NHL Doctors
SB Nation
Boogaard received large numbers of prescription pills from team doctors to quell pains that he was suffering and signs point to him being an addict. At times, the various doctors would end up giving him almost 200 pills like Vicodin or other ...

Pregnant North Shields woman jailed after thefts from OAPs
The 20-year-old burgled and tricked money out of pensioners as old as 92 to get money for her £50-a-day heroin addiction. A court heard New, an addict since the age of 12, had deliberately targeted areas on Tyneside where she knew elderly people lived.

Alcohol consumption boosts breast cancer risk
A new study by the National Cancer Institute of 1900 post-menopausal women found that consuming seven to 14 alcoholic drinks per week -- in other words, one or two a day -- carries a 30 percent to 60 percent increase in breast cancer risk.

Addiction: Because we must or because we can?
Conservative Home (blog)
But Thompson argues that history shows the opposite, ie that supply drives addiction: “…in the mid-18th century, parts of inner London suffered the world's first mass epidemic of alcoholism. Its causes were no mystery: technology interacted with ...

Parents still searching for answers a year on
The Age
Sara Milosevic's parents, Mila and Predrag, have raised concerns about teenagers consuming too many alcoholic energy drinks. Photo: Craig Abraham After drinking three cans in a bit over an hour, Sara was feeling good. But soon after starting her fourth ...

The Age

Josh Saunders takes huge step toward LA Galaxy return
The Galaxy have been without their starting goalkeeper since Josh Saunders entered Major League Soccer's Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health program at end of April. On Saturday, the man who kept a clean sheet during November's MLS Cup final returned ...

WVU School of Public Health plans study
Beckley Register-Herald
West Virginia is also one of the states ranking at the top in substance abuse, specifically opioid pain relievers, which is adding to early death and declining health statistics. Wyoming County's population is one of the unhealthiest in West Virginia.

Efforts to ban synthetic marijuana prove to be difficult
Detroit Free Press
Mary Kait Hudson, 17, along with father Jeff Hudson talk about her addiction to synthetic marijuana. / By Willie Archie, Detroit Free Press By Elisha Anderson, Detroit Free Press By Elisha Anderson, Detroit Free Press DETROIT (USA TODAY) — Mary Kait ...

The Risk Of Becoming An 'Almost' Alcoholic
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Alcoholism. A lot of people, including many health care professionals, believe the world is made up only of alcoholics and nonalcoholics. But our research shows us that there is another group. These people are not alcoholics, although they may experience some of the symptoms that alcoholics typically report. They drink regularly, but may not ... Chance to Stay Clean - ABC News · Kim Richards Opens Up About Her Alcoholism And Substance Abuse Struggles | ...
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A Hatful of Rain (1957): Drug Addiction Melodrama - Emanuel Levy
By admin
Fred Zinnemann's “A Hatful of Rain,” based on the stage play by Michael V. Gazzo, is a gruesome, well acted melodrama about the debilitating and devastating effects of narcotics addiction on one young person and his loving family. The handsome and likeable Don Murray ... In its good moments, the film presents a harrowing portrait of what it means for a dope addict, what it costs in money and other ways, in emotional anguish, and in hurt to those around. In trying to outdo Preminer's ...
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Should NFL Teams Draft or Sign Players With Prior Substance Abuse
By Sportmentary
Should NFL Teams Draft or Sign Players With Prior Substance Abuse Issues? There's been a rash of players lately who have been arrested for DWIs or DUIs recently. In recent days, Sportmentary has listed players who've had run-ins with law ...
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Substance Abuse Counselor - What Is Intervention
A substance abuse counselor is someone who helps individuals when they are battling ...

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