NYTimes Op-Ed: DSM Gets Addiction Right

The DSM Gets Addiction Right
New York Times
This question arose recently after the committee writing the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the standard reference work for psychiatric illnesses, announced updated definitions of substance abuse and ...

Proposed Changes To Psychiatric Manual Could Impact Addiction ...
According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, people are at ... who directs the substance abuse, mental health and criminal justice studies ... however, doesn't require insurance because it's free: Alcoholics Anonymous.

Addiction expert comments on Scout Willis' underage drinking bust
Monsters and Critics.com
Addiction expert and father Richard Taite, president of Cliffside Malibu, a rehabilitation facility, was simpatico with the attorney's remarks about the charges. "Any time you have parents that are in the public eye, and famous celebrities, ...

Prison Sought for Ohio Addict Who 'Died' 7 Times
Now, both her father and prosecutor hope prison can save the 27-year-old heroin addict's life. A judge will decide Friday. LeAnn Kidd has been addicted since her late teens when she got hooked on Oxycontin as a means to ease her menstrual pains, ...


Police: Heroin Addict Breaks Into her Parent's Home
By Jack Tobias On Saturday, Melissa Wasielewski's parents told their 22-year-old daughter – a heroin addict – she was no longer welcome in their Palmer Township home. Melissa left, and later the parents went away for the night, but only after having ...

Father, prosecutor want prison for Cincinnati heroin addict who has 'died ...
CINCINNATI -- A Cincinnati prosecutor and the father of a heroin addict both said Tuesday the best way to save the life of the 27-year-old, who has been found clinically dead seven times, may be to send her to jail. LeAnn Kidd, who was due to appear on ...

Mothers battling addiction
Victorville Daily Press
She stopped drinking and taking ecstasy as soon as the test came back positive, but continued smoking marijuana until she was 4 months pregnant. “I am an addict. I am an alcoholic, too,” Zacharias said openly. Zacharias breastfed her son, Parker, ...

"It felt like the darkest, evilest thing imaginable": Shocking video shows ...
A former addict has described his experience of overdosing on the drug believed to be behind the horrific Miami Cannibal attack. Freddie Sharp, 27, said taking the potent bath salts was “the darkest, evilest thing imaginable”.

Q & A With Addiction Specialist About Spice
It has definitely increased on both our substance abuse unit as well as our child adolescent unit. I cannot estimate on our child/adolescent unit, however, our substance abuse unit I could say one out of five have experimented with Spice.

Recovering from a 'bath salt' addiction
A former meth addict who bought bath salts for a legal fix knows it's being sold. "I think it's doing business with the people they've been dealing with and it definitly is underground,” said the woman who didn't want to reveal her identity.

Recovering Bath Salts Addict Says the Drug Made Him Feel “All Kinds of Crazy”
Gossip On This
27-year-old Freddy Sharp, a self-proclaimed drug addict since the age of 13, describes his overdose on bath salts as the “darkest, evilest thing imaginable.” Shocking video footage of Sharp shortly after taking the highly potent drug — commonly called ...

Gossip On This

Outspoken Japan Prince Tomohito Dies
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The grizzled, goateed prince grabbed headlines when he publicly admitted his problems with alcoholism: “I'm Prince Tomohito, the alcoholic,” he said, mimicking the self-introducing mantra of Alcoholics Anonymous, during a lecture in northern Japan in ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Video: Watch addict Freddy Sharp overdose on 'bath salts'
Freddy Sharp, 27, of Tennessee, is a former bath salts addict. He claims he has been addicted to the drug since he was 13 or 14 years old. Sharp describes an overdose on bath salts as the "evilest thing imaginable." The video shows Sharp after taking ...


Alcoholic jailed for high-speed chase that led to SIU investigation
The North Bay Nugget
By MARIA CALABRESE The Nugget A high-speed chase ending in a crash last year may have been a suicide attempt by the alcoholic behind the wheel, a North Bay court heard on Tuesday. “I didn't make it. I was going too fast around a corner,” James Anthieme ...

Push to ban alcoholic energy drinks in Victoria
Bendigo Advertiser
VICTORIAN Health Minister David Davis is awaiting two reports on the safety of alcoholic energy drinks as he faces calls to ban them after the death of a Melbourne schoolgirl. VicHealth - a government-funded agency promoting good health - issued a...

Bendigo Advertiser

Teen girls doing pot pass on addiction to kids
Times of India
Mothers who use marijuana as teens—long before having children—may put their future children at a higher risk of drug abuse, new research suggests. Researchers in the Neuroscience and Reproductive Biology section at the Cummings School of Veterinary ...

Boogaard's addiction: Street sale of prescription drugs
Minnesota Public Radio
The New York Times published an investigative article Monday on former Minnesota Wild hockey player Derek Boogaard's struggle with prescription drug addiction. He died last year at the age of 28 after an accidental overdose of narcotic painkillers and ...

Minnesota Public Radio

Depression Treatment Can Prevent Teen Drug Abuse
About - News & Issues
By Buddy T, About.com GuideJune 6, 2012 Parents with children who suffer from major depression may want to make sure those symptoms are treated because it could prevent the child from becoming involved in substance abuse later.

Can acupuncture help treat addiction?
By Dan Schenek On Tuesday night, a caller asked HLN's Dr. Drew for his thoughts on acupuncture being used to help treat addiction. Dr. Drew responded, “I refer patients for acupuncture all the time for all sorts of things -- mostly pain related I would ...

'Tobacco addiction higher among unskilled workers'
Times of India
A few interns at the Government Dental College and Hospital (GDCH) conducted a survey among unskilled workers of the city to assess their tobacco addiction levels. Most shocking finding was that the highest number of addicts were in age group of 20 to ...

Doctors encouraged to use methadone treatment
"Because the problem is a large problem — there's many people with opiate addiction— we need more physicians that are willing to engage in this therapy," said Dr. John Fraser, who has been prescribing methadone treatments for nearly 20 years.


Seabrook House Launches Treatment is Hope
MarketWatch (press release)
SEABROOK, NJ, June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Seabrook House, an internationally recognized inpatient addictions treatment center, recently launched a new project aimed at those suffering from addiction. Called Treatment is Hope, the purpose is ...

Bath Salts Terror: Former Addict Describes Horror Of The Drug ...
... bath salts, firsthand. In the video, Freddy Sharp, a drug addict since his early teens, is seen writhing around insanely on the floor, hallucinating and singing to himself as he is strapped to a gurney by paramedics. PHOTOS: See The Terrifying Effects Of Bath Salts First Hand ... Sharp opened up to CNN about his addiction to Bath Salts, and described his overdose on the drug as the "evilest thing imaginable." PHOTOS: Stars Who OD'd. "Fear. Darkness. It felt like impending doom was ...
Radar Online

Dr. Vera Tarman on food addiction « Weight Maven
By Beth@WeightMaven
Dr. Tarman has focused her medical practice on addiction treatment and recovery and is the founder of Addictions Unplugged, a website that “serves as a portal and discussion forum for medical professionals, front-line addiction workers ...
Weight Maven

How to Deal with Drugs and Alcohol Addiction | Global Health Access
By admin
If you can sense the change of intensity that people have in the way they conduct their daily activities nowadays, I'm sure that you will notice that if those people fail to manage and balance their stress of their daily activities, it can lead to terrible ...
Global Health Access

UH-OH, I Think We're All "Almost Alcoholics" | xoJane
By Emily
I am an "actual" alcoholic who used to hide beers under my skirt at parties just in case they ran out, so it's possible that my conception of what's normal is as skewed as my slowly burgeoning concept of a normal childhood. (But everybody's ... Basically, my alcoholism is sort of like a switch inside of me that gets thrown whenever I have a drink and keeps me from being able to stop. The idea of drinking ... I mean, I look forward to french fries, but I'm not a French Fry addict. (I might be a ...

A Genetic Blueprint for Addiction? | Psychology Today
And the same question kept coming up: Is addiction genetic? Do you think you became an addictbecause of the way you were made? There's got to be ...

Despite stumbles, an addict keeps a judge's friendship - Los ...
Despite stumbles, an addict keeps a valued friend ... Instead, he told himself he was doing so well that for one night he should celebrate his victory over addiction . ... Giving to others was diminishing his craving for crack in a way no 12-step ...

Gulf Coast Addiction Treatment Earns 99.55% on FL State License Inspection
PR Web (press release)
Gulf Coast Addiction Treatment Center, a Level II and IV substance abuse facility, just received a performance rating score of 99.55%, providing excellent care. We are pleased to be in compliance with the DCF standards and look forward to continuing to ... 

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