How Ana got Ronnie Wood off the booze

RICHARD KAY: How Ana got Ronnie Wood off the booze
Daily Mail
'Every single day for the first three months we were together, often twice a day, I went to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to support and get ...

Daily Mail

Are You Trapped in a "Shadow Career"? The Artist vs The Addict
The 99%
Steven Pressfield breaks down how addiction can stifle your ability to act. ... I was particularly struck by his distinction between "the artist" and "the addict," ... clinical maladies of alcoholism, drug dependence, domestic abuse and so forth.

Utahns in addiction treatment must tackle tobacco, too
Salt Lake Tribune
While smoke breaks were once built into therapy, the substance abuse treatment ... women in treatment for drug addiction at the House of Hope in Salt Lake City.

Alcoholism Drive Men Away From Home
Tanzania: Alcoholism Drive Men Away From Home ... Amusingly, not all men in Karatu who desert their families are alcoholic or poor; there are also men fond of ...

An addict no more, says Cassopolis woman
South Bend Tribune
CASSOPOLIS -- At one point, she was so strung out on meth , says Britia Anderson, that she had no hope for the future.

Public forum on mental health and addiction to be held in Chalmette
The New Orleans-based Metropolitan Human Services District is scheduled to host a public forum tonight in Chalmette on addiction and other behavioral health ...

The Turbulent Life Of Rodney King: The Reluctant Icon's Post-Riot ...
International Business Times
... The Reluctant Icon's Post-Riot Struggles With Substance Abuse And The Law ... as a man struggling, and often failing, to shun the path of his alcoholic father.

Shocking rise in addiction among baby boomers
Daily Mail
Shocking rise in drug addiction among baby boomer generation ... Nobody thinks to ask older people about substance abuse, and that includes their physicians.

Daily Mail

Cat Marnell on Jane Pratt, Her Book, and Splitting From
New York Magazine
Talking to infamous editor Cat Marnell, known for ruthlessly honest, intelligent writing about beauty and, by proxy, and her own drug addiction, is a surreal ...

New York Magazine

Dalai Lama Follows Ex-Sex Addict Russell Brand to Say: Celibacy is ...
The Dalai Lama has given some unexpected advice when it comes to a life of happiness - celibacy. In an interview with the Sun during his UK tour, the Buddhist...

Series examines growing drug issue
Nashua Telegraph
The percentage of people seeking state-funded treatment for addiction to ... Beginning on Sunday, June 24, The Telegraph will launch Rx: Addiction ... Another recovering addict, Scott O'Neil has found his sobriety through a higher power.

Mixing benzos, opiates is risky
Marion Star
Long-acting benzodiazepines, such as Klonopin, "cause a profound feeling of tranquilization, peace of mind," said Dr. Richard Whitney, director of addiction ...

The Puridone Program - A Breakthrough for Painkiller Addiction (press release)
The only way to heal from painkiller addiction is to stop using them, but dependence can happen after even a short time. Once a person has begun coping with ...

Clayton addict too smart for her own good
Pakenham Cardinia Leader
A WOMAN described as "extremely intelligent" blamed her drug addiction for a ... Trajanoski, who has an IQ of more than 120, blamed her drug addiction for her ...

Goodell Honors CASAC Poster Contest Winners
Jamestown Post Journal
State Assemblyman Andy Goodell, R-C-Chautauqua County, recently met with local students as part of Chautauqua Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Council's ...

How alcohol damages your liver
Some individuals and populations are more susceptible to alcoholic liver disease than ... According to Mahan and her coauthors (2011), alcoholic liver disease ...

Smoking “Quitlines” Help Alcoholics?
(Ivanhoe Newswire) – Smoking quitlines have been heralded as an effective and inexpensive way to curb smoking addiction. Now, a new study reveals that they ...

Addict mum stole meat one day after another
Grantham Journal
A DRUG-addicted mum-of-two stole meat on two consecutive days from the same Grantham store.

Doctors point out problems facing 'almost alcoholics' (blog)
People diagnosed with alcoholism have had, over a 12-month period, three or more ... There are a number of almost alcoholic people who could just simply stop for a ... Local substance abusecounselor Frank Valentine, site director of the ... The ...

Labrador Innu kids sniffing gas again to fight boredom
Substance abuse has plagued residents of the community — founded after Davis Inlet residents were moved there in 2002 — for decades. In the 1990s, images ...

ToBS Final 4: Alcoholism vs 'everybody has a story' | HTMLGIANT
By Judge: Jennifer L. Knox
If this were the S.A.T., I'd go with my gut and say, alcoholism. Sure, everyone has a story, but most of those stories are as boring as policy debates on CSPAN. In service of our egos, we subconsciously construct our identities so that everything ...

Ethics Education and Psychology: The D.S.M. Gets Addiction Right
By John D. Gavazzi, PsyD ABPP
The D.S.M. Gets Addiction Right. By Howard Markel The New York Times - Opinion Orignally published June 5, 2012. WHEN we say that someone is “addicted” to a behavior like gambling or eating or playing video games, what does that mean? ... the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (D.S.M.), the standard reference work for psychiatric illnesses, announced updated definitions of substance abuse and addiction, including a new category of “behavioral addictions.
Ethics Education and Psychology

The ancients on will and addiction | Addiction & Recovery News
By Jason Schwartz
The denial of both compulsivity and of weakness of will in explaining addiction has resulted in a willingness model commonly referred to as the moral model of addiction. On this view, what theaddict does can be explained in terms of Socrates' ...
Addiction & Recovery News

The long road home - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction ...
By Weasel1966
But as any alcoholic can attest to even in the midst of admitting we have an issue we continue to do as we please because we have not gotten there yet. I was living in a rural area of a rural state. A place of friendly people and long winters.

Teen substance abuse: Lots of questions, no easy answers
By Debbie Wilson's Family Brain Injury Blog
But her spiral into alcoholism, then drug addiction, began years earlier. She was 8. ... My dad is very loving," said the Alcoholics Anonymous member, who asked that her last name be withheld. For Leticia and .... Stressful events early in life may place juveniles at risk for substance abuselater in life, according to University of Nevada, Las Vegas psychologist Laurel Pritchard. Her research, and ... "It's how we feel inside that we share," said Michael, 20, a recovering alcoholic. "Everyone ...
Debbie Wilson's Family Brain Injury Blog

How to Cut Your Food Addiction
By Publisher2
Dr. Mark Hyman presents ten ways you can cut food addiction “by regulating your hormones, by using food as medicine, by changing the information going in your body and upgrading your biological software.”
The Intelligence Daily

Breaking the Addiction to Incarceration: Weekly Highlights
Today, the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. With over 2.3 million men and women living behind bars, our imprisonment rate is ...

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