Why Alcoholism Is Soaring in Officially Booze-Free Iran

Forbidden Drink: Why Alcoholism Is Soaring in Officially Booze-Free Iran
The Atlantic
The Islamic Republic of Iran takes its ban on alcohol, which goes back to a few months after the 1979 revolution, so seriously that taking a drink here can get you publicly whipped. Last week, one Iranian couple, who had endured 80 lashes each on their ...

The Atlantic

Vaccine for Nicotine Addiction?
(Ivanhoe Newswire) – An estimated 46 million Americans are current smokers, and approximately 70% of them wish they had never smoked, and want to quit. While it is the 4000 chemicals within the burning cigarette that causes the health problems ...

40 Million Americans Addicted to Cigarettes, Alcohol or Drugs
Philadelphia Inquirer
Yet treatment is hard to come by, according to the study, which was released this week by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University in New York City. Only about one in 10 people who need treatment for their addiction ...

Addiction Treatment Falls Woefully Short – Can't We Do Better?
PsychCentral.com (blog)
But we would have an even greater impact if we also learned from the success of people in long-term recovery and considered the research supporting the efficacy of the 12-Step model. ... In spite of a large body of research showing that addiction is a ...

New Vaccine for Nicotine Addiction
eNews Park Forest
In the journal Science Translational Medicine, the scientists describe how a single dose of their novel vaccine protects mice, over their lifetime, against nicotine addiction. The vaccine is designed to use the animal's liver as a factory to ...

Nicotine vaccine could break smokers of addiction
Ctv News
A vaccine to help smokers break their nicotine addiction and prevent non-smokers from ever getting hooked could be moving closer to reality.

Heroin addict dad warns of threat from 'miaow-miaow'
This is South Wales
A DAD-OF-SEVEN who has battled with heroin addiction his whole adult life, says it is no longer the number one drug on the streets of Llanelli.He said young people were turning to mephedrone ...

Gene jab cure hope for smokers addiction
Belfast Telegraph
A 'genetic cure' that stimulates they body into making antibodies against nicotine could help millions stuggling with their cigarette addiction, say researchers.

Opiate Addiction Termed "Epidemic"
ELLSWORTH — A local drug recovery professional has issued a call to arms in the wake of an Ellsworth businessman's arrest on a charge of trafficking i...

'Smoking Vaccine' May Stop Addiction
Newsmax Health
A vaccine that stops nicotine from reaching the brain shows promise in lab mice and may eventually help people quit smoking, researchers report.

Nicotine vaccine may help smokers quit
It can cure nicotine addiction in mice. Now scientists are hoping their stop-smoking vaccine will work in humans.

Quit Smoking: A vaccine, given once, may end smoking addiction
If the treatment a research team in New York is working on works as well on humans as mice then kissing the smoking habit goodbye will be as easy as getting a vaccine. In fact, that's what it is - a vaccine, given once, lasts a lifetime.


Crack addict gets six years for sub shop attack
Hamilton Spectator
A 41-year-old Hamilton crack addict with a history of violence has been handed a six-year prison sentence for a violent robbery at an iconic city sub shop. Adam Exley, a father of three, received the sentence Thursday in connection with a robbery and ...

Quit smoking with a shot? New vaccine might cure addiction
Scientists are saying they could be closer to curing cigarette addiction than ever before: researchers at a New York lab have developed a vaccine that they think curbs the need for a fix and so far their tests are being considered a success.


Mother's heartache as her alcoholic son dies aged 28 after he began drinking ...
Daily Mail
Matthew Stiebrins, 28, (pictured with his mother) from Haverhill, Suffolk, had abused alcohol so much it started eating away at his brain and and left with irreversible cirrhosis of the liver.

Daily Mail

Addiction recovery—a Jewish issue too
Jewish United Fund
With a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, Fishman has worked in the addictions field since 1987, across New York, Florida, Jerusalem. and beyond, and says "my whole experience is about spirituality and addiction." ... In the meantime, Fishman has hit the ...

Jewish United Fund

New anti-nicotine vaccine could take the pleasure out of smoking
MyFox Phoenix
"We are very hopeful that this kind of vaccine strategy can finally help the millions of smokers who have tried to stop, exhausting all the methods on the market today, but find their nicotineaddiction to be strong enough to overcome these current ...

Nicotine-fighting antibodies may offer a new approach to treating addiction
An NIH-funded group of investigators has designed a new nicotine vaccine designed to eliminate the pleasing physical response people get when they light up. And while it's only been tested successfully in mice so far, the work has stirred interest in a ...

New vaccine could provide lifetime immunity to nicotine addiction
However, he adds that it might also be possible to use the vaccine to preempt nicotine addictionin those that have never smoked. In the same way that vaccines are now used to prevent a number of disease-producing infections. "Just as parents decide to ...

Nicotine Vaccine Found to Help Smoking Addiction Behavior
Michael Fingerhood, MD, medical director of the comprehensive care practice at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, who specializes in the treatment of addiction, says that the addiction to smoking a cigarettes goes deeper than ...

Charlie Sheen Struggles with Alcoholism Again
Empowered News
FX declined comment. Sheen's new show premieres Thursday. In a statement, Ben Levenson, CEO of Origins Recovery Centers, called Sheen “one of the last people an addict should take advice from.” “If Mr. Sheen wants to promote his new show, great, but, ...

Empowered News

Just When I Thought I Was Fine, My Nicotine Addiction Grabbed Hold Again
Addiction is ugly whether your vice is food, cigarettes, people or alcohol. ... And if I haven't experienced it first hand, I would probably have the same reaction many others seem to have when it comes to the disease of addiction. “How can it be a ...

Childhood ADHD Medication Usage Increases by 46 Percent; Dr. Bonnie ...
San Francisco Chronicle
"Seeing prescription drug addiction in teens is troubling at such a young age and the fact that they're engaging in this behavior in order to outperform their peers in school can show a misguided ambition," says Dr. Bonnie. Because teen's brains aren't ...

Tory MP with gambling addiction sold information - including floorplans of the ...
Daily Mail
Raymond Mawby, who died in 1990, sold information about colleague and sensitive Government information to the Czech Security Service, files have revealed.

Daily Mail

With New Nicotine Vaccine, Cigarettes Give You No Pleasure
Popular Science
Nicotine addiction is a hard habit to break. But what if you could never get hooked in the first place? Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York report in the journal Science Translational Medicine that they have developed a potential ...

Popular Science

How Lack of Insight Sustains Addiction | Psychology Today
By Joshua Gowin, Ph.D.
Over 80% of people don't seek treatment for addiction. This does not mean they don't have a ...Addiction might result when users fail to notice the problems resulting from their continued drug use. Like my BMW, the failure to understand the ...
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CASA Report on Addiction Medicine Available: Closing the Gap ...
By Patrick Gauthier
FIVE YEAR NATIONAL STUDY REVEALS: ADDICTION TREATMENT NEGLECTED BY U.S. MEDICAL SYSTEM SIXTEEN PERCENT OF THE U.S. POPULATION HAS THE DISEASE OF. ...older have addiction involving nicotine, alcohol or other drugs, a disease affecting more Americans than heart conditions, diabetes or cancer according to a five-year national study released today by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA Columbia).
Behavioral Health Today

Is obesity a drug addiction? | The Elusive Self
By Steve Fleming
The “disease model” of drug addiction is that drugs hijack the midbrain dopamine system. Different drugs get to dopamine via diverse molecular pathways, which probably underlie their distinctive subjective properties. But all studied drugs of ...
The Elusive Self

Does American Culture Encourage Addiction? | Recovery First
By russbarnstein
The United States is facing an epidemic of addiction, and our culture may be to blame. Thousands of people check into residential inpatient treatment every year, and millions more are still struggling with drugs and alcohol. Despite negative ...
Recovery First

Mouse Study May Lead to New Vaccine for Nicotine Addiction ...
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Mouse Study May Lead to New Vaccine for Nicotine Addiction Health News Headlines. ... (Psych Central News) Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College have successfully tested a new vaccine to treat nicotine addiction in mice.
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Just For Today June 29- "Keeping Recovery Fresh - SoberRecovery
By lonestarTH
Addiction is patient, subtle, progressive, and incurable. It's also fatal-we can die from this disease, unless we continue to treat it. And the treatment for addiction is a vital, ongoing program of recovery. The Twelve Steps are a process, a path we ...

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