Fight infant drug addiction epidemic without criminalizing mothers

TN fights infant drug addiction epidemic without criminalizing mothers
The Tennessean
In this file photo, a baby is cared for at Baptist Hospital in Nashville. In Tennessee a 'Children's Cabinet' has devised a strategy to better address the rising epidemic of babies born with addictions. / File / The Tennessean ...

Joy Behar Compares Religion To Drug Addiction
NewsBusters (blog)
This occurred during a discussion on her appropriately named Say Anything show about Angus T. Jones's plea that folks not watch the "filth" on his hit program Two and a Half Men (video follows with transcript and commentary): ...

Jenelle Evans Needs To Stop Smoking Pot And Worry About Her Son
Hollywood Life
It's clear that Jenelle has a lot of love for her son, and she wants the best for him — she tweets cute pics and updates of their time together all the time — she just needs to keep focusing on her mental health and deal with her obvious addiction to ...

Brain area's possible role in drug addiction revealed
Zee News
Brain area's possible role in drug addiction revealed Washington: Substance abuse researchers have concluded that an area of the brain called the orbitofrontal cortex is responsible for decisions made on the spur of the moment, but not those made based...

Zee News

Obamacare Provides Significant Reform On Substance Abuse Treatment
Highbrow Magazine
Drug addiction and substance abuse have become increasingly significant issues in North America . In certain situations, this is even considered to be an epidemic. The American Psychological Association maintains that for a person to have an addiction,...

Highbrow Magazine

Drug Addicted Military Vets Illustrate Failure of War on Drugs
Deadline Detroit
The Detroit News highlights how a network of courts, including one in Detroit's 36th District Court, are steering drug- and alcohol-addicted military vets back to sober and productive lives. According to statistics provided by ... But the court network ...

Deadline Detroit

DUI suspect was drug addiction counselor | SF Bay Area News ...
A woman suspected of driving under the influence when she hit a pedestrian and drove with the dying man on her hood for more than two miles had worked as a ...

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