Rethinking our attitude to drugs

Rethinking our attitude to drugs | Great Lakes Advocate: "ILLICIT drugs are widely viewed with fear and loathing. Parents, in particular, are understandably terrified their children will become addicted to headline-grabbing horrors including heroin and methamphetamine and crack cocaine. Alcohol and other drugs are known to be extremely hazardous to the developing brains of young people. The apprehension is endlessly fuelled by stereotypical images of dishevelled, desperate drug users roaming the streets. . . . The issue is further blurred by the arbitrary distinction between permitted and prohibited substances. This can create a false sense of security - for example, alcohol is legal, but can cause enormous damage. Beyond that, the burgeoning misuse of, and trade in, prescribed drugs, particularly pain medications and tranquilisers, is potentially overtaking illicit drug misuse as a social and health concern.This instalment of The Zone is not seeking to condone or encourage substance misuse. Rather, it seeks to encourage people to rethink their attitude to, and understanding of, drugs, so that we might as a society better deal with the problems faced by the minority of people who get into strife using substances that alter the mind and body.Today's guest is Luke O'Connor, an expert in helping those with drug and alcohol problems. He works with Youth Projects, a non-profit organisation that runs the Melbourne Drug and Health Alliance, a network of mental health, drug and alcohol and primary healthcare organisations. . . . read full article here"

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