The secret world of healthcare drug addiction

Guest Post: The secret world of healthcare drug addiction
Albany Times Union (blog)
The author has been an active member of the health care community for over 20 years ...physicians and nurses are held to the highest standards of medical ethics, it imposes an even greater amount of duplicity in order to keep the abuse hidden or worse, in denial. But what should you do if you suspect that a physician you work for or a fellow nurse is using illicit drugs or abusing prescription meds? . . .

Speakers Provide Personal, Powerful Stories of Drug Addiction
The Shawsheen Technical High School graduate spoke about her journey from drug addiction to detox and eventually where she is now – two years sober and hoping her story will help families avoid the same fate. She uses her experiences to work with ...

Bath Salts In Portugal Cracked Down On By Government
Huffington Post
The country introduced legislation in 2001 that decriminalised drugs use across the board, a move that health experts credit in part for the decline in drug addiction. Users are now forced to appear in front of special addiction panels rather than a ...

Exploring Alcoholism Drug's Potential Against Brain Tumors
Genetic Engineering News
The Ben and Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment at Swedish Medical Center will receive a $2.5 million grant from the Ben & Catherine Ivy Foundation—the second grant in three years awarded to the Ivy Center by the foundation.

Benjamin Presides as Four Graduate Drug Court
Wheeling Intelligencer
Kicking a drug addiction is not easy, but for the four people who stood before West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Brent Benjamin Wednesday, the rewards are great. Marshall County Circuit Judge David Hummel introduced Benjamin as always supportive of ...

Wheeling Intelligencer

GUEST OPINION: Legalizing marijuana has a heavy cost
Packet Online
GUEST OPINION: Legalizing marijuana has a heavy cost. DATE POSTED: Thursday, November 29, 2012 6:57 PM EST. By Barbara Sprechman, Mercer Council on Alcoholism & Drug Addiction. MORE NEWS IN THIS SECTION. Citizens group responds to ...

Pete Townshend traces drug abuse, alcohol addiction, infidelity in new biography
Vancouver Sun
TORONTO - Legendary Who guitarist Pete Townshend has weathered drug abuse, alcoholaddiction, infidelity, near-deafening rock 'n' roll assaults to his ears and, of course, those infamous child pornography charges. Townshend discusses these trials ...

Painkiller addiction sweeping the US
The Hindu
The more pills handed out, the more cases of addiction; the more cases of addiction, the more illegal street trafficking of the drugs; the more illegal street trafficking, the more snorting and injecting of the crushed pills; the more snorting and ...

The Hindu

From drug addiction to helping people, man credits Frederick Rescue Mission
Frederick News Post (subscription)
Editor's note: The Frederick News-Post is partnering with four county nonprofit agencies this holiday season to raise funds for programs that aim to change lives. Throughout this “Season of Hope” we will offer stories about people who have been helped ...

Frederick News Post (subscription)

Reader Letters | Drug addiction | The Courier-Journal | courier ...
In the ongoing discussion regarding House Bill 1, a glaring topic is frequently being overlooked.

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