Operation Christmas Cheer - With help, couple defeats drug addiction (video)

Operation Christmas Cheer: With help, couple defeats drug addiction demon - MontereyHerald.com :: What follows is a love story, but it might not sell to the Harlequin crowd. David Tate and Erica Snow were introduced four years ago by a mutual friend — their drug dealer — when both showed up to score a few rocks of crack cocaine. Snow, born and raised in Monterey, was a certified nursing assistant for Central Coast Senior Services and a caregiver for a loving father who was nearing the end of his days. Tate had been a self-described "hustler" for much of his adult life, supporting his habit by dealing crack to a couple of dozen fellow addicts who hung around Roberts Lake in Seaside. It wasn't quite love at first sight, Snow says. "We all got into a car together. David kept calling me 'baby,'" she recalls. . . . A blessing for Snow is that she straightened herself out before her father died. He recognized that she had changed and died in peace, she says, knowing his only child was going to be OK. His last week, she says, was the most wonderful time she ever spent with him as an adult. But the couple's reconstruction of their lives was only beginning. When her father died, his income went away. She couldn't afford to stay in the house, and for the first time in her life, she was homeless. Fortunately, kindness and good fortune were coming Tate's way. . . . "God put a lot of wonderful people in our lives," Snow says. "He took us through these trials for a reason. He wanted us to become grateful for what we have. And he also wanted to teach us that you can be up today, but down tomorrow." Operation Christmas Cheer Operation Christmas Cheer is sponsored by The Herald, the Salvation Army and 1st Capital Bank to help local families that find themselves in need this time of year. . . . "

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