Addiction and Recovery Guide

 “Now What? An Insider’s Guide to Addiction and Recovery,” by William Cope Moyers 
" . . . He finally emerged from his drug-induced nadir when he gave up “trying to do it my way” and instead listened to professional therapists and assumed responsibility for his behavior. For the last “18 years and four months, one day at a time,” he said, he has lived drug-free. “Treatment is not the end, it’s the beginning,” he said. “My problem was not drinking or drugs. My problem was learning how to live life without drinking or drugs.” Mr. Moyers acknowledges that treatment is not a magic bullet. Even after a monthlong stay at a highly reputable treatment center like Hazelden in Center City, Minn., where Mr. Moyers is a vice president of public affairs and community relations, the probability of remaining sober and clean a year later is only about 55 percent. (Hazelden also published his book.) “Be wary of any program that claims a 100 percent success rate,” Mr. Moyers warned. “There is no such thing.”. . . “Treatment works to make recovery possible. But recovery is also possible without treatment,” Mr. Moyers said. “There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. What I needed and what worked for me isn’t necessarily what you or your loved one require.”. . . . for an intervention to work, Mr. Moyers said, “the sick person should not be belittled or demeaned.” He also cautioned families to “avoid threats.” He noted that the mind of “the desperate, fearful addict” is subsumed by drugs and alcohol that strip it of logic, empathy and understanding. It “can’t process your threat any better than it can a tearful, emotional plea.”. . . "  (source: New York Times)

Resource Network - Mr. Moyer’s book lists nearly two dozen sources of help for addicts and their families. Among them:
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services;
Narcotics Anonymous World Services;
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration treatment finder;
Al-Anon Family Groups;
Nar-Anon Family Groups;
Co-Dependents Anonymous World Fellowship"

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