Teen Drug and Alcohol Addiction Support Resources

Teen Drug and Alcohol Addiction Support Resources
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According to the CDC, teen drug and alcohol use is generally in decline. While that may be good news, many of these decreases have only happened in recent years. Teen addiction is still a huge problem in both rural and urban areas today. For many types ...

The Rise Of Prescription Drug Addiction - Unity Recovery Center
The recent years have seen a dramatic spike in the abuse of prescription drugs. While prescriptiondrug abuse has always been an issue lurking beneath the ...

5 of Our Favorite Rappers Who Have Battled Drug Addiction
In 2009, the notoriously reclusive rapper opened up to Vibe about how an addiction to pills including methadone nearly cost him his life. "It's no secret I had a drug problem," he said. "If I was to give you a number of Vicodin I would actually take in ...


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