Effective Addiction Treatment

Effective Addiction Treatment - NYTimes.com: " . . . One such myth is the belief that most addicts need to go to a rehab center. “The truth is that most people recover (1) completely on their own, (2) by attending self-help groups, and/or (3) by seeing a counselor or therapist individually,” she wrote. Contrary to the 30-day stint typical of inpatient rehab, “people with serious substance abuse disorders commonly require care for months or even years,” she wrote. “The short-term fix mentality partially explains why so many people go back to their old habits.” Dr. Mark Willenbring, a former director of treatment and recovery research at the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, said in an interview, “You don’t treat a chronic illness for four weeks and then send the patient to a support group. People with a chronic form of addiction need multimodal treatment that is individualized and offered continuously or intermittently for as long as they need it.”. . . "

The Mystery of 'Addiction' continued - Mail Online - Peter Hitchens blog
He asks for a dictionary definition of 'addiction' which states that an addict cannot quit. I don't know about 'cannot quit' . I suppose we would all accept that the alleged 'addict' can quit if he is on a desert island, or in a properly run prison, and ...
Mail Online - Peter Hitchens

Addiction Expert: Treatment Providers Can Perpetuate Media ...
Stereotypes about addiction, perpetuated by the media, can be unintentionally reinforced by addiction professionals, according to a New York addiction expert.

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