Trainer says yoga can reduce drug addiction

Upper Darby trainer says yoga can reduce drug addiction
Philadelphia Inquirer
The classes are open to the community, but especially to residents looking for a mental and physical edge to combat drug or alcohol addiction - or any other type ofaddiction. Donations are welcome. "Yoga and kickboxing have been my yin and my yang," ...

Philadelphia Inquirer

Adolescent drug addiction on the rise in Afghanistan
Radio Australia
Dr Mansoor ul Haq, an international consultant with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, says there are many reasons for this rise in addiction among adolescents and the very young in Afghanistan. Correspondent: Kanaha Sabapathy. Speaker: Dr Mansoor ul ...

Do You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem? - Alcoholism -
Alcohol and drug use can progress into abuse and even addiction so insidiously that sometimes people do not realize that it has become a problem for them and ...

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