Drug addiction creates a cycle of problems

Drug addiction creates a cycle of problems in the area - SentinelSource.com: Local News: " . . . Lee worries about his behavior when he drinks and uses drugs. He said the drugs make him into a different person. “I just know I can't keep going the way I was. It's bad to say it like this, but I'm glad I got caught. What if I made the choice to shoot somebody and run someone over, I don’t know. You never know when you're at that point, what you are going to make for a choice, because look what you just did." And some community members feel unsafe. “It’s depressing and it’s taking over the community," said Lorri Rodier, 37, of Winchester. "These addicts are not going to get better by themselves,” she said. “There needs to be less (stigma) so addicts feel more comfortable asking for help,” Rodier said. “If you’ve already robbed everything from your family and stolen things from friends, you don’t have anyone you can reach out to.” Police say they can only do so much. “It’s really how you deal with subjects afterwards that I think is probably more important, as far as what do we do with people now who have a drug addiction who have committed a crime and are looking at going to jail," said Meola, the Keene chief. "Simply sending them to jail doesn't necessarily cure that addiction." Treatment, he said, seems to be the best option for dealing with addiction and the crimes that can come with it. . . . "

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