Drug Addiction Plagues Trafficking Survivors in Cape Town

Drug Addiction Plagues Trafficking Survivors in Cape Town | ATEST
The Alliance to End Slavery & Trafficking (ATEST) is comprised of prominent human rights groups working to end modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

SSR 13-2p issued on evaluating cases involving drug addiction and alcoholism - 3/15/13: "The Social Security Administration is giving notice of Social Security Ruling (SSR) 13-2p, in which the agency explains its policies concerning how it considers whether “drug addiction and alcoholism” (DAA) is material to its determination of disability in disability claims and continuing disability reviews. This SSR rescinds and replaces SSR 82-60, Titles II and XVI: Evaluation of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism. It also obsoletes EM 96-200. The SSR becomes effective on March 22, 2013."

Hybrid addiction: When drug and sex addictions fuse
SALT LAKE CITY — Treatment providers have long recognized the dangers of "cross-addiction," or reaching sobriety in one addiction and then moving addictive behavior to a new drug of choice. One treatment provider is now recognizing that some addicts ...


Alcoholics Anonymous host allegedly sold drugs at meetings
So KOMO news now has a responsibility to do the right thing and set the story straight, drug addiction and alcoholism is a life and death matter that I have seen in action within my personal life and my 31 years of sobriety in AA. Somebody might read ...

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