The pain of alcohol and drug addiction

Our Authors: Author writes about the pain of alcohol and drug addiction: "Title of book and publisher: “Can I Be An Inspiration To You?” Xulon Press. Synopsis of book: This book is my personal testimony about the hurts and pains of my alcohol and drug life. Then the triumph and joy of deliverance by God. This book is a true account of the events of being a drug addict, a chronic alcoholic and willing to do anything to keep it going. Family, friends, children and my husband couldn’t stop me  — but God could and he did. Is this your first book? Yes, this is my first book. God has given me another book to write so I have started working on that one as well. Why did you write the book? God came to me one day and told me to be still and I didn’t understand at first but then I became humble a day or so later. God came to me again and said that he wanted me to write a book. I told God that I didn’t know how to write a book. Then God said I know. Then I asked God what will I write about. God said your life. I said OK and I started on it right away."

Jennifer Sultan Pleads Guilty to Selling Prescription Drugs - "At the height of dot-com mania 13 years ago, Jennifer Sultan and a few colleagues sold their small technology company for $70 million in stock and cash. She and her boyfriend rented a large house in the Hamptons for the summer and bought a spacious loft near Union Square. In the years since, that temporary flush of wealth evaporated and Ms. Sultan, 38, developed an addiction to prescription painkillers. On Friday, she sat handcuffed in a courtroom at State Supreme Court in Manhattan. In exchange for a promise of a four-year prison sentence, she pleaded guilty to selling prescription painkillers and conspiring to sell a firearm. . . ."

Thief asks for help with drug addiction
The Daily Telegram
A Tecumseh man convicted of stealing a pickup and fleeing a Michigan State Police trooper who forced him off M-50 asked for help with a drug addiction when he was sentenced Thursday in Lenawee County Circuit Court. “I just want to apologize for what I ...

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