Drug Addiction Ravaged Bill Moyers Family

Bill Moyers and family describe how drug addiction ravaged their lives | The National Press Club: "“Stunning shock,” “exhausted” and “no more.” Those were some of the words noted broadcast journalist Bill Moyers and his wife Judith used to describe the ravaging effects of drug addiction on a family In an informative and emotional discussion before a large National Press Club audience in the Club Ballroom Feb. 27. Also speaking was their formerly addicted son, William C. Moyers, author of a new book on his addiction, “Now What?” He that his addiction to cocaine “filled a hole in his soul,” and was an escape from living with the fact he was not perfect. Although had been through rehab and had relapsed a couple of times, he said the last rehab “worked” because he wanted to live. He said he wrote his book to help people find hope."

Former NBA player talks drug addiction
PENSACOLA, Fla. (WALA) - A former NBA player who battled drug addiction and won shared his story Monday night for folks at the University of West Florida. ... "Drugs addicts, alcoholics, are the throw away of our society," Herren said. "We are stepped ...

Crystal Meth's Transparent Addiction | Drug Addiction Treatment
Crystal methamphetamine is a synthetic drug most commonly created in illegal labs, which often concealed in normal houses within nondescript neighborhoods.

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