Medicaid for Drug Addiction?

Discussing Medicaid help for mental illness, drug addiction
Wilmington News Journal, OH
Benefits of extending Medicaid coverage to persons with income up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level - about $18,250 a year for an individual - was discussed when local and state leaders of mental health agencies met Friday morning at the ...

Wilmington News Journal, OH

What Constitutes a Drug Addiction?
Hive Health Media (blog)
Physical addiction is caused when a drug changes the chemical processes in the brain. Drugs such as heroin and cocaine have more extreme chemical effects, meaning they are all the more addictive. Regular drug use means the brain will physically adapt...
Hive Health Media (blog)

Addiction medicine discovered at prisons
Columbus Dispatch
Titled Daily Reflections, it was written to guide alcoholics on their path to sobriety. But in jail, Temper knew, a book is not always just a book. He felt a bump in the spine and peeled back the cover ... “The appropriate use is as a medicine ... to ...

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