The war on drugs is a massive failure

The war on drugs is a massive failure
Take drug addiction rates. Common sense would say that after 40 years of constant "War" that fewer people would be addicted to drugs today than say… 1973. Except they aren't. In fact, over the entire span of the "War On Drugs" drug addiction rates ...

Public Invited to Free UAMS Drug Symposium
Little Rock, AR - The public is invited to hear about the latest drug addiction research, treatment and policy at an April 15 symposium at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) featuring a national leader in drug addiction science and ...

Coordination units to contain drug menace, crimes against women
Times of India
The idea is to eradicate drug addiction and crime against women with the active participation of village elders including Nambardars. Taking ahead the initiative the units have been decided to be set up in every village of seven Malwa districts falling ...

'The Bereaved' review: sex, drugs, death
San Francisco Chronicle
Teen pregnancies, rampant drug addiction, fiscal irresponsibility, police shootings, crack babies - they're not just for the ghetto anymore. Not that they ever were, but we're talking stereotypes here. The beauty of Thomas Bradshaw's "The Bereaved ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Free talk on harm reduction in health care at Ashland University
Mansfield News Journal
Historically, drug addiction has been addressed using prohibitive language that demonizes the substance and criminalizes the user. The “War on Drugs” has been the predominant public philosophy for decades, setting the backdrop in which Americans ...

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