Oxyana - a visceral look at drug addiction

Oxyana Teaser from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

Oxyana: Tribeca Review
Hollywood Reporter
NEW YORK — A once-thriving mining town delivers its own eulogy in Sean Dunne's Oxyana, a doc about rural drug addiction in which a generation of addicts describes the almost unbelievable damage drugs have done to their community. Though the ...

Hollywood Reporter

Oxyana (2013) Tribeca Movie Review | Film School Rejects: "Oceana, West Virginia used to thrive via the coal mining industry. It was a town where you could leave your door open to your house overnight and wake up knowing you were safe. Then things changed as the coal business began to decline. In response, the town eventually became the epicenter for Oxycontin abuse, resulting in a population largely of addicts. . . ."

'Oxyana' premieres at Tribeca Film Festival, gives an up ... - Fox News
Director Sean Dunne said he got death threats when his documentary was announced in Oceana.

'Oxyana' Movie Review: Documentary Exposes West Virginia's ...
The film exposes an epidemic of prescription drug addiction in West Virginia as well as the issues of small-town America as a way of life.

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