AA co-founders' NY home could become national landmark; Duchess of Cambridge turns to her uncle for advice on addiction

AA co-founders' NY home could become national landmark
By Rob Ryser, The (Westchester, NY) Journal News BEDFORD HILLS, NY – The royal couple of Alcoholics Anonymous would become as American as the Statue of Liberty under a federal recommendation to crown the home of the group's co-founders as a National ...


Duchess of Cambridge turns to her uncle for advice on addiction
The Duchess of Cambridge's informed approach to her charity, Action on Addiction, owes much to Gary Goldsmith, her colourful uncle. By Tim Walker The Duchess of Cambridge had every reason to smile as she made her Valentine's Day visit to Liverpool to ...


Addiction is a tough opponent for families to conquer
Plain Dealer (blog)
By Other Voices John Kuntz, The Plain DealerMembers of Chris Jacquemain's family -- from left, uncle Mark, cousins Makenna and Austin, grandmother Jeanine and uncle Duane. The reaction we have received to the story about Chris and his friend Tyler ...

Plain Dealer (blog)

Recovering alcoholic found dead had fallen off the wagon
Eastbourne Today
A MAN found dead in his Eastbourne flat was a recovering alcoholic who had fallen off the wagon and taken too many painkillers, an inquest heard. Forty-three-year-old Duncan Brown was found in his Old Orchard Road flat by his mother Patricia in August ... 

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Clinics in the US Industry Market Research ...
Albany Times Union
There is mounting appreciation of the economic, personal and societal benefits of treating people who suffer from mental illness or substance abuse. Combined with a shift of treatment from inpatient to outpatient settings, this factor has fostered ...

Drug addict's mom owes Port Authority $120G in fees, fines
New York Post
“I used to take her car to the city to buy drugs,” said a contrite Peter Davis, 52, who says he's a recovering addict and lives with his mom in an Englewood, NJ, apartment. It's actually Davis' mother, Jean, 75, who is shamed on the Port Authority's ...

New York Post

Recovering Addict Leaves Mother With Record-Breaking Toll Fines
News One
The culprit is actually her son, Peter Davis, 52, a recovering addict who admits that he used to blow through the toll booth at the George Washington Bridge several times a week, reports the New York Post. “I used to take her car to the city to buy ...

Drug Addict Racks Up $120K Toll Bill
MyFox Memphis
(New York Post) - A recovering addict in New Jersey racked up $120000 in unpaid tolls and fines for his mother after he used her car to buy drugs. "I used to take her car to [New York City] to buy drugs," a contrite Peter Davis said.

MyFox Memphis

Fort Collins mother shares son's story of addiction to foster community discussion
The Coloradoan
In addition to being a beloved son, brother, fiancé, father and friend, Powers, 24, was an addict. He abused prescription drugs such as Oxycontin. Alcohol. Heroin. Cocaine. He went to rehab and got clean. Relapsed. Got sober. Relapsed.

Addiction treatment facility to hire 20
The new private centre for drug and alcohol addiction, modelled after its successful operation in Quebec, plans on holding an open house for potential employees on Friday, beginning at 6 pm. "Searidge is an alternative to a 12-step centre, ...

Story of athletes' fatal addiction hits close to far too many homes
Plain Dealer (blog)
By Other Voices Please accept my sincere thanks for last Sunday's story on Tyler Campbell and Chris Jacquemain and their battle with drug addiction. Although horribly tragic, it is a story that needs to be told -- and often. I especially commend the ...

Houston death highlights celebrity culture addiction
ABC Online
But the slavish attention to every gruesome detail of her death and funeral, and news that there's a final movie performance due for release later this year, has raised uncomfortable questions not just about substance abuse by celebrities, ...

'Caring' Kate to raise awareness of drug addiction
Newstrack India
Kate wants to break the social stigma attached to alcohol and drug addiction, just as her late mother- in-law did with Aids. The Duchess is determined to help mend Britain's broken families by raising awareness of addiction. Kate carried out her first ...

Stopping Addiction Through Inpatient Addiction Rehabilitation | FC ...
By thenewb
Addiction is a horrible disease that is indiscriminate in those it affects. Once an addiction is so extreme there are few options for full recovery. This is why there are substance abuse rehabilitation centers that offer inpatient addiction rehab for ...
FC Safe Kids

Addiction Inbox: Book Review: Addiction Noir
By Dirk Hanson
Addiction Inbox. The Science of Substance Abuse. Dirk Hanson. Articles and health studies about drugs, addiction and alcoholism, including the most recent scientific and medical findings.
Addiction Inbox

Whitney Houston's Death: Addict or Death Wish?
By Dr. Karen Ruskin
Did Whitney Houston have an addiction, therefore mental illness? Or, a different un-diagnosed/diagnosed problem and used prescription and/or illegal drugs and alcohol as medication to numb, cope with, and or escape her challenges?
Dr. Karen Ruskin, PsyD., LMFT

family member of an addict
By nickys mom
is there anyone out there who is just a loved one of an addict? or does anyone know where a loved one can go for support? ... Prescription Drug Addiction Information. Click on the following links to learn more about Prescription Drug Addiction ...
Support Groups

Celebrities That Succeed In Overcoming Addiction - A Moment of ...
By sherrygaba
As we bury our beloved Whitney Houston, let's remember that there are those celebrities that have been able to over come their demons of addiction. ... and have lead clean and sober lives include Robin Williams, Elton John, Drew Barrymore, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nicole Richie and Robert Downey Jr. All of these people list specific factors that help them focus on a clean lifestyle including spouses, children, spirituality, life balance, faith, Alcoholics Anonymous, or a specific career goal.
A Moment of Change

Alcoholic 30 yr old son - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction ...
By Allyn56
I don't even know where to start. I am a 55 yr old mom of a 34 yr old daughter who is great and we are very close. I also have a 30 yr old son who has.
SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug...

Berlin launches new anti-addiction strategy | Germany | DW.DE ...
Germany has launched a new national strategy to combat addiction. The biggest problem was and is alcohol - but new forms of addiction like online computer games or the Internet are also shifting ...Teenager with bottles of alcoholic drinks ...

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