Counselor To Heroin Addicts: There Is Hope; Winehouse Trust Donates To Rehab Charity

Counselor To Heroin Addicts:There Is Hope
CBS Local
Chestnut Health Systems, Adult Substance Abuse Services Director Susan Taylor says they have seen the addiction take hold, but they've also seen people recover and live full, productive lives. Taylor says they're seeing heroin users from 17 to ...

CBS Local 

Amy Winehouse - Winehouse Trust Donates To Substance Abuse Charity
Amy Winehouse's father Mitch has given a UK substance abuse charity a boost by making a $48000 (£30000) donation in the tragic singer's name. Mitch and his wife Jane visited the drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity Focus12 in Suffolk, ...

OxyContin delisting not the answer to opioid addiction, experts say
Globe and Mail
The decision by some provinces to remove public funding for OxyContin and its newer harder-to-abuse formulation, OxyNEO, is being cast by many politicians and health professionals as a significant victory in the battle against the scourge of painkiller ...

Globe and Mail

Confessions of a recovering addict
As the addiction progressed, getting and using drugs became more and more important and the ability to stop using them was compromised. Moloy is a man without any stable job, but he gives his best shot at cleaning the motorcycles of his neighbors for ...

Chronic pain patients at high-risk for comorbid substance abuse benefit from 3 ...
The study addressed substance use in chronic pain patients, and the researchers aimed to determine the efficacy of a 3-week interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation treatment for patients with chronic pain who have an increased risk of substance abuse.

'Families should not be ashamed because a loved one has been drawn into addiction'
This is Hull and East Riding
With his life firmly in the grip of addiction, social services have forced Mandy to ask her son, now 18, to leave the family home because of fears over the safety of her daughter. It was the hardest thing she has ever had to do.

Pediatricians to help adolescents fight malnutrition, substance abuse
Times of India
Dr Rajkumar Kiratkar, who is the new secretary of the academy, said a similar methodology would be used for tackling substance abuse. "This problem can have its roots in various things like psychological deprivation, peer pressure and wrong company, ...

Workshops on Substance Abuse and Drug-Free Workplaces are This Week
Sheridan Media (press release)
By Ron Richter on Mon 02/27/2012 06:10 The Workforce Development Committee of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce is hosting two workshops this week for supervisors' training for identifying substance use and abuse in the workplace.

Minsk Department of Internal Affairs: There are 200 Thousand Chronic ...
In Minsk, registered 40.5 thousand people are suffering from alcoholism. Among them, 7.72 million women and 4.57 thousand teenagers, reported in Minsk city executive committee. Last year, 903 chronic alcoholics, of whom 160 - women, were sent to the ...

Writer Presents Book on Alcoholism
Lubango — The Angolan writer, Isaura Maria da Conceição panda presented on Saturday her book entitled "Memórias de uma alcoólica" in Lubango city, southern Huíla province. The referred book comprises 39 pages and portrays stories based on the author's ...

Mexican researchers patent heroin vaccine
Sydney Morning Herald
Maria Elena Medina speaks about the patent of a new vaccine that could reduceaddiction to heroin. Photo: Reuters While Mexico grapples with relentless drug-related violence, a group of Mexican scientists is working on a vaccine that could reduce ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Working program to fight dependency
Visalia Times-Delta
That letter reveals while you are now in treatment, you are making amends and working steps four, five and nine of Alcoholic Anonymous. Congratulations. This is not an easy task.Alcoholism is a powerful, controlling genetic disease.

Addicted women learn to become sober, better moms at recovery center
Springfield News-Leader
“Oh, your mom's an alcoholic? My mom's an alcoholic too.” Carol Jones is run by Alternative Opportunities, a nonprofit. Some of the women have their children live with them while they're in treatment. In 2011, the program did substance abuse assesments ...

researchers patent heroin vaccine
Sydney Morning Herald
While Mexico grapples with relentless drug-related violence, a group of Mexican scientists is working on a vaccine that could reduce addiction to one of the world's most notorious narcotics: heroin. Researchers at the country's National Institute of ...

Life Management Inc. Merges with Magnolia Creek Treatment Center for Eating ...
PR Web (press release)
Life Management Inc., a leading provider of outpatient substance abuse treatment and mental health counseling is pleased to announce its merger with Magnolia Creek Treatment Center for Eating Disorders. We have programs for virtually anyone struggling ...

'How to Cope' aids families of the addicted
Ridgefield Press
Midwestern Connecticut Council of Alcoholism (MCCA) is launching March 5 How To Cope, a nationally recognized program for family members and friends impacted by addiction. Manyaddiction professionals believe that loved ones and family members may ...

Pakistan school strives to beat the Taliban trap
Seattle Post Intelligencer
14, 2012 photo, a drug addict leans on a wall after injecting himself with a dose of heroin on a street in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The flourishing opium production in Afghanistan has resulted in more than 4 million addicts in Pakistan.

Rehab Surges In Bad Economy With Executives Who Won't Stop Working
Huffington Post
That, in turn, seems to be causing a spike in the number of people seeking treatment for substance abuse. "In bad times, people tend to medicate themselves," said William Moyers, vice president of public affairs at Hazelden, a Minnesota-based treatment ...

Ginnie Graham: Tired of celebrity 'exhaustion'
Tulsa World
Some of the famous, including the late singers Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse, later spoke of their addiction battles after their publicists originally claimed exhaustion. The ill-use of the E-word just perpetuates the stigma surrounding mental ...

Heroin death inspires message
Matthew suffered from a heroin addiction that dated back two-plus years. His family helped him clean up in recent months, but a recent relapse ended with his death at Reid Hospital in Richmond. The family is sharing their grief in the hopes area young ...

Jazz trumpeter pastor uses music to connect to people
Coshocton Tribune
He started playing the trumpet as a teenager but says he got involved with drugs and wrestled with addiction for almost two decades before recovering. Turner said he felt a need to give back and do more than "be here, experience drug addiction, ...

Medical sensors could phone for help
Boston Globe
By Carolyn Y. Johnson A man struggling with drug addiction feels a craving coming on, but his next therapy appointment is not for another week. Right away, his cellphone buzzes, offering a breathing exercise, a motivational message, or even just a ...

Boston Globe

Spouse of addict seeking support - Sex Addiction Support Groups
By emdee21
My husband and I have a different situation; we are in a long distance relationship and have been for three years now. He lives in the US and I live in Canada.
Support Groups

Are We Medicating Our Feelings Away | Self-Medication and ...
By David Sack, M.D.
The easy accessibility and perceived safety of prescription drugs have intensified the risks ofaddiction. Ordinary ... In most cases, the drug of choice is not chosen at random, but based on the specific feelings the addict is trying to relieve.
Addiction Recovery

Women – Overcoming Your Alcohol Abuse, Dependence or Addiction
By admin
Alcohol rehabilitation treatment providers are nearly universally wedded to the outdated 12-Stepmodel that only works for approximately ten percent of the men they were designed for, much less for women. Women, and their usually differing ...
Drug Rehabilitation
CBT for Drug Addiction and PTSD via Wearable Sensor Platform ...
By Cognitive Behavior Therapy News | Beck Institute Blog
Researchers from the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) are currently examining the effects of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) delivered via mobile device to patients suffering from drug-addiction and post-traumatic stress ...
Beck Institute Blog

UNH Counseling Center: Children of Parents with Alcoholism
By Counseling Center
In 1983, Dr. Jan Woititz wrote a book describing the common elements of Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA), individuals who were raised in families that were affected by alcoholism. Dr. Woititz indicated that these qualities also occur in ...
UNH Counseling Center

Substance Abuse Treatment for Women Offenders
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Center for Substance Abuse ...Chapter 1 — Women Offenders and Addiction: Research Findings.

Anti-abuse, addiction forum on the cards
Independent Online
Picture: Gcina Ndwalane Pushers and drug lords can expect to see their profits shrink with the news that KwaZulu-Natal Premier Zweli Mkhize is setting up a forum to tackle abuse andaddiction in the province. Popular drugs, including woonga and kuber, ...

Hope for children addicted to gaming
The Age
Once their gaming is back to normal levels, their psychological problems shift, and their mood and school work improves, says Douglas Gentile, a lead researcher on two studies of video game addiction. Dr Gentile, an associate professor in psychology at ...

The Age

She The People
Washington Post (blog)
And it's simply untrue that alcoholism can be outgrown, like a food allergy, or Justin Bieber. Yeardley Love discussion that went on inside the jury room. Not surprisingly, jurors did not buy the defense team's unlikely narrative, and held Huguely ...

Translational research in addiction conference to take place in Texas
Young people starting out in addiction research will get a turbo-boost to their careers March 3-4 at an annual conference that puts them face to face with internationally recognized addiction researchers and clinicians. The conference, "Behavior ...

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